l'm a new writer, so my writing skills are pretty bad, don't shun me!! And this is a completely new story about what if Elizabeth is the lost daughter of the Duke of York, and was recovered when she was nine. And she didn't meet Darcy at that time, they met at Elizabeth's debut ball in London on her eighteenth birthday.


On a snowy day in winter,1809, a grand carriage bearing the Spencer crest was driving thorough George St. And inside the carriage, we heard a conversation:

" Father, must l have a ball? We both know very well that it will be full of insincere and fawning people, especially those young men, who are always trying to trap me into marriage, l've already rejected countless proposals of marriage!" Lady Elizabeth Spencer said.

"But my dear, it is a rule in the ton that we, the nobility, make our appearances regularly in front of the other members of ton. And since you are pronounced to be the future belle of the next season, you should make your debut now rather than later." Said the widowed Duke of York kindly to his daughter. Lady Elizabeth pouted, but said nothing more.

Across the carriage, the elderly Duke gazed at his lovely daughter and sighed. How should he ever refuse her anything, she is the only image that reminds him of the late Lady Spencer, the lively and beloved wife of his, who died in chilbirth. Elizabeth is the only child of hers, and she had been adamant that Elizabeth will marry the man whom she loves, disregard the convention of the ton, on her deathbed.

Elizabeth will eventually receive a dowry of forty thousand pounds when she marry, and the Duke is worried about it. A lesser man or a second son may try to persuade Elizabeth to marry him, and to own the forty-thousand-pound dowry. And after the Debut ball, Elizabeth will start to receive callers and admirers properly, she may get confused and marry the wrong man, which is the nightmare that always plagued the duke's sleep.

He had lost her daughter once. When she was only six, she was suddenly lost and nobody in the whole county know where the little girl was. He was desperate, and three years later, when he happened to pass by Hertfordshire, he saw a little girl who looked exactly like Elizabeth and naturally, he went out of the carriage to look for the birthmark that is on Elizabeth's right hand wrist.

Fortunately, little Elizabeth recognized her father in time and told him that she was lost when she was walking three years ago and some kind people called Bennet adopted her, since she had no idea what is her name. The Bennets moved to Hertfordshire about three years ago, and she had lived here since then.

The conversation with the Bennets has been easy enough, they almost swooned when they heard that little Elizabeth is the daughter of a duke. Of course, the duke paid them handsomely for treating little lizzy well but l shall not elaborate on the sum. They left together the following noon, which marked the start of a friendship between the daughter and the father.

Not known to the two silent people in the carriage, a somewhat likely conversation was happening at the same time in the Darcy townhouse on Grovenor St.

"Come on, old man, don't be so ridiculous! You simply MUST attend the ball Lord Spencer has organized, it is said his daughter, the future belle, will be making her debut!" Said a young man of twenty-five enthusiastically, namely Charles Bingley.

"There is absolutely no possibility of me ever attending that ball, l shall not be subjected to another stupid female admirer who cares only for my money." Grunted Darcy. Twisting his signet ring impatiently, he stood up. But before he could say anything, Bingley said in an attempt to regain his place in the argument.

"But Darcy, you must think twice. My sisters will not be attending the ball and you will be free from Caroline for one night if you just attend this ball. In addition, you could see for yourself if Lady Elizabeth has the potential to be the next belle. In conclusion, it would be absolutely unwise if you choose to not attend the ball!"

As a matter of fact, Darcy was quite persuaded by his friend's speech, and so he nodded his head slowly, as if digesting a piece of news.

Bingley smiled, clapped Darcy's back and said:" Well, it seems my job is done now. Sleep well, old man, so you may charm all the ladies at the ball." Completely disregarding Darcy's stern glare, he skipped happily out of the room.

That night, no one in London would know, that because of Bingley's and the duke's persuasion, two people's life would turn out very differently....