HI HI sugar desu!

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It's been ten years now. Our parent's did switch their spouse. His father is my father and so is my father is his father.

That's not the only thing. We live under one roof. I thought it would be very awkward more additional to my wired family.

It uses to be the only 3 of us. They bought a bigger house and all six of us. Yes! Six! Six of us stayed together under one roof. It's getting more awkward by day. I can't acknowledge this. I really can't.

Well I got to admit it is a happier family. They get along just fine. Oh there was a time when they trick me that, they too can't take the pressure of living together.

Ha-ha what a fooled I was. It's just a trick. A trick to convince me. To convince how well we can work together.

I'm not mad at them nor am I satisfied about this whole thing either. I'm glad that they are happy. The parents I mean.

Now I wonder how it will be ... in ten years times.

Will it be ten years of hiding my relationship with him still? I can't really tell if they knew about our relationship. As far as I'm concern I believe that they assume we are nothing more than a very extreme close "steps" siblings.

My mother. Yes... she did warn me. One day, by the staircase outside my room. She told me out of the blue. "Now, now. Don't you fall in love with Yui. Our family is complicated as it is." and she smiled right after that sentences. 'It is complicated as it is!!' now who should be the one saying that!?

I sigh to myself as I sat by my desk staring out through the window I think about him. He is my step brother as well as my love.

"La pa di la la... la pa di la la" it rungs as the phone vibrated on her desk. I stared blankly to my cell phone. "Oh it's just a message"... I wonder who e-mail me. I let out a long sight. Ignoring it. My eyes wander outside the window again.


Okay... this is one shot. I was typing this on my hand phone while sitting my butt in the train... auu well... what ya guyz think... r&r plz!