Well, this is my first fanfic posting. I am working on some other longer stuff, but this idea struck me on the way home from work the other day and I had to pull over and grab the laptop. I don't like New Moon. It upsets me too much, but this is how I imagine Bella feeling in those chapters that are just the months passing by. Please review, but be gentle with me!

Unfortunately I don't own beautiful Twilight land, that belongs to Stephenie Meyer, but I think that Edward stole my heart!


Blackness. I lie here in the dark and I cannot see, my breathing is shallow.

I am nothing, no more than a fallen leaf, waiting for a gust of wind to blow me where it will.

I close my eyes and feel cool arms around me. Air pours into my lungs and I am dizzy. His scent intoxicates me once more, but as I turn towards him I am snapped back to reality, to nothingness.

The pain grips me once again; the only thing that reminds me that I am alive. Because I am not alive any more. I exist. I have no reason to live, my life has left me. I am dead, nothing more than a ghost, floating through day after endless day of night.

There is no sense of time any longer, no hunger, no thirst, just nothing. I do not know how long it has been and I do not care how much longer it will be.

They don't see me any more. They, who showed pity at first. Now I am invisible, passing through on the edge of their sight. My clothes hang loose on my frame, but I no longer care. Why eat? Why breathe? Why think?

My life is gone, I will wait for the wind to blow as I fade gradually into the blackness of oblivion. Perhaps then I will feel no more.