The world is full of debasement,

Exemplified at night.

Lacking all that's green and good,

Abundant in what's bright.


Standard roles have broken down,

Father, mother, child.

Etiquette's gone to the dogs,

No-one's well spoken or mild.


Replicants are manufactured,

Humans simply born.

Only deaths are similar,

Where neither type is mourned.


This world, when seen from a distance,

It illuminates Earth's plight.

Nothing but sprawling concrete jungles,

I'm sickened at the sight.


Those who can soon head Off-world,

From this world they go far.

While down here due to light pollution,

We can't see the stars.


Some of us, who still remain,

State that Earth's scars we can mend.

But in our hearts we know it's pointless,

And thus wait for the end.