Author's Note: This is a continuation of my other YOTS 'Chance Encounter' which was posted on September 11th, though it probably can be read alone. It is going to be a two parter, but the other part won't be up until sunday, mainly because I extended it to cover the ninth as well, lol. If I can I will try and get it up tomorrow. Enjoy!

Fate's Hand

By Steph7085

With his lungs, arms, legs; hell, every part of his body aching in exhaustion, John forced himself to keep moving as he sent short bursts of bullets towards their hunters. Ahead of him, Ronon and Teyla ran, Teyla quickly taking cover and returning fire whilst Ronon sprinted ahead, McKay thrown over his shoulder, unconscious.

A sizzling hot, burst of energy barely missed John's shoulder as he threw himself into the undergrowth of a tree that had toppled over, a moss-like plant smothering the bark. A green cloud formed in a 'poof' as he hit the ground and he coughed fiercely as he inhaled the substance, even as he scrambled to his feet and instantly shot back, taking down one man who was followed by several others.

"Quick, get to the Jumper and let's get the hell out of here," John ordered through his gasps, as Ronon did a quick 360 turn and took out two of their pursuers. "You're gonna have to show mw how to do that sometime," John muttered, sending another burst of bullets backwards. Ronon had already sprinted ahead, getting to the jumper just as Teyla opened the doors.

Ronon hurriedly laid the fallen scientist down and rushed back out into the clearing, just as John entered. The angry villages were on his tail. Their weapons scorching the trees, plants and bushes. The smell of burning filling the air. John spun and fired back, but the energy weapons were faster. The beam impacted his shoulder and sent him hurtling to the ground. A groan of agony escaping his lips.

Ronon's face darkened and he fired at will, taking out several men and woman in quick succession, and giving them time to get away. There were too many of them to fight off…not that Ronon wouldn't enjoy trying. Retreat was the only option. Ronon grabbed the lapels of John's jacket and hurled him up, dragging him to the Jumper where Teyla met them, closing the door as soon as they entered.

John groaned painfully.

"Sheppard, we need you to fly this thing," Ronon growled, shaking his comrade fiercely before throwing him in the chair. "Sheppard," he repeated loudly, as the sounds of enemy fire hitting the Jumper echoed around the cabin. Teyla marched forward and grabbed John's face.

"John, you have to get us out of here," she told him sternly. His gaze finally focussed as he became aware of his surroundings.

"Right…I'm on it," John replied hazily, blinking rapidly and taking a deep breath. He started to input commands just as the impacts on the hull increased, sending shockwaves through the vessel even as he lifted off. The gate quickly came into view and he started to enter the address…

A shock wave of energy disrupted the jumper and sent a surge of power through the controls, just as the gate activated and they flew into the event horizon. The jolt sent the team flying, all of the hitting the floor with a crash. When they finally reached the other side of the wormhole Atlantis wasn't there to greet them. There was nothing but the bleakness of space.


"We've just detected activity at the space gate," a composed male voice informed, stepping into the small office that ran along side the bridge. A Small desk came into view with a small, slender woman seated behind it. She interlaced her fingers and rested her chin on top of her hands, her elbows leaning against the desks surface.

"Source?" She questioned.

"We believe it is a ship. Atlantis class, the energy signatures match those of a gate ship."

"A Jumper…" she whispered as she hid her eyes from view. Finally re-gaining her composure, she continued. "Can they detect us?"

"They appear to be drifting. Would you like us to go to them?" He asked curiously, the emotion colouring her actions making the situation more intriguing.

"Yes…change course and get to them as soon as possible. They could need help." He quickly exited to the bridge to carry out her instructions leaving her alone once again. She let out a breath and slowly stood, her eyes wandering towards the viewport and the stars beyond it.


The beeping of an alarm permeated his consciousness, gradually bringing him to the waking world.

"Would someone turn off the horrible whining sound. I think my head his going to explode! Oh, God…I think it already has and I'm dead, and you're all just not telling me," Rodney grumbled, finally bringing John to full alert. He tried to sit up but failed miserably and decided to fall back onto the deck.

"John, you're awake," Teyla announced joyfully with a smile, gracefully making her way to his side and helping him sit up and lean against the wall.

"Unfortunately," He muttered gruffly, his head threatening to explode at any moment. "What's going on?" He asked, carefully gesturing towards where the loud whining was coming from.

"There's another ship out there," Ronon informed them grimly, as he appeared at John's side. He pulled John up and placed him in the pilots' chair. John took one look at the read outs and cursed.

"Damn it. We don't have any weapons, shields or anything. We barely have enough power for life support." He looked at Ronon. "Get McKay in here." The Satedan nodded and marched into the back section of the Jumper, but before he could get there an invisible force took hold of them all…

The Jumper was empty.