There she was

There she was.

The flag twirler.

She was the most beautiful girl college student Danny Fenton had ever seen before in his life. She had silky onyx black hair, cut in an adorable pixie style, compassionate, gorgeous lavender eyes, and a full mouth that Danny longed to kiss.

She really wasn't popular like Danny was, everyone loved him because he was funny and nice and cute, but he only knew her from a few of his classes. She never really talked unless talked to, and she was very shy. She only had one friend, Tucker Foley, and they never really talked, either, at least from what Danny saw. Okay, so he spied on her a little. When you have a crush on someone, what else is there to do?

Danny went to all of the football games, just to see her. Since she was in the band as a flag twirler, she went to all of the games. Danny used to play football, and once, he had just gazed at her adoringly as twirled her flag and had a shining, happy go lucky smile on her face, as her hair had been blowing back from the wind. His friends had actually had to shake him to get his attention back on the game.

One night, he was walking home from a game when he saw her walking without Tucker, just staring at the ground in front of her as she strolled along. He smiled and changed his direction, walking toward her. He gently nudged her arm with a hand, and in surprise, she turned around and looked up at him, amethyst eyes glowing with confusion and happiness.

"Hi. I'm Danny Fenton. You're in some of my classes." He awarded her with a handsome grin and a shake of his rough hand.

"I'm Sam Manson." She smiled nervously and returned the handshake, blushing.

"Hey, Fenton! Are you coming?!" Dash, one of Danny's friends, called to him.

"Hang on!" Danny yelled back.

"It's okay, you can go back to your friends." Sam grinned with courage.

"Well, why would I want to do that? I have you, right here. Besides, your better company than his. You don't constantly push me." Danny smirked.

"Yeah…I guess I should go now." Sam said softly, pulling away from the intense glow of personality around the boy.

"Oh, okay. Hey, I was just wondering, would you like to…maybe, get a milkshake sometime?" Danny smiled nervously.

Sam smiled happily. "Sure."

And that's how Danny, one of the most popular kids in school, began to date the school's flag twirler.


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