Sesshomaru's Rage Epilogue:

I have not looked at this story or any story in a very long time.

When I finished watching the anime, part of me that loved to read and write fanfiction kindof died. However I got an email with a review in it, for this story, and it inspired me to reread my story and give it a happy ending, I hope you like it.


*I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with it, however I do own the character Wolfstar Sunsoar. He is my own creation.

Sesshomaru paced in his office, anxious and worried. Wolfstar watched him with amusement in his eyes, watching this never got old to him. He had seen it to a lesser degree when Sesshomaru's father was waiting for Sesshomaru's birth. Sadly he had not been nearby or even in the country when Inuyasha was born, he might have prevented Sesshomaru's father's death and the whole mess that came with it.

It was always more amusing when the couple was mated and truly loved one another. His instincts said this would go just fine. The pregnancy had gone well and Lady Kagome had handled it with her usual grace and elegance. A young face peeked in the door way, Wolfstar smiled at the little girl. Sesshomaru looked up at her and gave her a nod a quick smile before he started pacing again.

She stepped fully into the room, all of 8 years old with long red hair in pig tails. Her fox tail had been brushed out, and her kimono was spotless for once. Obviously she wanted to impress.

She walked up to Sesshomaru with her hands behind her back. He stopped pacing and watched her with a slight smile on his face, nothing could distract him up like his first grandchild.

"Grandfather," she said with a smile, "I brought you some flowers!" She pulled the bouquet of wildflowers she had hidden behind her back, it reminded Sesshomaru so much of Rin when she was young. He knelt down and took the flowers from her with a smile, "Thank you, Izayoi, they are beautiful."

She quirked her head to the side, "So will the baby be here soon?"

He nodded, "yes, but shouldn't you be out in the garden helping watch the younger children."

She gave a very innocent look before running out of the room and back to the gardens where she was helping Miroku and Shippou with the younger children.

Shippou smirked as she returned, "Any news yet daughter?"

She shook her head, "not yet, and grandfather is wearing that grove in the study farther down than it was from the last pregnancy." Shippou and Miroku laughed.

Miroku's hair had greyed with age. He had never thought to live to be this old, but he was glad he had, Sango was helping Kagome, which was proper, Rin was there as well as Miroku's oldest daughter were also assisting.

He looked down at the kids playing in the garden with a sigh. That last pregnancy had hurt Sango more than was expected and there were no more children however they have enjoyed their years together.

He looked across the garden at oldest song Kohaku, it looked like he was attempting to woo a youkai maid, he laughed as he watched the 'cursed' hand caress the maids bottom and get smacked for his efforts.

His eyes fell to the young ones again. Izayoi and Kalana, Kagome and Sesshomaru's first daughter, along with Sakura, his youngest who was the oldest of those three girls, sat giggling by the pond. A set of twins a boy and girl, more of Kagome and Sesshomaru's children, who were 6 years old than those three ran around playing tag with a little boy about 4, who was Rin and Shippou's middle child.

While another little boy about 2 years old sat near the men and sucked on a piece of candy.

The youngest sat on Shippou's lap with her fist in her mouth. The palace was never boring that was for sure, however he and Sango had started to talking about possibly moving to an estate away from the palace, a place to spend their twilight years, but still be near enough that the children could visit.

The little two year old stood up and walked up to Miroku and put his hands up to be held. Little Touga didn't talk much, but he listened and seemed to take everything in. He had green eyes like one of his ancestors and his father's silver tresses.

He carried the symbol of the moon like his father, as well as the magenta stripes on his cheeks.

Miroku thought to himself that none of the children Kagome and Sesshomaru had had since they actually mated, had ended up with the unusual silver and black striped hair that Aros had gotten. Kalana had black hair and gold eyes, with Kagome's marking while the twin boy and girl both got silver hair and blue eyes. He wondered what the child or children from this pregnancy would have.

Shippou watched the children with wonder, he was thankful for every second he had with them, he felt they were truly a gift from the goddess, and though logically he knew Kagome would be fine, he still worried for his mother, and since Sesshomaru and Wolfstar had not known he waved to the maid who was stalking away from one of Miroku's offspring.

"Yes Lord Shippou?" she said as she came up to them," He smiled, "would you mind going and checking on the women in the birthing chambers, I worry for Lady Kagome."

She bowed slightly, "yes my lord I will return shortly."

She dashed off to the birthing chambers, the female guards at the door let her pass, and she slipped into the birthing rooms. She found Kagome on her back screaming and cursing while holding the hand of Rin, Sango was at the foot of the bed, and checking Kagome, Sakura was soaking a cloth in a bucket of herbed water.

Sango lifted her grey haired head when the maid entered, "yes, what is it?"

"I have come to find out how things are coming my lady."

Kagome hollered, "they are just fucking peachy! Tell my mate he is never touching me ever again! EVER!" She screamed another contraction hit her.

Sango smirked, "It is a painful birth but no complications so far, tell Miroku, Shippou and Sesshomaru to stop worrying."

The maid bowed her way out and first went to the study where Sesshomaru now sat with his head in his hands, and Wolfstar was relaxed and somewhat bored.

The pheonix's eyes lit up when the maid came in the room, "Such a beautiful sight to see, especially since I have only had to watch our lord since the lady went into labor," the maid blushed.

Wolfstar stood up and kissed the maid's hand, "how do things fair in the birthing room my dear?"

She smiled, "They are going just fine, and the Lady says to tell her mate that he is not touching again ever again," Wolfstar kissed her hand again, as Sesshomaru couldn't help himself but chuckle.

Wolfstar smiled to the maid, and kissed her cheek, whispering, "if you would meet me later. I would love to spend some more time with you."

She blushed and pulled her hand away, before leaving the room hastily.

Wolfstar sighed, his luck was getting worse and worse, he thought, then looked back at Sesshomaru, "it shouldn't be long now my lord."

Meanwhile in the birthing room, Kagome was starting to push, she knew this would be a very long labor, considering this was her first true litter of pups she had dropped. She had known she was having triplets but had never said anything to anyone, Sesshomaru suspected it was more than just twins but she knew he wasn't certain, since two of the heartbeats were almost always in unison.

As the first baby cleared the birthing canal, screaming its greeting to the world. Sango smiled as she clipped the cord and announced, "Its a boy." She brought the boy to Kagome's head so she could see her son before she handed the baby to Sakura who thoroughly checked him over before swaddling him and placing him in the first of the cradles set up for the babies.

Sango set up again as Kagome started pushing the second baby out, she caught the baby and had to give this one a swat on the butt to get him screaming, "another boy," she said as she clipped the cord and wiped him down and then showed him to Kagome, then handed him to Sakura.

Sango barely had time to set up for the last baby before Kagome was ready to push the last baby out. This one came screaming out almost as soon as the head was clear. Sango caught her and clipped the cord, and wiping the baby down, She wiped the full head of hair the little girl had, already the hair was silver and black striped. The boys who were already in the cribs both had black hair.

Sango helped Kagome rid herself of the placenta, then the lady of the west promptly passed out.

Sango smiled at her friend and looked down at the babies. She knew that in a couple years she would be doing this again. However then it would probably be Sakura doing the actual birthing. Since Sango's hands bothered her already with aches and pains, and Kagome looked not a day older than 25 and Sango looked like she could be Kagome's grandmother now.

It could not be helped, Sango sighed and looked at Sakura, "Go tell the men that there are 3 new members to the family, I will watch the little ones, and make sure Kagome is presentable.

Sakura bowed slightly to her mother and ran off in the direction of the study, Sesshomaru, who had started pacing again, looked at her hopefully and she smiled, "you are the father of three new children Sesshomaru-sama, the babies and mother are fine and sleeping, or at least resting for now.

Tension slid from Sesshomaru's face, "thank you Sakura. You may go tell the others." Sesshomaru sat again, he would go see for himself his mate and pups but for now he was relieved everything had gone well.

Wolfstar smiled, though his heart saddened as it did every time new little ones were born, pheonix's were rare, and as far as he knew he was the last one alive, and sadly he was only fertile with his own species.

Sesshomaru waited an acceptable amount of time, barely, before he stood up and headed towards the birthing chambers, he did his best to ignore the smells of blood and birthing fluids as he got closer.

The female guards ushered him in, and he beheld one of the most beautiful sights, his mate nursing one of their pups, he looked to where the other cradles were and saw the twin boys, both sucking on their thumbs greedily.

He picked the boys up and then knelt by Kagome, "they are beautiful my mate."

She smirked back at him, "I was serious you are not touching me again!"

He laughed as he looked at the face of the duel hair colored baby girl in Kagome's arms, "we will see my love we will see."

*this is the end* I hope you liked it and thank you to any who have read or will read this story.