"Here it is, but do you think it's the right one

"Here it is, but do you think it's the right one?" Soul turned to his dirty blonde haired partner, a rare herb in hand.

"Chrona did say this one when I asked her the other day," Maka pointed to the picture in the book she held in her hands, covered by dark blue mittens. A big puffy cream colored jacket protected her from the blowing snow that surrounded her. How such an odd plant could grow in this weather was beyond her imagination.

"Ok, well down the hatch" Soul chomped down on the wild green plant that grew in such a desolate place.

A few days later they arrived back at Shibusen with high heads and shoulders. After ignoring what the adults told them and headed off in such of this herb they had indeed cured Soul of the black blood, and they even brought one back for Chrona as well.

As they walked into the classroom, Black Star and Tsubaki met them. "So where have you two been" Black star nudged his good friend with his elbow.

Without saying a word, Soul removed a bandage from his hand, on the back was red dried blood. He then left a dumbfounded Black star with a giggling Tsubaki as he took his partners hand and lead her to her seat, a wide crooked grin on his face.

Maka took her seat as Kid and the Thompson sisters entered the classroom just as the bell rang. Stein rolled in a few minutes late, and the whole class was buzzing about Soul and Maka being miracle workers, they in turn gave credit to Chrona who was hiding under her desk from lack of understanding to do in said situation.

This undue attention made Stein's brow raise and he called the pair to the front of the class. "What's going on, did you two do something during your training that you didn't report to Shinigama-sama?" Stein raised an eyebrow and the fidgeting teens. After about a minute, Soul thought 'ah just screw it, its done, might as well fess up.' He turned his arm into a blade and lightly ran it across his finger. Bright red liquid oozed from the slit on one of his digits. Silence engulfed the room; all that was heard was the sound of the sizzling cigarette hitting the stone cold tile of the classroom.

Mouth agape, Stein grabbed soul by his arm and kicked his chair back as hard as he could causing it to fly towards the door. Soul was flapping around like a fish out of water; hanging on for dear life to Stein's arm as said professor called out "Class is canceled for today," only to have his chair give way which sent both Soul and Stein shooting down the hall of Shibusen.

However, Stein ignored this fact, and even left the chair as he stormed the halls trying to find the quickest way to the infirmary.

As fast as she could, Maka packed up her and Soul's belongings and rushed to track down Stein. When she finally found them in the infirmary soul was sitting on an examination table without a shirt. No matter how many times she said that scar didn't bug her anymore it was a lie. She knew the story, but always felt a pain in her heart for not being able to react.

Slowly stepping into the room to make her presence known to Soul and Stein, Maka cautiously placed their things on a chair and walked over to Soul.

Placing her hand on his shoulder she asked, " Soul, are you really alright?" Leaning a little closer and lightly giggling she whispered "did you see the look on Stein's face when he saw the blood, priceless."

Soul flashed one of his "cool" grins as he nodded. Stein rolled his eyes as he had heard the whole conversation and continued to work on the blood samples that he had taken from Soul earlier on to compare with the new ones he got today.

Pushing his chair to the file cabinet he explained "Nothing will be known till at least late tomorrow night, so you two can go home if you would like. If you samples come out in a positive way you might have found a way to defeat this horrible nuisance that's plagued us for the last several years." Stein smiled as warmly as he could muster before motioning for them to leave.

As the door clicked quietly behind him, Stein slid the slide under the microscope and spent several intense hours researching every last bit of the samples. It took several sleepless hours, nothing could pull him from his examination. Many like Spirit had tried, but once they had had their fill of being ignored they went looking for someone else to bug (like Maka.)

However, on the other side of town the weapon and his meister had the rest of the day off to do as they pleased, since their sensei was busy running tests on said weapon's bright red blood. Not wishing to return to their apartment, they decided to go window shopping around the town. Maka wanted to pick up a new book she had ordered and Soul had nothing better to do. Although Black Star had invited him to train with him, he immediately refused, remembering the last time he agreed to such a feat. Lets just say it ended up with the two of them dangling from a broken suspended bridge because Black Star wanted to show off. Poor Tsubaki was stuck on the post that held said bridge for several hours as well.

Soul shook it off as they entered the bookstore. He casually wondered around browsing the titles of the manga shelves as Maka patiently awaited the book that would complete her favorite series.

"Here you are miss, enjoy and thanks again. Your one of our best and only customers" the store clerk chuckled. Maka smiled at the clerk then went to drag Soul out from behind his "book."

"Sorry for making you come with me," Maka fidgeted as she spoke. A bright smile appeared on her face as she lowered the manga from his, "How about I treat you to dinner for accompanying me." She smiled, her green eyes sparkled as his crimson ones met them. With a smirk he shrugged and replied, "if your paying I'm in."

Flipping through files, old reports, research data and anything else he could think of, Stein was merely on step away from the information he craved. It had been ten hours since he first embarked on his research, he began at nine that morning. Wishing not to be disturbed was but a fleeting dream around this place. And once again a knock came from the door.

"Ok what is it?!" He stomped over to the door to find Marie with a small bag in her hands and a concerned look. Stein rubbed the back of his head and bowed an apology to her.

"I was just making sure you had something to eat since I heard you locked the door several hours ago and no one had seen you since, but if your that busy I'll just leave this…" Stein stepped aside as soon as he took the bag from her. He had figured that there was enough food for the both of them, and overworking himself could potentially make him miss a very important detail.

As Stein ate his dinner Marie asked, "So what have you been working on in here this whole time that no one could disturb you? I don't even think Shinigami-sama knows what you're up to.

"I'm running some test on a subject I've had my eye on for a while now. Those are some of its blood samples, and it's changed for some reason."

Marie walked over to the microscope and placed her eye over the lens. "Where did you test subject come from? Because this parasite here is from my old region." Not knowing that she had just made a huge discovery for the case, but simply by stating this she instantly felt the warmth of a familiar body pressed against hers. It only lasted for about two seconds, for, with sushi in hand, Stein was back at his microscope and books full of parasites.

He studied it for about a minute, so Marie thought that it was best to leave, but before she could Stein caught her arm, "Tell me everything you know about this little guy."

"The wait is about an hour, is that alright" the hostess explain to the two teens as they entered the third restaurant they had attempted to eat at that night. With a sigh they smiled and left.

"Maybe we should just grab a burger and watch a movie at home." Soul suggested. Maka wished that she could actually have a nice dinner for once with her partner, but at this point in time she was tired of searching for places to eat. She agreed to get the burgers if Soul picked up a movie.

But before he could reach his destination his head suddenly began to spin. He remained upright, and it only lasted for a few seconds, so he shrugged it off as mere hunger symptoms and continued to the rental house to pick up a horror movie.

When he reached the apartment he placed the movie in the dvd player and grabbed a soda from the fridge. As he plopped down on the couch the door opened and in walked a soaking wet Maka. With a slight chuckle Soul got up, grabbed a towel and threw it so it landed on her head.

With an unamused look she wrapped the towel around her shoulders and placed the bag on the coffee table. Maka grumbled while she went to her room to change into her pjs. Soul went back and threw on some dark grey sweatpants, but thought he didn't need to bother with a shirt, so he grabbed a blanket and went to sit on the couch.

When Maka finally decided to show herself in her bright pink pj bottoms that had little light blue cupcakes with cream colored frosting and a light yellow tank top to match, Soul had already started to eat without her.

Her hair was no longer tied up, and she had on fuzzy light blue slippers. She kicked them off and sat next to Soul, taking the bag from his lap and grabbing her cheeseburger. She clicked the remote and they sat in the dark, the only light was that which flickered from the screen.

Sometime during the movie Maka had ended up under Soul's blanket and her head was in his shoulder for the most part. However, Soul was not enjoying this as his stomach started turning. Indigestion was the cause of this, and nothing more. He did not wish to disturb his partner whose head now warmed his shoulder.

By the end of the movie Soul could no longer stay conscious, something had taken over and he had no will power to fight it off. Drowsiness consumed him as he collapsed slowly into Maka's lap. With a warm smile, unaware of the real turmoil he faced all she could think about was how peaceful Soul looked while he slept.