A moment of silence was in the room as everyone continued to stare at the chibi Yu who was busy clinging onto Allen Walker.

"Lavi this is getting weird…" mumbled Allen to Lavi as they left the cafeteria to avoid the stares of all the Order.

" Hehe, you got it all wrong Allen. I think its great that Yu is cute not that he wasn't befor-", it took a while to realise what he was about to confess to Allen.

"What was that Lavi" giving an accusive glare Lavi quickly replied,

"Ah, its just that Yu was really cute cause he's shy that's all eheh"

"Kanda shy?", Allen was given quite a surprise when he heard the word shy. Then the chibi Kanda finally spoke

"Moyashi, its Halloween isn't it? Why arent you dressed?" giveng a small smile after his sentence, Lavi and Allen really couldn't take their eyes off him.

" Even after his character change he still calls me moyashi"… Allen thought to himself

((Kyahh, so kawaii chibi yu-chan w Sorry I'm imagining again… continue))

"Eh, well I got my costume but its only 4" scampered Allen,

"But that doesn't mean you can't get dressed early neh?"

By then the finders and scientists who were bypassing were totally gazing at the miniature Kanda who was then snug in Allen's arms.

"Allen why does Yu pick you in the first place?" Lavi asked with a little hint of envy in his question. Allen began to turn red and decided to make up a lie.

"Well it's his character that changed. His memory is still there and I'm sure you'll strip him when you find the slightest chance.."

"Wah??! I'm no Paedophile Allen!" giving Allen a smack on the head he quickly stormed off and mumbled to himself "not the slightest chance, maybe when Yu feels like it…"

"Oh great, now I have to take care of Kanda" sighed Allen as he realised that Kanda had already fallen asleep. "Heh, I guess Lavi was right about him being cute once in a while.."

He then went to his room and laid Kanda on his bed until he woke up and quietly left the room shutting the door. "What am I doing?…" Allen thought to himself but that came to a halt when a loud voice called Lavi's name

L-A-V-I!! A-L-L-E-N!!

" Oh Komui-san, g-good afternoon" said Allen nervously as he knew Komui would have noticed the miniature Kanda.

"Don't good afternoon me, what did you and Lavi do with my character pills yesterday?" ordered Komui, "And where is Lavi?"

Allen decided to give in as his pills already took action

"Fine Lavi and I decided to pull a little prank on Kanda yesterday but we didn't really know what was going to happen"

"Hm, I see… Well if it was just a prank I'm right ok with it!"


"Oh, those pills were made for that reason. I was saving them for April Fool's day"

Allen was dumbfounded and happy at the same time cause he didn't expect Komui to be too happy about this and as he knew Komui's plan for that day.

"So when will the pills wear off?"

"Hm, well I never really thought about the time limit,,, possibly a week. Depends how many Kanda-kun ate. Well see you" as Komui rushed back to the cafeteria..

Allen was pretty sure that eccentric man left him to figure out the problem on his own again..

Meanwhile…//lavi scene//

"Heh, what was I thinking back there.."

Lavi's thoughts never stopped at that moment thinking back..

"I shouldn't have gotten so worked up over something even Yu knows… I'm really an idiot now aren't I? Even on Halloween I say something stupid.


A small figure appeared on front of Lavi and realised it was Kanda.

"Oh Yu-chan, you just got up huh?"

Rubbing his eyes, Kanda replied " Yea, I couldn't find Moyashi so I was scared.."

Lavi's eyes lit up and he picked up Kanda in his arms..

"You may have changed but your still the shy Yu I know, just that your in a neko costume that's making you cuter by the minute"

Kanda's face slowly turned red and retorted "Ah I'm not c-c-cute!"

Lavi then gave a small kiss on his head,

"There's your shyness again… lets go and look for Allen then" giving a smile, the two then went looking for the bean sprout. Who was busy looking for a costume…


" Ah! How hard is it to find a costume in this place?!" shouted Allen is dismay as he was searching for a costume in the uniform department

(the department that experiments with uniforms in which most past ones were never tried on other than the testers)

"Hm, a school girl uniform?… Eh?!" shaking his head Allen thought to himself

" ah… why have I become so perverse after all this while… even I try to imagine Kanda in this get up. Now's not the time to be day-dreaming, I got to find a costume!"

Suddenly one of the uniforms caught his eye.
"I wonder when the uniform department came up with a demon suit? *demon suit- a costume with horns on the top and a pointed tail on yout bottom

"Right, its perfect for a Halloween fest", Allen was quite happy with what he found and so were Lavi and Kanda when they found him.


"Ah, Kanda. I got into my costume already"

Kanda's eyes glistened with delight as he saw the bean sprout wear a demonic suit, "Oh yeah here you go" said Kanda as he passed Allen a pair of boxer shorts.

"Eh? Are these yours" asked Allen curiously as he took the shorts. And Kanda then shook his head.


"Oh no.."

"I think you better run moyashi before Lavi gets you"

"Wait you can call Lavi but you cant c- eek!"

"Allen give me back my underwear!" said the butt-naked usagi as he ran after the moyashi.

"W-wait you can have them!" passing the usagi his pants… he now looked like…

((I know it would have been veery typical for him to wear a rabbit suit but he isn't))

"Lavi's a fox!" sqealed the miniature Kanda.

This was his way of getting Kanda to stop calling him usagi for one day

"Lavi you're a fox, I'm a demon, Kanda's a neko and Lenalee.." muttered Allen as he was looking around for her, "Did you guys see Linalee?"

"Mah, she must still be changing. I'm sure she'll be down any moment now" and so said the guy in a fox suit.

"Yo everyone, sorry for the wait" so the beautiful Lenalee finally came in a Princess costume which was extremely frilly with ribbons none of them thought suited Linalee that much

"Lenalee, where did you get that dress" asked the temporary red-headed fox

"My brother picked it out for me but I really didn't want to look this frilly…"

And then a certain supervisor came and popped out of no where.

"I think it looks amazing! Now that you all have your costumes, here are your candy bags now go have fun", shoving the excorcists out the gate, they now started with their candy fest and of course bringing their innocence with them just in case.

At the same time..


"Road are you ready?.." giving a sigh, Tyki eagerly waited for Road to finish changing

"A witch?"

"Of course, and Lero is my trusted broomstick eheh" said Road cheerily as she flew out of their wacky home, "TO LONDON!"

Hope you all enjoyed the 3rd chapter as I wanted to add a little yaoi in it