Mai Hime


Natsuki was on her way back home went a twin young girls followed her. She did not know whose the parent of the twins but she did not have a choice but forced to let the two girls live at her while looking at their parents.

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Chapter 1

Natsuki was really pissed at her boss. She found out that her boss ditched her work and leave everything to her. She thought that her day would be good especially she wake up so early today and it even make her thought that it was a miracle for her. But she was definitely wrong for thinking like that.

"Miss Kuga, boss instructed me to give these to you," Akane said and put the bunch of papers to Natsuki's desk. "And boss said before she left, that you would be having a presentation to the vice-president of marketing for the latest development of our projects. And that would be on tomorrow. That would be everything, Miss Kuga. Is there anything that I can do for you?"

Natsuki was having a hard time to breathe just looking all the piled papers in her table. She was not paid by the company to do some paper works. She is the robotic engineer and the best in their district.

When Akane saw Natsuki's face, she hurriedly went out in the office. She know now what that look means. In her three years working with Natsuki as her assistance, she knows very well that Natsuki is in the verge of yelling at her. She sigh when she was out of reach of her ice princess boss.

"Midori, you will pay for this. Just wait when you get back." Natsuki said in her gritted teeth. "I might better start analyzing these papers."

Natsuki was concentrating in her works and analyzing one of the proposal by Midori when her phone rang.

"Kuga," Natsuki answered.

"Miss Kuga, this is Yukino, legal adviser of the Fujino Corp. About the presentation tomorrow, I would like to inform you that there would be slight changes. The president would be there tomorrow along with the board of directors. They are interested with the proposal of your team. And I heard the Midori is out of the country, I hope that everything would be okay tomorrow."

"There would be no problem with me. But the fact that you said the everyone would be there put me a lot of pressure. You should have not told me that. It did not help at all" Natsuki said slightly raising her tone.

"Hey, watched your tone lady." A boisterous voice thundered from the other line. Natsuki was confused what's happening.

"Who was that?" She mused aloud.

"You don't know me? Im the vice-president, idiot." Yelled someone from the other line.

"Im sorry about that Miss Kuga. That would be Haruka, the vice-president of marketing department. We'll see tomorrow."

Natsuki did not have time to answered back or voice out her opinion when she heard the busy tone. She was totally shocked. She really did not know everyone in the company. She was working in the company for three years but don't have interest to make friends or to know everyone. Even the higher ups, she don't know them. She just worked quietly in her lab.

She frowned again when she remembered that everyone will be there tomorrow. She really hate the crowd and now she's facing another problem. She's okay discussing the proposal for the new trend in motorbike but with everyone looking at her? That would be the problem. She always leave that department to Midori to explain to their boss with their new plans and proposal. But right now, she's totally alone.

After thinking hard, she realized that she cant work like this and went out to go home. It was just only four in the afternoon, so she went to some diner and ordered a take out food and walk to her house.

Her house is near in the Fujino building so she seldom used her bike to her work and preferred to walk. She was walking and slight fuming to herself about the turnout events of her day when she realized that there are someone following her. She decided to ignore it but when she was near at her gate when she realized two cute young girls are trying to hide themselves in the trash can.

She silently walked towards the trash can and listen to the conversation of the two girls.

"Shiru, I'm hungry."

"Me too Shichi. We should have asked her."

"Yeah, and why are we hiding?"

"Because we are following her. She might spotted us."

"But we are going to ask her, right?"

"Yeah, but we don't know if she is good."

"But she look like an angel. Maybe she is good."

"but Tomoe is pretty too. But she is bad."

"yeah, Tomoe is bad. And im still hungry."

Natsuki decided to interrupt the two girls which she realized that she was the one they are talking about.

"What are you doing there?"Natsuki asked looking irritated with the two girls.

The two girls shown themselves to Natsuki. They slowly walked towards to her, heads bow down looking at their feet.

"Explain." Natsuki barked.

Shiru looked at Natsuki and she backed away and hid herself to Shichi went she saw Natsuki frowning at her.

"Shichi, she is mad" Shiru said and tears slowly forming at her eyes.

Natsuki gawked at them. She's not doing anything and now one girl is going to cry because of her.

"No, don't do that. Stop that." She instructed the girl.

"Miss, don't get mad at her." Shichi said. She hugged Shiru and looked at Natsuki. Giving her a puppy dog eyes.

Natsuki just watched the two girls and slowly her irritation was flown by because of those eyes.

"Gah. I don't know what you two are doing. So, kindly explain." Natsuki said calmly.

The girls calm down and start blabbing.

"Im Shichi, and this is Shiru. She is my twin. Look, we have the same eyes. But her hair is longer than mine." Shichi said.

"Im Shiru and very hungry." Shiru said shyly.

Natsuki want to laugh but she stop herself because she remembered that she seldom laugh and she is not familiar with these feeling.

"Ok, I get it. Why don't you two get in my house and eat these food. I hope u eat these kind of food. By the way, im Natsuki."

Natsuki pointed her house and urged the girls to follow her and the girls did follow her.

Hell, I don't know what im doing. Maybe im really bored or im looking forward to relax. And these two kinda makes me relax.

When the twin settled at the dining table and food was placed in the table, the twin just looked at the food.

"Shiru, is it?" Natsuki asked. And Shiru nodded. Natsuki really glad that Shiru's tawny hair is longer than Shichi that helped her identify the difference between the two. "You said that your hungry, why don't you eat your food?"

"Mommy always help us to eat. She loves feeding us." Shiru said shyly.

"Yes, mommy always do that." Shichi agreed.

"Ok, ok. I get it. Ill feed the two of you. Just don't pout ok?" Natsuki said. The girls nodded at her and gave her super smile that warm her heart.

Natsuki helped the girl eat. This is her first time doing it. Feeding the two girls.

"By the way, how old are you?"

"We are three." Shichi said. Shiru put her three fingers.

"Wow, you are too young. So, where do you live?" Natsuki asked. She knows asking three year old these question is hopeless but there's no harm asking that.

"We live with Mommy."Shiru said exitedly.

"Yeah, sometimes we are with pops."

Natsuki gaped at them. "Really?"

"hmmm." Shiru nodded.

"I mean, uhmm… can I explain these?" Natsuki asked herself aloud. She stared at the ceiling looking for an answer when giggles interrupted her thoughts.

"What's the problem?" Natsuki asked.

"You looked funny. You talked to yourself." Shichi said.

"Really?Im funny now? What if I don't you give food now?"

"Natsuki meanie." Shichi said while tears forming in her eyes.

"Shichi, don't cry. Natsuki is really meanie. She makes Sichi cry."

"WHAT?" Natsuki shouted.

The girls were surprised by the sudden shout and triggered them to cry simultaneously.

Natsuki was amused by these. Maybe these kind of things are 'twin things'. But her amusement was short lived because the cries are getting in her nerves now.

"Kids, im just joking. Im not serious." Natsuki said coercing the girls to stop crying.

"Really?" Shichi asked while tears flowing in her cheeks.

"Yes." Natsuki replied.

"Hug" Shichi said.

"Ha?" Natsuki was confused.

"Hug too" Shiru claimed.

"Ha?" Natsuki was doubled confuse.

"Hug me." Shichi demanded.

Natsuki studied the girl. She was really puzzled by the kids. One minute ago, they were crying and now demanding.

"Hug, now!"

"Geez, kids now these day." Natsuki exclaimed and hug Shichi. Which shichi hugged natsuki too. Natsuki's cold demeanor slowly crumbling with the small gesture of the girl. She felt that another warm body was pressed at her left side and noticed that Shiru hugged her too.

"Natsuki is funny. She said so." Shichi said mumbled to herself but Natsuki heard it. She was never described as funny. Never.


Natsuki carried Shichi first to her room and Shiru next and laid her next to Shichi. The kids seems tired and now sleeping peacefully at her bed. Maybe she can asked them tomorrow where the girls live and who are their parents. But for now she need to study the proposal for tomorrow.

Natsuki went to her working table and reads the proposal when her eyes went to the two girls sleeping at the bed.

She sighed. She really don't know why did she bother talking to the twin and entertain them, then feed them and now, sleeping at her bed.

She also wondered why the two girls are wandering in the street with out their parents or guardian. She sighed again. She doesn't want to jump to conclusion but she's really thinking that maybe the parents of these two are irresponsible.

She shook her head. She is not in the right position to judge people like that. She watched the girls and feel warmth inside by just looking at them. She never felt like these before but who knows that she will stumble to girls today. She yawned and do some stretching before she walked towards to her bed. She fixed the comforter for the girls before laying down on her bed. She feels different sleeping at her bed with two girls in it.

Maybe this is what she needs. A family.

A smile slowly forming when she realized what she needs. A family. She never really had a family. But forming a family is new to her. But she likes it.