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Many Years Later

She laid back her head on a headrest. Papers are signed and ready for process. Work is done for today. There's a music video playing on a huge flat screen TV in her office and it's keeping her entertained for now. It's already near nightfall, so she switched off her TV and turned on the lamps beside her desk. A glass window is tinted dark behind her that extends from wall to wall. She glances over. She can see lights flickering from a distance below her. The office is located on the highest floor of Nakahara Industries.

Bang! Her office door flew open.

"Mother, Where is that stupid brother of mine? Where is he?" Arisa asked angrily.

"Hello to you too, Arisa." The older lady replied.

"Hello mommy." Arisa simmered down. "I-I'm sorry for breaking your door. I'll have somebody fix it tomorrow. I just need to find that stupid older brother of mine. Do you know where he's at?"

"I haven't seen him at all." The older woman said. Though you can see the age in her, but she still holds beauty undeniably. "He hasn't come by. What has he done now?"

"What he did was beat up my boyfriend. And that bastard boyfriend of mine broke up with me!" Arisa's blood is boiling again. "Nobody messes with Arisa Nakahara-Takano. I will kill him when I find him." She swore.

"That isn't so bad, what he did." Sunako mused. "Not like someone I used to know, at least your ex-boyfriend only got a beating."

"What do you mean mother?" Arisa asked. "Someone you used to know? Did something happen to you like beating your boyfriends?"

"Just some old memories surfaced. I do not know what exactly he did to my suitors. I just know they disappeared and no one came to bother me. Some of them move to other countries. I still find it mysterious until this day how and what happened to them." Sunako wondered.

"Care to explain further mother? Do I know this person?" Arisa intrigued.

"Hmmn. If I tell you a story, you promise not to kill your brother?" Sunako bargained.

"Fine, if I am entertained. I'll let him go for now." Arisa more curious about the story than of her own situation, actually she is very attractive and finding an admirer is not a problem for Arisa. But usually her problem comes after her admirers discover that she's one of the richest in Japan, no one has the courage to pursue a relationship with her. That's why it's lonely sometimes. Men easily get insecure.

"Okay. Well then, it started during my teenage years." Sunako remembers. "I used to live at Aunt Lilliane's Mansion, there live four handsome boys. My housemates are the handsomest on the area. They are very famous and well-known. Almost all the girls chase, ogle or molest them every day at school, at the mall or even at the market places."

"Almost all the girls?" Arisa laughed. "Let me guess, you didn't chase or ogle them. But that's you alone." Arisa asked listening attentively.

"No, there are others like me. Your aunts don't ogle at them." Sunako answered.

"Aunt who?" Arisa more intrigue, the story is longer than she anticipated and she must have known most of the people her mom is talking about.

"Noi and Tamao." Sunako's short response.

"Who do you mean Noi? The Noi I only know of is the one most famous Model of Japan married to Dr. Oda Takenaga." Arisa

"Exactly. That's right we haven't been together in a long time. Maybe I should call for a reunion so you will meet my best friends. And Dr. Takenaga is one of mommy's housemate a long time ago." Sunako reminisce the past. "They used to visit us all the time when you were young. I'm surprised you never remember. Noi carried you all the time when you were about 2 or 3 years old. You love piggyback ride with her. Your uncle Takenaga brings toys and you used to fight it with brother."

"Really? I can't remember. I never knew we knew those famous people."

"I do. You other aunt is Tamao Kikonoi, she has not married yet. I don't know why Ranmaru is taking so long. They love each other very much but it's already been a long time. Maybe they changed. I really should call them." Sunako opened her organizer. "Hmmn... Monday booked, Tuesday booked… No available time. I really need a vacation."

"Tamao Kikonoi? Isn't she one of the richest in Japan? She owns a big company. I go to her Salons, they do the best care and the Malls she owns are enormous. Have you gone to one her malls, mother?" Arisa asked.

"Yes, I went on the opening day a long time ago." Sunako answered. She's amused at her daughter's reaction. She'll never believe her unless she'll meet these people. "And yes, Ranmaru Mori, her fiancé is the very famous handsome playboy in Japan, owner of the Mori hotel chains."

"Amazing! I'm just surprised; I rarely see mother with friends. And to think you are friends of the most beautiful and most handsome people. Of course mother is very beautiful, but it's like you all clustered together. Why? How?"

"If you let me finish the story you'll understand." Sunako complained. "Anyway, I live at Aunt Lilliane's place for almost 2 years. I moved out when I was 16 or 17 years old. I left my beloved there. My grandmother that time wants me back here so I could learn the dealings of the company."

"I have many suitors and possible marriage partners, but none of them I love. My heart belongs to that one man." She explained.

"Is he your first love?" Arisa asked.

"No. But he is my true love." Sunako answered.

"What about daddy?" Arisa asked surprised.

"What is this about me?" Kyohei entered the room.

"D-daddy. You know about mommy's true love?" Arisa watch as her parents met and hugged each other. And quick passionate kiss. She would have covered her eyes, but she's used to that seeing her parents very affectionate.

"You mean the man that ran away from the mansion after he realized that your mother is very rich?" Kyohei laughed.

"I don't know. He left mommy then?" Arisa felt sad for her mother.

"What are we having for dinner, hon?" Kyohei asked. As usual he's still has a big appetite.

"I think Kasumi-nee made something already, if you want me to cook you should have called earlier and we could meet at home." Sunako answered her husband.

"Hey! My story mother, what happened to that man and how did you meet daddy?" Arisa asked.

Sunako and Kyohei laughed at the question, which surprised their daughter. How can they be nonchalant on this matter?

"Mom, Dad. What happened to your door?" Arji Takano entered the Chief Executive's office.

"You! Stay where you are. I will kill you." Arisa jumped from her seat. Kyohei quickly grabbed her daughter's waist to stop them from fighting.

"Daddy! Let go. You don't know what that man did to me." Arisa complained wiggling her body to let loose.

"Sorry sweetie, no can do." Kyohei said.

"Arji, why did you beat up her boyfriend?" Sunako interrogated her first born.

"I'm sorry. I may have lost my temper. I hear him talking to his friends, he was two-timing my sister. I warned him not to touch or get close to Arisa. I will not stop at beating if he hurts her, that's why." Arji reasoned.

"What?!" Arisa shocked. Arji never stops protecting her, of course she loves her brother too but she doesn't like people messing her relationships.

"See there, sis. Brother is not irrational not like someone I know." Sunako teased.

"Hey!" Kyohei complained. "My wife only belongs to me. You told me that day. You are mine and I am yours. I am entitled to get angry to anyone making a pass on you."

"This is from the man that ran away from me for 4 years. Never told me where he went and left me on my own." Sunako countered.

"I see." Arisa had a huge smile. "Daddy ran away when he realized how rich mommy was? Daddy is mommy's true love?"

"Yes, and I don't know what he did to my fiancés but I never heard to any of them anymore." Sunako affirmed.

"I made a deal with your late grandmother. I didn't beat them, you told me not to. In exchange she wants me to graduate college and be able to support you. That's her last wish. She gave me support; go to school which ever I like." Kyohei explained.

"Grandma did that? I never knew." Sunako missed her grandmother. Four years after Kyohei left that mansion she passed on. Sunako was so upset that time, that's when Kyohei came back.

"Yes. Remember I came home on her funeral? You didn't even notice me." Kyohei complained.

"I told you I was upset I wasn't myself. And I'm sorry for ignoring you that time." Sunako explained.

"No kidding, you had a deadly aura everyone was even scared to come closer and pay respect." Kyohei teased.

"That's less scary than what you did after." Sunako reasoned back.

"You were sulking in this room. What more can I do then?" Kyohei

"What happened mother?" Arji asked. He wants to know the story of her parents.

"He broke down my door like Arisa did. Proposed to me, he got some guts." Sunako folded her arms. "He told me: I'm claiming my bride now. Here's a ring, decide when and where you want the wedding." Sunako continued. "I was so speechless then, the death of my grandmother wasn't even as shocking as what he said next. He said: If you don't say 'yes' I will slice this throat in front of you, then you can mourn me and your grandmother's death at the same time. He held a knife against his neck."

Arji and Arisa laughed. "I bet it did the distraction. Nice one dad!" Arisa complemented.

"Yeah! Way to go dad. It's priceless. I can imagine mom's shocked face." Arji said in between laughs.

"Hey. I was really concerned about her that time. I don't want her to lose her sanity. She gets scary when wounded, emotionally. Noi and Tamao are pushing me that time. Ranmaru and Yuki unscrewed the bolts on the door. I didn't kick it down; it fell on its own." Kyohei reasoned.

"Yeah, whatever your excuse is you still were serious that time. Let's all go home now. Kasumi-nee is waiting." Sunako suggested.

"Oh, speaking of that Kasumi-san called me, mother. She said you have guest at home." Arji said.

"Hmmn.. Who could it be?" Sanako mused.


Kyohei's car arrives at a spacious car garage. Their son drives his own car. Just the three of them arrive home first. The mansion they're living is not the same one of Sunako's grandmother. She moved out after she married Kyohei, and sold that house. Sunako married Kyohei after college. She graduated BS in Business Administration. Yep, she graduated early, accelerated because she's very smart.

Kyohei insists that he build his own house before he marries her. He studied abroad and become Architectural Engineer, he better build his own home. It's about the same size as the Nakahara Mansion her aunt owns. The house has about 7 Bedrooms and 7 bathrooms plus a 3 car garage. Sunako can drive but she prefers to ride with Kyohei to work. Kyohei manages his own construction company. And Sunako is still CEO of Nakahara industries.

They have two children; her eldest is a college student taking Interior Design as his major. His name is Arji Takano, 18 years old. Their daughter is Arisa Takano; 16 years old just graduated High school. She is doing modeling on the side. She is expected to inherit the company soon so she isn't really interested in Modeling; just she gets scouted a lot.

Arji looks like Kyohei, blonde hair but he is patient (not like his father), polite, gentleman and very kind. He can cook too like his mother; he is very fit and atlethic.

Arisa looks like Sunako, long black hair, pale white skin and rosy lips. But she took after Kyohei's impatient attitude; explode in anger most of the time. You can say a spoiled brat but she is not really just temperamental.

"We're Home…" Sunako opened the door and greeted by Noi. She almost fell out of balance because Noi jump and hugged her, good thing Kyohei got her back.

"Welcome home, Sunako-chan, Kyohei-kun!" Noi greeted. Behind her is Tamao sitting at the grand piano, standing beside her is Ranmaru watching her play. Takenaga is playing chess with Yuki and his wife. They all stop at what they are doing and greeted Sunako, Kyohei and Arisa. It surprised Sunako and her daughter.

"Welcome to my home, minasan." Kyohei greeted. "I hope you all packed well because we are going vacation for this reunion." Kyohei announced. It turned out he called everyone to surprise his wife.

And so Caribbean here we come.

The End

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