Sesshomaru's Rage

Part 3 or The Courtship of Kagome

Chapter 1

Now I know I ended the last one kind of suddenly with many unanswered questions. I had planned on this being a three part fic anyway, so finally I am writing part 3! Also a note on how I have portrayed Sou'nga: it can only do that when in her hands and when it was truly not their time as it was with Shippou, how she knows, I will explain later.


Wolfstar stared at the sight before him, there sat Shippou, alive with an unconcious Rin on his lap. His jaw dropped, how had this happened, he knew it had something to do with what Kagome had been doing but this was unexpected what was Kagome?

He saw Rin's eyes flicker open and the joy at just the sight of her mate caused the Pheonix general to simply forget about wondering, what ever she had done it had made this couple very happy.

Shippou smirked at Wolfstar and picked up Rin and carried her up to their room avoiding as many people as possible, he would tell them he was back when his mom got back until then he would spend time with his mate, the only one that mattered at the moment.

Sesshomaru walked next to Kagome content to be at her side, content to simply be in her presence. He knew he didn't deserve to be but it put him at ease to be near her, though he knew that she would more than likely choose another for her mate, the least he could do was stay near her and make sure the one she choose was worthy of her, and she was happy with whomever she choose.

Kagome looked to the clouds again as they walked, "I feel we will be facing our child soon. Naraku tried to break our spirit by killing Shippou and will not be expecting what him to be alive, we will have the upper hand, but I don't think this is anyone's fight but ours, we are the ones meant to face the one who is our blood."

Sesshomaru nodded, "Agreed, they do not even know that the child still exists, it is not their mess to clean up it is ours."

Kagome sighed, "I wish it was not this way, that things had turned out differently, that Naraku had never caused me to miscarry."

He looked at her and sighed, he wished the same thing for she would have been his mate already if she had had the child for he would not have allowed a child of his to be a bastard, "but that is not what happened and we must deal with what is in front of us, we cannot change the past."

She smirked, "too true."

Meanwhile Wolfstar was sitting at his desk just thinking, when one of the council members came in without knocking, it was one of the women on the council, she had pink hair and red eyes and was a Wind elemental Youkai, her skin was tan and she was dressed in a kimono of pure white with a black obi that had a blue crescent on it to signify her station. On her face she had two blue triangles upside down triangles under her eyes and her lips were white.

"General Wolfstar Sunsoar where is Taiyouakai Sesshomaru, the council wishes to speak to him," she demanded.

Wolfstar glared at the woman, "Councilwoman Saya, how nice is it to see you, Lord Sesshomaru is escorting the Lady Kagome back to the palace as we speak, about what do you wish to speak to him about?"

She smirked, "about him choosing a mate, I know his heat cycle should be coming any day now and we want to know if he has chosen a suitable mate to bare his heir."

Wolfstar's eyes widened, shit he thought, they had not kept track of the days, but apparently the council had, and now again they were expecting him to choose a mate, again pushing him to produce an heir.

He went back to glaring at the woman, "and again I tell you he will chose in time, his own time."

She smiled, "But is there not a living in this palace now, this Lady Kagome, the kituse."

He narrowed his eyes, "Out of my office Bitch I will give him your message when he returns that the council wishes to speak with him, that is all."

She simply stuck up her nose and walked out haughtily.

A few minutes after she left Wolfstar stormed out of his office in search of Hiroshi, the only one who would be able to help him now.

He found the hawk in a dojo beating up a dummy.

He entered the dojo and got right down to business, "Hiroshi, I need your help."

Hiroshi turned to face the phoenix general and asked, "yes general?"

Wolfstar continued, "Because of everything that has happened, we did not keep track of the days and Lord Sesshomaru's heat is coming up, we must get him to the brothel as soon as possible."

Hiroshi nodded, "well as far as I know he is on his way back with the lady Kagome, so why does he have to get to a brothel, she is an elegable female of mating age."

Wolfstar glared at the captain, "Kagome does not wish a mate at this time, and to ignore her wishes would be rude and uncaring, Sesshomaru would not want to force himself onto her," again, he thought to himself.

Hiroshi sighed, "I see, what do you want me to do?"

Wolfstar replied, "I need you to stand outside the gate and as soon as he approaches tell him that his heat is coming within the next few days and he needs to get to a brothel before it hits and before the council catches him."

Hiroshi nodded, "yes sir," and with that he went to stand outside the gate of the castle to await Sesshomaru's return.

As Sesshomaru and Kagome walked he felt a stirring in his blood, and cursed under his breath, for not keeping a count of the days, it was the first symptom of his coming heat.

Kagome noted the change in his smell and nodded to him, "Go to the brothel, Sesshomaru, before it gets out of control and before we get back to the palace so the council doesn't catch you."

He nodded and started into the direction of the brothel, inside mourning that she would send him off to those whore instead of mating him herself.

When she approached the palace she saw Hiroshi standing outside, "Hiroshi, what are you doing out here?"

He stared at her, at Sou'nga on her back.

She glare at him, "Ignore the sword and tell me what you doing out here."

He nodded and shook his as if to clear it, "I was waiting for Sesshomaru to return."

She nodded, "I see well I already sent on his way to the brothel, "his heat started to hit him as we were walking."

Hiroshi replied, "I see, let us adjourn inside."

She smiled, "yes lets, care to spar in the dojo?"

He smiled back, "it would be my honor my lady."

With that they walked to the dojo, Kagome picked up a training sword and tossed one to Hiroshi, and attacking him as soon as he had the sword in his hand.

After about 15 minutes of sparring Hiroshi decided to ask Kagome something while they were trying to beat the crap out of each other, "May I ask you a personal question Kagome?"

She parried his attack and replied, "it depends on the question Hiroshi," then attacked landing a blow on his hip causing him to wince.

He attacked as he asked, "Why do you not have a mate?"

She simply dodged his attack and placed her hands on her hips, "that is a long story."

He shrugged, "we have the time."

She narrowed her eyes and abruptly attacked him knocking him to the other side of the dojo, "it is very complicated."

He winced as he got up and replied, "the short version then?"

She sighed, "very well, a summary of it, 14 years ago Sesshomaru raped me when he was driven mad by his heat, he did not mark me but I still got pregnant, but Naraku got a hold of me and I miscarried, I will not take a mate until Naraku is defeated."

Hiroshi's jaw dropped, so that is why she was still unmated but not a virgin, it surprised him that Sesshomaru had raped her though, Lord Sesshomaru did not seem the type to do that, "I am sorry to have brought it up," he said as she started walking out of the dojo.

She looked back at him, "I just would rather you not tell any others about this, they do not need to think badly about their lord, I am trusting you, and will kill you if you do tell," Sou'nga pulsed behind her as if to emphasize her statement.

He gulped and nodded as she left the dojo, and grumbled that he had just killed any chance might have had with her.