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Rufus' Reign

"Intro: Rufus' Reign"

Eyes blinked open; scanning the dark around her, she placed a hand over the chest of the person beside her.

Tifa sighed.

Scooting closer towards his body, Tifa placed her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him comfortably.

[A bad dream.. it was just a bad dream.] She shivered as a gust of cool wind entered through the window. Pulling the blanket over her shoulders, she gently tucked her head underneath Rufus' chin, making him move a bit and start a soft snore.

She smiled. She loved being with him, enjoying everyday and night with him, not caring if the whole Shinra staff hated her. As long as he was with her, she would be fine.

But there were times when she didn't think so positive about his and her positions. After the the escape in Shinra HQ--and the painful decision she had to make--headlines and news broadcast around the world were nothing but her relationship with Rufus Shinra. Whether or not it was safe that the future president of the world to commit with an ex-Avalanche member.

Her smile faded and she sighed in grief. She had second thoughts ever since the topic rose; should she stay or leave for the good of Rufus' reputation? Feeling the need to ask Rufus about this, she was afraid to.

He had so much faith in their commitment. He would always tell her that it didn't matter to him what they say and that it wouldn't change his feelings for her at all.

[Why can't I feel the same way?]

Tifa knew she loved Rufus very much.. but the way he loved her was so much deeper than what she feels. She almost felt guilty that her love wasn't as deep.

She is able to say the word 'love' to him, but not in the same way, or same tone as he says it to her.

Feeling tears of hatred to herself, Tifa closed her eyes tightly to try and stop the tears from coming.

She felt a slight shift of the head above her.

"Uh..hey, what's wrong?" Rufus' groggy and nasal voice almost pulled her out of her worries. She managed another smile.

"Nothing's wrong... I just wanted to hug my pillow." she whispered playfully.

Rufus slid away from her arms and moved his body down so that Tifa's head was at the level of his. He smiled and placed her arms around her, "Who said I was the pillow?"

Tifa let out a giggle and placed her arms around him once again. Their foreheads resting against each other, she watched his face fall into slumber first. She leaned over to kiss him goodnight.

[I might be lost in all of this.. but I'm not giving up on you, Rufus. Because.. I want to stay.]

She quietly started to drift into sleep, knowing that tomorrow was just another day of more worries and cautions for both of them. But she didn't care. Tomorrow, in Junon, is the 'Assigning of the new president'. Everyone will have accept them.

If not, then we'll just have to kick their ass.

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