One and My Own

by Mitsuki Sakura Uchiha

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Summary: The Joker never met the Seiyo Guardians nor Easter. The Humpty Lock had been stolen 2 years ago. Now, a girl in a mask interferes with Easter and the Guardians' battle and purifies the X Eggs. The embryo shows up and when it disappears, she's gone. Then a new transfer student comes to Seiyo. What kind of madness will happen now?

Chapter 1: Amulet Heart!

An helicopter. A place where it's secluded. And somewhere you need to get world domination.

"Utau. Have fun!" said her manager, Sanjou Yukari. "Destroy them."

"Atashi no kokoro, unrokku(1)." said Utau, drawing Iru's egg into her body. "Chara-Nari(2)- Lunatic Charm!"

Rima followed her example.

"Watashi no kokoro, unrokku(3)." said Rima. "Chara-Nari- Clown Drop."

Tadase, Kairi and Yaya chara-changed(4) and charged at Utau.

The blonde boy swung his staff at her as Kairi hit her back with his wooden sword. Utau dodged with difficulty and jumped into the air.

"Nightmare Lorelel(5)!" yelled Utau as she attacked them with her butterflies.

"Tightrope Dancer(6)!" said Rima as she captured Utau.

A blur passed by and the rope suddenly broke.

"The lead character always appears last, nya." smirked Ikuto's chara Yoru.

"Ore no kokoro, unrokku(7)." murmured Ikuto. "Chara-Nari- Black Lynx!"

He jumped next to his sister.

"Let's go Utau. Our duo attacks." ordered Ikuto.

"Hai." agreed Utau.

"Dream Trident(8)!"

"Slash Claw(9)!"

"Holy Crown(10)!" yelled Tadase, putting up a yellow barrier.

Ikuto and Utau's combined attack broke through the barrier and threw the guardians to the ground.

"Yare, yare. Seems like the Guardian's are in trouble." drawled a bored voice.

"Dare ka(11)?" asked Ikuto, looking around.

"The light of justice. But you can call me Hikari." said the girl as she showed herself on top of a small warehouse.

She was wearing her hair in a tall ponytail with a X clip on the hair-tie and a red mask over her face. She wore a black and red tank top that reached down to her stomach and white cashmere sweater over it. On her lower body was an all black miniskirt and she had white stilettos on.

"Anoko(12).." murmured Ikuto. "Kirei(13)..."

"Mou, what are you guardians doing? Henshin(14)! Chara-Nari!!" said the mysterious girl.

"Datte(15).. we can't..." said Kairi.

"Baka(16)!" she yelled. "Anata-tachi(17), shinjite(18)! Anata wa naritai jibun(19)!"

A light enveloped the Guardians.

"Boku no kokoro, unrokku(20)!"

"Yaya no kokoro, unrokku(21)!"

"Ore no kokoro, unrokku!"

"Chara-Nari- Platinum Royale(22)!"

"Chara-Nari- Day Baby(23)!"

"Chara-Nari- Samurai Soul(24)!"

Yukari gasped, half because of the cracking sound and the new transformations.

"The batsutamas(25) broke!" yelled Utau's manager as they all turned toward her.

The X characters formed one huge X character.

"Mou(26), looks like I'll have to save the day again." murmured Amu. "Ran!"

"Hai!" yelled a shugo chara that appeared beside her in a cheerleader suit.

"Atashi no kokoro, UNROKKU(27)!" yelled Hikari, drawing the heart-patterned egg into her body. "Chara-Nari- Amulet Heart(28)!"

She wore a pink cheerleaders' uniform, scanning the giant character with a screen inside her visor, even though her mask was still on her face. The character drew in a deep breath and breathed out a dark liquid over them.

"Holy Crown!" yelled Tadase as he blocked the liquid, getting weaker every second.

Hikari held out her hands in front of her and 4 rods appeared.

"Spiral Heart Special(29)!" said the pinkified girl, throwing the 4 rods in front of the Guardians and the people from Easter.

The attack blew the liquid away and flew back to Hikari. She caught it.

"Anata(30)!" she pointed to Kairi. "Attack the X on the head when I say ready. Nekomimi(31) and his imouto(32) use your two attacks if you want after the samurai guy."

She walked in front of them, one hand in front of her in the air.

"I call for you." she said simply.

A bright light came and in her hand was the Humpty Lock(31).

"Humpty Lock?" they wondered out loud.

"Ran, let's power up now."

"Okay!" replied Ran.

Hikari attached the Humpty Lock to her outfit. It shimmered slightly and she was even more amazing in their eyes.

"Now!" she called out.

"Secret Technique- Inazuma Blade!" yelled Kairi as he put his swords down on the character's X.

"Nightmare Lorelel!"

"Slash Claw!"

The characters eyes were x.x and they flew apart.

"Hikari-chan! Now!" yelled the small chara.

"Negative haato ni, rokku on(32)!" she yyelled, light coming out of the Humpty lock. "Open haato(33)!"

The eggs turned back to normal and flew away. The X Eggs turned CD returned back to normal and flew away. The girl turned away, back to normal with her mask on, walking away from the Guardians and Easter.

"Matte(34), Anata wa name(35)?" asked Ikuto right behind her.

She turned around.

"When the time is right, I'll tell you." she replied smoothly. "Until then."

She jumped up to the building with a chara-change and turned to face them.

"Just don't expect me to save you again." she said cooly.

"Are you an ally?" asked Rima in her soft voice.

A cold wind blew down at them and when they looked back, she had disappeared.

"But know this, I am not an ally of the Guardians or Easter. I am one and my own." was what was heard in the wind.

"Anoko, sugokukirei." murmured Ikuto once more.

Utau heard and fumed. The Guardians and the employees of Easter left in their respective groups, both thinking about that girl.


1. Atashi no kokoro, unrokku- My own heart unlock. What Utau says before she transform.

2. Lunatic Charm- Utau's first character transformation character with Iru, a devil-like character of Utau's. She is one of 2 shugo tama eggs.

3. Watashi no kokoro, unrokku- My own heart unlock. This is what Rima says before she character transforms.

4. Chara-change- When you change characters with your shugo chara. Your shugo chara is your true self or would-be self. Meaning you are acting like what you really are.

5. Nightmare Lorelel- Utau's chara-change attack with Eru.

6. Tightrope Dancer- Second attack with Rima's character transformation Clown Drop

7. Ore no kokoro, unrokku- This is what Ikuto and Kairi say before they transform.

8. Dream Trident- Utau's character transformation attack in Lunatic Charm.

9. Slash Claw- Ikuto's first attack when he transforms into Black Lynx.

10. Holy Crown- Tadase's chara-change attack.

11. Dare ka- Who is there?

12. Anoko- That person, him/her

13. Kirei- Pretty

14. Henshin- Transform or change form

15. Datte- but

16. Baka- idiot, retard

17. Anata-tachi- You people. (Literally means you and group, so you group of people.)

18. Shinjite- Believe

19. Anata wa naritai jibun- Your true self

20. Boku no kokoro, unrokku- my own heart unlock. Tadase says this before he transforms.

21. Yaya no kokoro, unrokku- my own heart unlock. Yaya says this before she transforms.

22. Chara-Nari- Platinum Royale- Tadase and Kiseki's character transformation

23. Chara-Nari- Day Baby- Yaya and Pepe's character transformation.

24. Chara-Nari- Samurai Soul- Kairi and Musashi's character transformation.

25. Batsutama- X Egg

26. Mou- Oh, you

27. Atashi no kokoro, UNROKKU- Hikari says this before she transforms.

28. Chara-Nari- Amulet Heart- Hikari and Ran's character transformation. It occurs on the first episode.

29. Spiral Heart Special- Amulet Heart's first attack. She throws it at the egg, missing it on purpose and then it gives off pink sparkles and traps the egg.

30. Anata- You

31. Nekomimi- cat ears

32. Imouto- sister

33. Open Haato- Open Heart. Amu purifies X Eggs and X Charas with this move. She first uses it on episode 2.

34. Matte- Wait

35. Anata wa name- What is your name?


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