One and My Own

by All I Want 4 My Bday Is Ikuto (formerly known as All I Want For Xmas Is Ikuto)

Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara! Or Shugo Chara! Doki! Peach-Pit does.

Summary: The Joker never met the Seiyo Guardians nor Easter. The Humpty Lock had been stolen 2 years ago. Now, a girl in a mask interferes with Easter and the Guardians' battle and purifies the X Eggs. The embryo shows up and when it disappears, she's gone. Then a new transfer student comes to Seiyo. What kind of madness will happen now?

Chapter 6: Moving In and the battle with Mizuki Jun

"Amu-chan! Amu-chan! Wake up! Wake up!" chanted her charas loudly.

Amu woke up to her charas everyday wake up call/nagging.

"Amu-chan, it's time to wake up." cooed Dia in her ear.

"Alright, alright.." sighed Amu as she reluctantly gave into her guardian characters.

It was the start of a beautiful morning with no distruptions. Eating her salad in her room while enjoying the chatter of her 4 charas was one of the best things to wake her up at.


"X Egg? Already?" sighed Amu, getting up and jumping out the door of her room window.

"Miki." commanded the ex-Joker.

"Drew, Draw, Drawn!" cried the tiny chara as she changed Amu's outfit into Hikari's.

Amu ran quickly, finding the X Egg quickly.

"Ran, Miki, fusion character change."

"Chara-change!" cheered Ran and Miki.

The necklace appeared on her neck, a replica of the Humpty Lock with the clover part only. Red and blue flowed together in the clover, like a sunset melting into twilight.

"Let's go."

"Hop! Draw! Merge!"

A violet staff with hearts and spades that were within an circle appeared into her hands.

The egg was a little tricky, but not hard for Hikari, for she had lots of experience caring for Heart's Eggs that went X. Dodging Amu's hard hits and flying really quick, Amu had just about had enough of the egg's tricks.

"Heart Canvas!" called out Hikari as she raised up the wand and brought it down quick, the attack splashing the liquid that moved quick to cover the X egg.

"Checkmate." she stood still, as the black cover of the egg fell off and flew away back to its owner.

"You know, you can just stand there and look stupid or just come out already and face me."

The boy that came out of the bushes had blackish-blue hair and hazel eyes. He was wearing the Seiyo Academy uniform.

"Ah, Mizuki Jun."

"How do you know my name?"

She just smiled at him as he advanced, walking closer to her as he spoke.

"Are you the person called Hikari?"

"So what if I am?"

"Fight me." he demanded. "And if I win, tell me about Easter's latest plans."

"Oh, Mizuki Jun. You think you can defeat me?"

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Consider your request approved." accepted Hikari airlessly without a worry that she would lose.

"Misaki!" called out the boy.

A chara with white eyes, black hair and all black clothing came out.

"My Own Heart, Unlock."

"Character Transformation! Black Destroyer!"

"Hm.. a Character Transformation huh? Well I guess I should at least warn him, shouldn't I? Right? Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia?"

"Yeah!" cried three of the charas.

"It's only polite to, Hikari-chan." answered Dia.

"Four shugo characters? That is never heard of before!"

"Until you met me." she put in.

A slight silence reined.

"Well, let me say this to start, I am extremely strong." (A/N: This is what I was talking about. Yuuichi Nakamura!! Kamen Rider Den-O's Kamen Rider Zeronos)

"Don't mess with me!"

"Okay. I'll fight you with a character transformation. Wait, that just might be too tough on you. I guess I should just chara-change then."

"Don't underestimate me!!"

Hikari shrugged.

"Okay, It'll just be your downfall. Hmm.. I'll go with Ran for now."

"My Own Heart, Unlock!"

"Character Transformation, Amulet Heart!" called out Hikari as she posed, her strong aura almost overwhelming Jun immediately.

He held on, not wanting to lose to her.

'So this is what she meant.. I WILL NOT LOSE!'

He charged at her immediately after she finished changing into her surprising character transformation called Amulet Heart. Hikari dodged quickly, her speed faster then his movements and attacks could reach. Mizuki growled as he couldn't get a hit or even that close to her for that matter. Hikari smiled or more like smirked as she played around with him a bit, dodging his attacks and then doing 3 cartwheels in a row, jumping high up in the sky and doing a mid air summersault and then finally landing into her Amulet Heart pose.

"You know," commented Hikari as she dodged his attacks with his summoned scythe, "If I really didn't want you to reach me, you'd have no chance."

The character-transformed boy yelled as he bought down his weapon on her and for a second, it seemed like she was doomed and Mizuki would win their battle.

"Character Transformation, Amulet Clover!"

"Remake Honey!" she called out, the honey forming a barrier between them a full 360°.

"Character Transformation, Amulet Spade!"

Hikari burst out of the barrier with her spade sword.

"Humpty Lock!" called out Hikari.

It burst out of the trees and then reached Hikari's hands. She attached it quickly as she picked her sword back up.

"My Own Heart, Unlock!" she said, making the actions over the Humpty Lock.

"Purificating Slash!"

Purificating Slash was an attack that easily purfied X eggs, but also could stop a person's character transformation by draining the energy that the person currently had and is using, and by using that, leaving him or her defenseless. The only bad point about it, was that it only works with the Humpty Lock on.

It was a direct hit. Mizuki's character transformation broke and he collapsed, laying in front of her. His shugo chara was fine though, floating near Mizuki's head.

"You're actually not too bad. So I guess I can tell you this, what your parents are working on right now is to create cell phones that run on solar energy. The other part of the Easter Company is working on a memory-erasing device and an mp3 player that can draw out the Heart's Egg and turns it into an X Egg. It can use the X Egg to transform their dream into reality. Well, I have to say goodbye, Mi-zu-ki."

Hikari jumped of the ground and quickly arrived in her room in the house using a chara-change with Ran. It was a good thing Suu had left the battle early on and right after their character transformation was done. The green clover character ran Amu a bath and a slightly tired Miki followed after their attack on Mizuki Jun to decide on Amu's outfit for that day. Ran and Dia was the only ones that stayed with Amu, Ran because Amu needed the chara-change to get back quickly and Dia because she just wanted to stay with Amu..

The pink-haired girl sighed as she sat down into the bath, her clothes on the floor on a neat pile.

"Dia, do you mind that I didn't use you for a character transformation?"

"No. Amu-chan knows what's best for me and you to do. My role is to support Amu-chan in every way possible. I know, since I am Amu-chan's sparkle, our character transformation together is the strongest and deals the most damage because Amu-chan has a very bright shine. So for the good of the battle, I shouldn't be used in a character transformation unless there are too many X Eggs for Ran, Miki and Suu to handle."

"Dia. You know too much."

Dia just smiled.

The teenager leaned back and enjoyed her bath as her charas painted her nails and toenails gold. When it was dried, Amu got out of the bathtub after she drained it. She put on her newly bought red babydoll dress with her new black cashmere sweater on top. Amu left the sweater unbuttoned and then reached for her curve-hugging jeans along with strappy white sandals with a slight heel. For accessories, Amu had the Hot Tropic gold headband and some large gold hoop earrings. At the last moment, she added a long neckilace to finish off her outfit that Miki had layed out for her. For makeup, she added a bit of eyeliner, eyeshadow and her mix of two lipglosses. After putting away her makeup in her white TNA bag, Amu stood up and exited down into the kitchen from the elevator for a snack of chips she had left for herself and of course, her guardian characters.

As she and her would-be selves snacked on chips, her charas provided information- no... mindless blabber. And then there was a honk.

"Let's go. I made sure our driver can see shugo charas."

It was finally time to leave. Amu saw Ikuto at the corner of her eye. As she got in, before she was drive off, she mouthed something to her catboy.


"Amu!" called out Ikuto as he watched her being driven away from him.

He stared at her car/limo's black shape as it disappeared into the horizon.

"Ikuto-nya, are you okay-nya?" asked his blue chara.

He turned around, flicked Yoru on the nose and walked away. Despite his outer façade, he really, dare he say it, liked Hinamori Amu. She had a great personality, actually befriended him and even knowing he was trapped by Easter, she was the bond that broke the contract that his father agreed to.

(July) (A/N: Japanese schools start at April)

It had been 2 months since Amu had gone to Guardian Academy. There were few X Eggs at the Academy, so she didn't have much to do except excel in everything her scholarship had to offer.

The Guardians had shown up a few times seperately to see her, but she refused to see them everytime. Amu had never thought about the. But on the other hand, Tsukiyomi Ikuto was a different case. Amu thought about him endlessly and though she didn't know, so did Ikuto.

Amu never did go back to the town where Seiyo Academy was located at, for fear of bumping into Ikuto and him persuading her to come back. She also didn't wish to relive good times that she had spent there. Ikuto had never strayed to the spots he and Amu had stood together, not wishing to feel that he had the responsibility to bring her back, and especially to himself.

Amu laid down on a bench in a park near her school, nearly exhausted after taking an IQ test. She was considered a genius, with her intelligence points up to 150, just enough to skip 3 grade levels (at least) at this time. Amu opened her closed eyes, yawning slightly at the cool summer breeze that blew through the park, teasing her senses. It was quiet and leaves were rustling loudly as it was being blown. Amu looked at her guardian characters and smiled a little as they chattered on and on about... bunnies and somewhat other unmeaningful things that did not need to be mentioned.

An X Egg teased at the ex-Joker's honed senses. She quickly stood up and ran towards the direction of the blackened egg of the heart. As she ran, she made up her mind to visit Seiyo once more, before she threw that fact to the back of her head.

"My Own Heart, Unlock!"

"Character Transformation, Amulet Heart!" she called out, posing as she stopped in front of the egg.

Her outfit was the same as everytime she character transfomed with her guardian character that looked exceptionally like a pink, cheerful cheerleader. Of course the only exception was that Amu was without the mask that hid her idenitiy since there was no signs of guardian eggs anywhere around her with the diameter of 30 metres in every direction.

After five minutes of dodging fast attacks from the egg, Amu grimaced.

"Just stay put already." she muttered.

"Just stay put.. that's what my boyfriend said when he broke up with me! Why? I love sports and movement! SO WHY DO I HAVE TO STAY PUT?"

"Change over! Character Transformation, Amulet Spade!"

"Do you think you are going to change because of what he said?" asked Amu calmly. "Stop being a baby! Just be who you want to be."

"Negative Heart, Lock On. Open Heart!" called out the previous member of the Guardians.

Miki broke out of the character transformation as it dissolved into blue sparks.

"Amu-chan, where are you, or rather, we going?" asked Dia sweetly as she floated around Amu's head with the other shugo charas.

"Seiyo." said Amu as the taxi she called for 10 minutes ago arrived to pick her up.

As she got in, Suu asked her a question.

"Why? To see Ikuto-san?" asked Suu.

"I want to revisit my old school. I'm thinking about applying to go to a high school instead of staying at Guardian Academy." whispered Amu.


"But Amu-chan wanted to go to this one!" said Ran curiously.

"I've done everything here. Nothing challenges me anymore here. So I might as well leave and go skip a few grades to go to high school." she said in a low voice.

"Everyone, Amu-chan's right." smiled Dia. "Amu-chan's radiance is getting brighter!"

"Could it be you are looking forward to seeing Ikuto?" asked Miki.

"Be quiet Dia, Miki." said Amu as she blushed slightly as her charas laughed.

"Guardian Academy. That'll be $10.78." said the driver, turning around to receive her money.

Amu had just taken out her Easter member card out and showed it to him while handing over $5.39. Easter workers got deals for transportation. People who used taxis got half off and trains, along with buses, were free of price.

Amu got out, marching out of the taxi to into the school she currently attended. She walked cooly among classmates and other people to reach the principals office, requesting to see Headmaster Nakamura.

"Come in, Amu-chan. What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to leave this school."

"WHAT? Hmm. Ahem. Why would you like to leave Amu-chan?"

"Personal reasons."

"But, our school offers so many things. People are dying to get into this place!"

"There are many things, but I excel in all of them. Name one thing that I can't do that Guardian Academy offers."

"Um.. sports?"

"I take Tae Kwon Do, karate, soccer, hockey, ice skating, inline skating, football, basketball and baseball."


"I took all the painting courses already."

"But those are year-long courses."

"But I finished the projects so quickly, the teachers had nothing else to give me and passed me. So I just took another class since I finished all the needed projects."

"How about.."

Amu handed him a paper.

"This list contains all the subjects I took and exceled at."

"Very well. I'll draw up the papers." sighed the headmaster as he looked at all the courses a person could take and get an A in.

"I have never met someone that exceled at all our courses that much." said Headmaster Nakamura, handing her the papers. "It was very nice to meet you, Amu-chan."

"Thank you, it was nice to meet you too, Headmaster Nakamura."

The pink-haired teenager bowed once and left.

"She is certainly someone not to be riled with."

As she left the office and walked to her dorm room, a voice called out.

"Yo, Hinamori!" called a slightly familiar voice.

Amu blinked twice as she accessed the image of the boy in front of her. Brown hair, green eyes and a sporty shugo chara.


"Right on!" he said grinning, putting an arm around her shoulders as she led him to her dorm room.

"Why are you here?"

"The Guardians asked me to come here and try to persuade you to become the Joker again."

"I refuse."

"I knew you would. That's your stubborn character."


"Are you leaving or something?" asked Kukai as he watched her pack her clothes and everything else into two suitcases.

Amu's shugo charas hid in the bathroom with the exception of Dia, seeing Amu signal them to hide as she covered them.




"Oh that's nice- what?"

"I'm moving back to Seiyo. I'm going to be attending another school though."



"Why the sudden change of mind?"

"Personal reasons."

"Amu-chan just wants to see the person she likes." said a sweet voice as an egg came out of her heart.

"Dia, be quiet."

"Hinamori! You have a shugo chara?"

She gave him a look that said "What does it look like, Mr. Obvious?"

"Haha.. So who's this person you like?"

"His name is Tsuki-"

"Dia!" warned Amu as she snatched her guardian character out of the air, stuffed her in her egg and put the egg back into her heart.

"So 'Tsuki' is in it."

"No comment." replied Amu as she gathered her suitcases, pulling them into 1 big suitcase that fit 4 smaller ones.

"Come on, another clue!"

"No comment." insisted Amu as she pulled the suitcase in front of her door before she went into the bathroom to retrieve her guardian eggs.

She washed her hands to erase suspicion that she had been doing anything other then just relieving herself. Coming out, she pulled her suitcase out of her former dorm room with her former senpai of another school following her.

"So, what school do you want to go to?"

"Seiyo High School." replied Amu as she called for a taxi.

"I go to that school!"

"I know."

"But you are only the age to go to Seiyo Academy."

"I can skip up to 3 grades if I wish."

"You are that smart?"


"So why Seiyo High?"

"Personal reasons."

"The person Amu-chan likes goes there!" yelled Dia as she came out of her egg quickly to yell it.

She returned quickly to avoid Amu violently stuffing her back into her egg again.

"Oh-ho-ho. So that's it. The 'Tsuki' person goes there."

"Hmph." she sighed as she got into the taxi with Kukai following her.

It was a good thing the taxi company was only 3 streets away from Guardian Academy. But then again, the ride to Seiyo would be at least 20 minutes. Well at least Kukai could entertain her.

"Hmm... where should I live.. I'll look it up later. Let's see.."

"Excuse me, driver-san, can you take me up to Seiyo Hotel?"

The person nodded and then focused back on the road.

"Hinamori, will you have enough money to stay there?"

"I have enough money to buy the whole hotel, Souma-san. My parents are rich as the Easter company."

"Call me Kukai."

"I guess you can call me Amu if you want to."

"Wait, did you say rich as Easter?"

"Yes, I believe I did, Souma-, um, Kukai."

"So, when did you get your shugo chara?"

"Personal reason."

"Oh. Well I got Daichi because of the sports that I wanted to try!"

"Sports? What sports do you take?"

"Basketball and soccer."


"How about you, Amu?"

"I do Tae Kwon Do, karate, soccer, hockey, ice skating, inline skating, football, basketball and baseball."

"Oh! I see, so you are extremely athletic."

"I guess you could say so."

And that was what they were talking about for the rest of the 30 minute ride.

When they arrived to the hotel, Kukai took her suitcase out.

"Go get a room, I'll help you. It doesn't matter anyways, I live 4 streets away from this hotel."

Amu nodded and went inside.

"Hello, how may I help you today?" asked the woman.

Amu handed over her VIP card.

"I need a room, preferablely with a balcony."

"How about a suite?"

"Very well."

"Single or double?"


"How many nights will you be staying?"

"2 days, 3 nights."

"That will be-"

"Hmm... which credit card to use.." sighed Amu as she looked through her wallet credit cards.

"Hey Amu! You done yet?"

"Oh Kukai. No, I still have to choose a credit card to use."

"How many do you have?"

Amu opened her wallet and her collection of credit cards came flipping out along with the white plastic that they were encased in when she unzipped a pocket.

"I have a 10 credit cards. And that's just for emergencies. For place I am staying at, like hotels, inns and camps, I have 20 cards. For my shopping sprees I have 8 and for fun I have 12."

Kukai and the woman getting her room for Amu's jaws dropped open.

"Kukai, when I said my parents are rich as Easter, I meant it."

Amu handed Credit Card number 24 to the lady. The woman took it quickly and then handed Amu her key. Room 143.. Kukai noticed and grinned, stunned.

"Why are you smiling?" asked Kukai as he followed her as they got off the elevator.

Amu truned around, still smiling.

"Because I got room 143."

"Why is that so good?"

"Guys are so clueless." sighed Amu. "143 means I Love You."


Amu unlocked her room and let Kukai in before her.

He whistled.

"Nice place."

"I guess."

"A hotel room isn't new when you usually live in a mansion or a palace."



"Thanks for the help, Kukai."

"No problem. See ya later, Hinamori." he said, grinning cheerfully as he kissed her on the cheek.

He left her a bit shocked and surprised.

Amu locked the door and then flopped down on her bed.

"Heart, Open."


"Amu-chan desu!"

"Amu-chan got kissed!"

"Amu-chan, does this mean that you don't like Ikuto-kun?"

"Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia! It's just a friendly kiss. Now be quiet, or else I won't order room service."

"Translated in Amu-chan, it means 'I don't know what to do.'" said Dia.


Dia giggled and then flew away high in the room.

Amu stood up and fetched the room service menu.

"One thing each, okay?"

"Yes!" chorused her red, yellow, blue and green charas.

Tomorrow, she would go shopping for some more clothes and then look for an apartment or a house that was to her liking. And then there was also the thing with Seiyo High School that she had to fill out the forms for. Amu sighed. Life is so troublesome right now.

Ikuto popped in her head. She blushed slightly, thinking of how she could meet him again.

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