"Daydreaming about you all day in school, can't concentrate"


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I know the lesson in the first chapter is for 1st graders, but that's the only Science lesson that popped in my mind. Please understand. I will also use the word "scary" frequently. Understand that too. Please?


"As you can see, Mammals come from live birth. Reptiles, Birds, Fish and many others come from eggs." the teacher explained. But sadly, Tenten wasn't listening, she was staring at Neji who was doing the opposite, LISTENING.

She daydreamed for 5 minutes, then something scared the daylights out of her.

"So, Ms. Tenten (A/N: Ok, so calling Tenten 'Ms.', but our teachers addresses us like that when we're in trouble), not listening, ey?" the teacher said with a stern face, "Uhm, Ah, I've been listening, sir." Tenten lied.

"Listening?! Well, let's see how well you listened." the teacher said, as scary as ever.

"Okay, the teacher said, clearing his throat, "Where do mammals come from?" the teacher asked scarily. "Uhm…Ah…" Tenten said, her voice filled with panic. So she just stuck with guessing, "Eggs?"

"EGGS?! WHAT KIND OF MAMMAL WOULD COME FROM EGGS?! (Editor's Note: PLATYPUS!!)" the teacher screamed with his face red as beet. Laughter could be heard everywhere. Tenten blushed three shades of red. All of a sudden, Neji stood up,

"I don't think you should laugh at Tenten" Neji stated defensively.


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