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Chapter Fifteen

Rowan steered his son's motorcycle into the underground parking area of the Save the Earth Foundation, a dummy corporation set up to house Brethren Headquarters, and killed the engine. After raking a hand through his wind-blown hair, he eased off the Harley, and headed for the elevator. As he rode the lift up to the fourth floor, he thought over his reasons for keeping the amulet a secret from Dean. If Dean ever found out that he had the amulet and had failed to tell him about it, he would never trust Rowan again. Of course, he wasn't only risking losing the younger man's trust but also his friendship as well. Not to mention that if Michael found out that he had the amulet in his possession, he might send him straight back to Hell for good this time around. But as bad as all those things were, the thought of living onward forevermore was worse by far.

Dean just doesn't understand what it's like to watch everyone die, an' know I'll always be here no matter what. He heaved a weary sigh, a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he thought of Dean, and how much the younger vamp's friendship meant to him. And in truth, it meant the world to him that someone would care enough about him that they would actually want to save him. No one had ever wanted that for him before, not even Michael Dean.

As the bell announcing the fourth floor chimed and the door slid open, Rowan noticed Jamie was already waiting outside his office door. The youngest member of the Brethren paced back and forth in front of the office door, a worried frown gracing his boyish features.

The moment Jamie turned and saw Rowan, he rushed toward him. "Where ya been, Rowan? I've been waitin' here for well over an hour now."

"Since we're on my dime, I really don't see what the problem is," Rowan uttered as he brushed past Jamie, and unlocked his office door. "But if you got somewhere better to be, Jamie-O, just leave me the amulet an' the keys to your Corvette on your way out the door."

"It's no wonder Collin took off on ya." Jamie whispered under his breath as he sunk down onto the leather couch situated in front of the stone fireplace.

Rowan scowled, hearing the younger man's comment. "In the future, if you're gonna mumble sarcastic remarks about me, try an' remember that I'm a vampire, an' I've got incredibly good hearing." He stalked to the mini refrigerator, pulled open the door, and found that Jamie had stocked it in preparation for his arrival home. "Thanks for the . . . well, you know," he uttered awkwardly as he retrieved a bag of fresh blood from the top shelf, pushed the door closed and headed over to the bar to get a glass.

"Why do ya always gotta drink that stuff in front of me?" Jamie gagged, covering his mouth and averting his eyes as Rowan hastily downed the thick red liquid. "It's bad enough you have me steal it for ya, but I really don't need a reminder that I am basically feeding the enemy."

"So how's Becca an' Luke doing?" Rowan said, quickly changing the subject as he took a seat on the dark brown leather recliner adjacent to the couch, and propped his feet up on the coffee table. From what he had learned from Jason earlier in the week, Jax had been able to heal Becca's heart, but Luke had been severely injured in the process. At the time Rowan had wondered why Jax hadn't also used his abilities to heal Luke as well, but soon discovered from Becca that Jax had been too drained from healing her to help the hunter.

"They're both doing a lot better now . . . . Don't know how Jax cured 'em, not sure I want to, but I'm glad he did."

"Good to hear." As Rowan thought of Jason, he was reminded of one of the reasons why he wanted to meet with Jamie. "Jamie-O, I need you to keep an eye on Jason. I think he might be in danger, an' with Luke injured you're the only one I can trust to make sure the job gets done right."

"Why would he be in any more danger than we always are?" Jamie pushed forward in his seat, and rested his elbows on his knees as he raised a questioning brow.

"I just have this feelin' that something real bad his heading his way, an' if I can't stop it, I need you to take care of him . . . get him out of here, do whatever you have to do, but make sure he's safe."

"What are we dealin' with here, Rowan?" Jamie slipped his hand into his pocket and yanked out the amulet he had stolen from Jax. Twirling the leather band around his finger, he briefly studied the tarnished brass charm adorning it before reverting his attention back to Rowan. "I'm not stupid ya know, Twelve amulets, twelve disciples . . . is Joshua's time coming to an end?"

Rowan was silent for a moment as he tried to think of how to answer the younger man's question. From everything he had recalled from the time before he had betrayed Jesus, it seemed highly likely that Dean would be Joshua's last Guardian. But what that meant for Joshua and Jax still remained a mystery to Rowan. Scrubbing a hand across his face, Rowan recalled what Uriel had said about Belial being on the move. From his understanding of scripture, he knew that some referred to the demon as the Antichirst, and most believed him to be Lucifer's father. So if what Uriel had said was true, they were running out of time to save the world from ending.

"I never asked this before, but do you have a younger brother, Jamie-O?" Rowan said as he suddenly realized that all the chosen ones were second sons.

"Yeah, Tim, I haven't heard from him in about a year or so." Jamie's brow furrowed in apparent confusion at Rowan's sudden interest in his family. "Why?"

"What about Hunter?" he further pressed, mentally kicking himself for not realizing the pattern earlier. Of course until he had learned of Jason's brother Ethan, he really hadn't had much to go on. But with Sam being one of the demon's chosen children, and Dean being chosen as a Guardian it all started to fit together nicely into a very nasty picture. The greatest war ever waged to save humanity would divide families. Brother against brother with angels and demons pulling the strings.

"Yeah, think he mentioned having a brother to me a couple of times."

"Older or younger?"

"I think he's older, but I could be wrong."

"Look, I need you to go an' find my son as fast as you can, do whatever you gotta do, but bring him home an' make sure he stays there. Understand?" Rowan stood and held out his hand, and Jamie gave him the amulet, which he hastily pocketed.

"Rowan, what's goin' on?" Jamie glanced up at him with a worried expression, and for the first time, Rowan realized how young and innocent he still was, despite all the horrible things he had seen and killed in the last few years. "I mean, that thing tried to kill Becca, an' now Luke's in bad shape. If you know something about it, you need to tell me."

"It's . . . ." Rowan's voice trailed off as he tried to think of how to describe what would happen if they didn't stop Lucifer and Belial. But for some reason the words 'end of the world' just didn't seem even remotely strong enough to explain how bad things would get if anything happened to Joshua or Jax. "I can handle it, it's nothing you need to worry about right now."

Jamie narrowed his eyes and studied Rowan for a few moments before he blurt out, "You're lyin'. It's gonna be shit-assed bad an' we're all gonna get caught with our pants down jus' cause you think you can always handle everything on your own."

"When have I ever let you go into anything unprepared?" Rowan quirked a brow in clear amusement as Jamie scowled.

"Pretty much every time we've ever gone on a hunt that you suggested. Oh, Jamie, it's just a simple vamp hunt, we don't need any back-up. Only there was about fifty of them, an' they all seemed pretty damn pissed at you for some reason." The young hunter rolled his eyes as he rattled off different times when they had been caught unprepared on hunts that Rowan had told them about. "An' then there was the Wendigo incident," he groaned as he rubbed the side of his stomach, "I'll never forget the Wendigo incident. Fifty stitches in my side cause you told me it couldn't climb a tree."

"Pretty sure I said it couldn't climb a tree . . . quickly." Rowan chuckled. "Cause, well, everyone knows they can climb."

"Yeah, think you added that last part after I was already nearing the top branches, an' it was scrambling up after me." Jamie brushed back his hair to reveal a raised scar that trailed back into his hairline. "Water demon, fifteen stitches." Then pushed back the collar of his shirt to expose another long jagged scar. "Werewolf, forty-seven stitches an' a broken arm."

"So, you're blamin' me cause you're apparently very clumsy?" Rowan's eyes widened in mock innocence as he struggled not to laugh.

"No, I'm blamin' you cause you don't give a rat's ass how much we risk every time we go out for a hunt unprepared." Jamie shot to his feet, anger flaring in his eyes as he came to stand face to face with Rowan. "An' unlike you, Rowan, I don't have a death wish . . . I don't wanna die, an' it pisses me off that you can jus' throw your money at us like that can make up for everything. You're a selfish bastard who only ever cared about himself, an' to hell with everyone else."

Rowan's grin faltered, then died away as he turned his back on Jamie. A spark of anger ignited within him, and swiftly grew as the moments ticked by. "You just about finished?"

"I jus' wanna know what we're – "

"I didn't ask if you wanted to know more about what we're up against," Rowan snapped, jagged fangs ripping through his gums as sudden rage surged through him. "I asked if you were finished telling me what a selfish sonuvabitch I am, cause as I recall it, if it weren't for me you'd probably be dead in some alleyway by now. An' what with that nasty little drug habit you had, I actually did think you had a death wish."

"I was only sixteen at the time, Rowan, an basically living on the streets," Jamie hastily defended. "An' I haven't touched the stuff in years." He gripped hold of Rowan's shoulder and swung him to face him. "I've changed, but you . . . you'll never change."

Rowan hastily lowered his head as he swiped the back of his hand across his blood-stained lips. His pupils narrowed to mere slits as he listened intently to the hunter's heartbeat. Deep, unsettling hunger swelled from within the pit of his stomach as he heard the blood rushing through Jamie's veins. His body trembled with the aching desire to sink his fangs into Jamie's neck and rip his throat apart. Fighting back his ravenous hunger, he pressed his eyes closed and hissed, "Get the hell outta here now, Jamie."

"What? You can't stand to hear the truth?" Jamie taunted, apparently not realizing how his remarks fueled Rowan's growing hunger. "Cause it's what we all think about you."

"I said go," Rowan gritted out through clenched teeth, lips quivering with anticipation as he breathed in Jamie's scent. Before Jamie had the chance to say anything more, Rowan roughly gripped hold of his arm and dragged him to the door. "Get out. An' don't you dare come back." He flung open the door and shoved the younger man out of it, then slammed it shut and locked it.

Shaking uncontrollably, he slid to the ground and yanked out his cell phone to call Dean. Within a matter of two rings, Dean answered.

"Dean," he uttered in a hoarse whisper, tears slipping down his cheeks as he realized how close he had come to killing Jamie. "I – I need your help."

"What's wrong, Rowan?" Dean asked, concern clearly evident in his tone.

"Somethin's wrong with me . . . I dunno, I almost couldn't control it."

"Couldn't control what?"

"I wanted to kill him . . . wanted to rip his throat apart . . . An' I'm not like that, Dean, you have to believe me . . . I'm jus' not."

"Did you hurt anyone?" There was an air of accusation in Dean's voice that didn't go unnoticed by Rowan.

"No . . . I jus' . . . ." his voice trailed off as he tried to regain control over himself. "For some reason I was jus' so damn angry, an' it's not like I haven't heard what he said a million times before . . . it shouldn't have bothered me."

"Where are you, Rowan? I'll come an' get ya."

"722 Berkshire Road. You can't miss it, it's a four-tiered building an' is all done in mirrored glass. Fourth floor." Rowan heaved a groan as he glanced toward the small refrigerator. "I'm so damn hungry, Dean. I shouldn't be so hungry."

"Jus' stay where you are, I'll be there as fast as I can," Dean ordered, in a calm level tone.

"Don't wanna hurt anyone . . . ."

"An' you won't as long as you stay where you are an' wait for me."

"Jus' hurry," Rowan muttered, then snapped the phone shut.

He was about to slip the phone back in his pocket when it started to ring. Glancing at the caller id, he swore under his breath when he saw it was Jax calling again. Over the past several days, Jax had left no less than twenty messages telling Rowan that it was important and to please call back. At the moment he really didn't feel like getting into an argument with the young hunter, but knew if he didn't answer now, Jax would keep calling until he finally did. With that in mind, he jabbed the button and took the call.

"What do ya want, Jax?" he asked, having a hard time keeping the irritation out of his voice.

"Rowan, I've been tryin' ta call ya for days now." There was an undeniable note of urgency in Jax's tone that immediately set off clear warning bells inside Rowan's head. "I know I'm probably the last person ya wanna hear from . . . an' I'm so damn sorry about Dean an' the amulet . . . but I didn't know who else to turn to an' they're askin' me if I wanna take him off life support – "

"Wait," Rowan's brows furrowed in confusion, "What are you talkin' about?"

"S-Sam," Jax replied in a shaky voice. "Lucifer, he . . . well, he did somethin' to him. I mean, he should've woke up. They've tried everything, but say the only thing that's keepin' him alive is all the damn tubes they got him hooked up to." He drew in a staggered breath, and then continued, "He jus' went downhill so damn fast, an' they don't know why. All his organs are shuttin' down, an' they can hardly detect any brain function at all."

"An' you said Lucifer did something to him." Rowan hopped to his feet and paced back and forth as he mulled over what the demon might have done to Dean's brother. "Why didn't you try an' heal him?"

"I've tried an' tried, but nothin' happens," Jax managed to choke out in a weary defeated manner. "It's like he knows that Dean's gone, an' jus' gave up the will to live."

"No," Rowan said with a shake of his head, "It's like Lucifer did somethin' to him, an' no medical intervention is gonna save him."

"Then what am I supposed ta do?"

"You don't let him die, you hear me?"

"Yeah," Jax breathed a heavy sigh, and Rowan could tell the frightened hunter was glad that he no longer had to make the decision as to whether his friend lived or died.

"Listen, I'll make some calls, an' get him the best care possible, but you make damn sure that no one unhooks those machines no matter what."

"Gotcha." Jax paused to draw in a breath, and when he spoke again, Rowan could hear the overwhelming sadness in his tone. "I'm – I'm so sorry about Dean . . . Sam's never gonna forgive me. How do I even begin ta tell him his brother died cause of me?" He was quiet again, and Rowan heard a soft sob. "I jus' . . . I totally messed up everything . . . an' Dean died . . . Sam could die, an' it's all my fault."

Hearing how heartbroken the younger man was, Rowan nearly slipped and told him that Dean was alive. But if Sam was as bad off as Jax said, there would be nothing Rowan could say or do that would keep the eldest Winchester from going to his brother. Dean had only a little over four and a half months left to go and he was free of his deal, and Rowan had a feeling that whatever Lucifer had done to the younger hunter, it was meant to force Dean into breaking his pact with Michael.

"Look, you couldn't have known what would happen when you took the amulet." Rowan's stomach clenched painfully as the lie slipped past his lips. Without a doubt, Dean would hate him if he ever found out that Sam was in a coma and Rowan had known and had purposely kept the information from him. "You jus' make sure he stays alive long enough for me to figure out a way to save him."

"Ya think ya can save him?" Jax asked hopefully.

"Yeah, if Lucifer did somethin' to him, I'm pretty sure there has to be a way I can fix it," he assured, although he highly doubted that finding a cure would come without him having to pay a very high price for it. "Just take care of him, Jax . . . Dean would be . . . he gave everything to make sure Sam was safe, an' I'm not about to let him die now." Rowan snapped the phone shut before he changed his mind and told the hunter that Dean was alive. "I'm so sorry, Dean," he muttered under his breath, "I know you're gonna hate me for this, but I jus' can't let you throw your life away again."


After asking Bobby to watch Joshua, Dean snatched the keys to his Chevelle off the table near the door. Luckily, Rowan had had the car delivered to the cabin a few days earlier when Dean was still unconscious, or he would have been stuck driving Bobby's truck. He headed out of the cabin, and stopped short when he glanced up and noticed Michael leaning against the hood of the car.

He heaved an irritated groan as he tried to think of what he could have possibly done wrong this time, but couldn't think of one reason for the archangel's untimely visit. "Look, whatever I've done to piss you off this time, I'm pretty sure it's not my fault, so can we just skip the lecture cause I'm kinda in a hurry."

"You have a guilty conscience about something, Dean?" Michael raised a brow as he cross his arms over his expansive chest. "Because at the moment, I'm not here about you."

"Huh, that's a new one." Dean couldn't help the look of shocked surprise that flickered across his features. "So if you're not here about me, why are you here?"

"Rowan," Michael replied as he pushed away from the car and strode to where Dean was standing. "He's playin' a dangerous game, Dean, an' he's gonna lose if you can't stop him."

"What are you talkin' about?"

"He has your amulet, an' he doesn't intend to give it back to you." The angel peered into Dean's eyes, and held his gaze as he went on to say, "But what he doesn't realize is that by lying to you, an' keeping it from you, he's just damning himself to an even worse kind of hell than he's already in."

Dean scrubbed a hand across his face as he mentally processed what the angel had just divulged to him. A frown creased his brow, realizing that he had almost died, and Rowan had the one thing that could have saved him. "I could've died, an' he had it the whole time?"

"No, he just got it back," Michael clarified. "But as long as it is in his possession, his hunger will keep growing until he becomes the very thing he's tried so damn hard not to be."

"So, I just take it back from him then," Dean said, although he had a sinking feeling it wouldn't be that simple. Nothing whereas Michael was concerned ever was, so why should this time be any different.

"Afraid it's not that simple, Dean."

"Course, it's not . . . why should we ever get to take the easy road when there's so much we stand to learn from bustin' our asses takin' the long hard road instead."

"Look at it this way, at least the road you're takin' isn't the Highway to Hell." Michael smirked. "Figured you'd like the AC/DC reference there."

"So not funny." Dean shook his head as his frown deepened. "How am I supposed to get it back from him if I can't just ask for it?"

"He has to want to give it back to you, more than he wants to die."

Dean gave a curt nod of understanding, knowing that there was no way in hell Rowan would give the amulet to him. The older vampire wanted to die more than anything, and Dean seriously doubted there was anything he could say or do to change his mind. "You know, all this angel bullshit really sucks, right? All these freakin' tests you dole out just to watch us fall flat on our faces. No one can possibly live up to the standards you're lookin' for . . . Rowan's tryin' so damn hard an' you jus' love knockin' him right back down at every turn."

Eyes gleaming a dark and stormy shade of blue, Michael took a step closer to Dean, coming face to face with him. "I really don't care what you think about angels or how much you think you've suffered. As I clearly recall, both you and Rowan did this to yourselves. I didn't make deals with demons. I didn't sell your soul for the lowest price possible. An' it was a slap in the face to everything Jesus died for that you thought so little of your own life that you threw it all away. So don't look to me for pity cause I'm afraid I just don't have it in me to feel sorry for you."

If the angel had slammed a powerful fist into his gut, Dean wouldn't have felt any worse than he did at the moment. Even when he had kissed the crossroads demon, sealing his own fate, he knew deep in heart that making deals with demons was wrong. How could he not, he was a hunter after all. And to an angel like Michael, there was probably nothing he could have done that was as bad as giving away his own soul.

Lowering his head, Dean vowed, "Don't know how I'll do it, but I will get the damn thing back from him."

"I have no doubt you will."


After Rowan's urgent phone call, Dean hadn't known what to expected when he showed up at the four-story building, and was completely unprepared for the sight that met his eyes as he entered the vampire's office. It appeared as if a small bomb had gone off in the room. Tables and chairs had been broken and overturned. Deep stains of crimson were splattered across the thick beige carpeting. A steel refrigerator sat upended in the middle of the room with the door ripped off the hinges.

His gaze ticked back and forth from the mess in the room to the vampire who sat huddled in the corner with blood smearing his lips and clothing, and his stomach churn violently. "What did you do, Rowan?" He asked, narrowing his eyes on his best friend. "Please, jus' tell me you didn't kill anyone."

"Glad to see you, too, Dean." Rowan glanced up at him through shaggy bangs, and a weary smile graced his features. "An' no I didn't kill anyone." He gestured around the room, and then chuckled. "Course I did a damn good job of destroying my office."

"I can see that." Dean laughed, a rush of relief nearly overwhelming him. "Looks as if the fridge put up quite a fight before you took it out though."

"What can I say, it caught me off guard."

"I'm sure it did, refrigerators have been known to do that." Dean crossed the room, sidestepping all the broken furniture, and dropped down beside his friend.

"What took you so long in gettin' here, Dean? I called you well over an hour ago." He looked up at Dean, and held his gaze. His eyes gleamed an intense shade of green, pupils mere slits that reminded Dean of a serpent. The dark-haired vamp rolled his tongue over his fangs as a low moan escaped him.

"I had to take care of something first, but I got here as fast as I could." He hated the idea of keeping what Michael had told him a secret from Rowan, but knew he had no choice in the matter. Somehow he needed to figure out a way to get Rowan to want to give him back his amulet without letting on that he knew he had it in the first place. "Why are you so hungry all of a sudden?" he asked, knowing full-well the reason behind it, but wanted to give Rowan pause to really consider what he was doing to himself. "You've been a vamp a helluva long time, an' from what I've gathered, you've always been able to control it."

"I dunno." Rowan heaved a weary sigh as he brushed his hand through his hair, pushing his bangs out of his eyes. "Guess I'm jus' tired of tryin' so damn hard to resist somethin' I want more than anything."

"You'd damn well better keep fighting it cause I'm not about to let you give up on me." Dean withdrew the knife that was concealed in his boot and sliced into his wrist, then held up his arm to Rowan's mouth. "You're better than this, Rowan."

"No, I'm really not, Dean." The older vampire grabbed hold of Dean's hand and sunk his fangs deep into his wrist, blood spurting out to soak into the carpeting.

A soft cry slipped past Dean's lips as Rowan bit in even deeper, tearing through his artery. The ravenous vamp continued to gorge himself long after the point Dean knew he should stop, and Dean began to feel light-headed and dizzy. His vision swam as darkness edged in around him, and he knew if he didn't stop his friend soon he would drain him dry.

"Rowan, stop." Dean pushed hard against the vamp's shoulder, trying to dislodge him as he felt his blood being drained from his veins. When that didn't work he slammed the palm of his hand into the feeding vampire's forehead, knocking his head away from his wrist. "What the hell's wrong with you?"

"I'm hungry . . . so damn hungry." Color rose to flush Rowan's face as he lowered his head. "I don't know what to do, an' I'm so damn afraid. I know I'm gonna hurt someone, an' no one's gonna be able to stop me."

"There has to be a reason for it, Rowan . . . something you did . . . something you aren't telling me about," Dean said as he pressed his hand over his wrist to staunch the flow of blood.

"I don't keep any secrets from you," Rowan said, but couldn't manage to meet Dean's steady gaze. "An' this has nothing to do with anything other than being a vampire."

"Bullshit, Rowan," Dean blurted out, his anger flaring at the idea that his friend would boldly lie to his face. "I'm a vampire, too, but you don't see me going around destroying rooms cause I'm in desperate need of a blood fix."

"Huh, you're comparing yourself to me?" Rowan pushed him away and shot to his feet. "What, you've been a vampire for like month now, an' so you know how tough it is?"

"Yeah, I think I do." Dean pushed away from the wall and quickly leapt to his feet.

"Right, sure you do." Rowan shook his head in disgust. "Cause I've let you starve . . . I've let you feel what it's like to need something so bad, an' then not let you have it."

"I didn't say that," Dean hastily defended, "all I said was I know what it's like to be a vampire."

"You have no clue what it's like to be a vamp, so don't you even stand there pretendin' like you do," the vampire hissed, baring his fangs as he backed Dean into a corner. "Not once have I let you taste human blood, so until you do, you'll never know what real hunger feels like."

"That may be true, but my hunger is no less real than yours, an' I fight it with everything that's in me." Dean's fangs ripped through his gums as Rowan crowded him into the corner and gripped hold of his throat.

Rowan trailed his fingers over Dean's lips, separating them, then slid a thumb along his jagged fangs, slicing it open. Blood instantly filled Dean's mouth, igniting his hunger, and his eyes gleamed fiery green as he eyed the dark-haired vampire. Yanking his hand away, Rowan turned his back on Dean, and laughed mercilessly. "Maybe I should let you see how it feels. Maybe I'll just let you figure out this whole vamp thing on your own, so you know what you're talking about in the future."

Dean trembled with scarcely controlled hunger as he snagged Rowan's arm and swung around to face him. "W-why are you doin' this to me . . . I'm jus' tryin' to help you."

"Cause you come in here talkin' about me keepin' secrets, basically accusing me of being jus' like the things you hunt, an' I think you need to realize you're a vamp jus' like me. If it came right down to it, an' I wasn't around to help ya, you'd be findin' the first damn person you could sink your teeth into. An' you know what, Dean . . . you'd like it."

"So what are you gonna do, Rowan?" Dean held Rowan's gaze, silently pleading with him to give in. "You gonna let me kill someone just to prove your point." When the elder vampire remained stonily quiet, Dean further added, "Please, don't do that to me. I-I couldn't take it."

For several very long moments Rowan remained silent, forcing Dean wonder if he would actually make good on his threat, and then his hawklike features softened considerably. "You know I'd never do that to you. It's just I need you . . . ." his voice abruptly trailed off as he held out his wrist to Dean. "I need you to understand that we're not alike. You have no idea what it's like to have this insatiable desire for something you know you can't even consider having. An' that's why I won't let you ever taste human blood cause once you do, that hunger will grow until it's the only force that drives you."

Dean gave a quick nod of understanding as he slid down the wall and folded his legs, resting his forearms on his knees. "Look, I'm sorry about losin' the amulet," he said quickly changing the subject, and noted how the vampire couldn't meet his gaze. "I know you thought it could save you, so if you want we can try an' find it."

"What's the point?" Rowan muttered as he took a seat beside Dean, stretched out his legs and casually crossed them. "We could search from here all the back to Vegas an' still not find it, an' we don't have that kinda of time to waste." He kept his head lowered, purposely not making any eye contact with Dean, and Dean instinctively knew that it bother Rowan that he had lied to him.

"It really wouldn't be all that hard," Dean coaxed, hoping that Rowan would break down and confess he had the stupid charm. "I'll just give Jax a call an' find out every place they stopped along the way. It probably dropped out of his pocket at one of the motels they stayed at."

"No, we can't do that." Rowan's voice rose slightly as he finally looked Dean square in the eyes. "You've got a little over four months left to go, an' Lucifer's gonna be doing everything in his power to make sure you fail. So you need to stay away from Jax and Sam or he'll use them against you."

"I'm not stupid, Rowan, I'd never put Sam's life in danger." Looking around at all the damage Rowan had done to the office, Dean heaved a weary sigh as he scrubbed a hand across his face. "An' you're right. I am putting his life at risk by sticking around here. So I'll make a deal with ya, cause we both know how much I like makin' deals I can't possibly win." Dean chuckled as Rowan rolled his eyes. "For the next four months, I'll stay far away from Sammy as long as you can be totally honest with me about everything." He stuck out his arm to shake on the deal, and Rowan reluctantly grasped hold of his hand and shook it. "So it's a deal then?"

"Sure, Dean, I've got nothing to hide."


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