AP: These are one of my upcoming stories for the future

AP: These are one of my upcoming stories for the future. So enjoy.

Upcoming Stories

Twininjas: Parody to Twitches. Darkness takes over the mystical land of Carapan. It's up two ninja girls to save Carapan. (Cartoon x-over).

Merlock: Parody to Shrek. A vampire must rescue a princess for a selfish Firelord (cartoon x-over).

The last Halfa: Parody to the last Unicorn. She's on a quest to find her friends from an evil demon and a Firelord (Cartoon x-over).

Amber Pegasus and the seven Digimon: Parody to Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. When a Princess runs away from the forest. Will she be protected? (Cartoon x-over)

Rini and the Giant Apple: Parody to James and the Giant Peach. In order to go to Ba Sing Se. She must travel on a giant apple along with some ghosts friends. (cartoon x-over)

The Adventures of Aang and Zuko: Parody to the Adventure of Milo and Otis. Two friends are off on a journey. Will they ever get back home? (Cartoon x-over)

Rini and Tutenstine: Parody to Lilo and Stitch. Tutenstine has been adopted by a little girl who has no friends. Will they ever get along or let there worlds coiled? (Cartoon x-over)

AP: (Phew) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. Read and review.