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Jareth felt a rush of shock, tension and hope hit hi all at once. He then began to worry that his kiss was not enough to convince her to leave with him, he had run out of ideas on what to do…he looked at Sarah's eyes for a tell all sign he could recognise but no emotion was shown in her eyes. She was hiding it well. 'I accept your offer, I want to leave with you and never look back on my life here.'

Shock hit him again and before and before he could even decide what to do next she had lunged at him kissing him all over. He responded by nuzzling into her neck placing small kisses along and gently nibbling along her collar bone. She let out a moan of pure satisfaction. He had to pull away or he would have had her right there right now and even though it felt right, he realised she was still fragile. 'Are you sure?'

'Yes, I know I shouldn't rush things but with you being here last night with me…I think I'm falling in love with you Jareth.'

He smiled into her neck purring 'I have always loved you.' She smiled in return. He then thought of whether she would need anything from her home, he had asked and she simply shook her head. 'I have you that's all I need, I don't want to remember anything from that life apart from meeting you and I have you so no, you'll do just fine.' A cheeky grin spread across his face.

'Now will you be okay if I disappear for a couple of hours, just to check with the Underground and have things set up for our arrival? She nodded. He didn't like lying to her but he had to, if she was to find out where he was really going…she might change her mind. He kissed Sarah on the cheek and told her to help herself to anything in the apartment and quickly showed her around before evaporating in a puff of glitter.

Sarah made a cup of tea and slumped on to the sofa in the living room, without helping it the smile no her face would not disappear. She set the tea down on the coffee table in front of her and started to examine her hand and wrist that Jareth had healed last night. She was amazed there was no bruising or even a scar, she was grateful to him this way she would never have to remember what had happened. She didn't even feel the need to see her father again; she had never really considered him as her father since the attacks started. She shivered she removed the memory from her mind and threw it away in her imaginary bin. She knew she wouldn't get over this as quickly as she'd of liked but she knew it would take time and she prepared herself for that, knowing Jareth loved her was the first step to moving on. She turned on the television in front of her and watched morning television.

Jareth appeared on the porch of a white wooden house, it looked so peaceful there. Jareth looked round and saw the car parked in the drive, taking this in to consideration he gathered he would be in. Jareth opened the door to Sarah's house, he didn't see the need to ring the bell or knock. He stepped into the hallway, it wasn't very big. He heard a commotion coming from the room off the hallway. He walked in to the room, head held high ready to take on whatever was there. He walked in and saw what appeared to be Sarah's father hurling objects at the wall in front of him. Jareth made an interrupting clearing of his throat. Her father whizzed round expecting it to be Sarah and launched a glass ornament; Jareth being magical stepped to the side out of the way as the object flew passed his head. The man stopped realising it was not his brat of a daughter. 'WHO ARE YOU?!' anger rising in his voice.

Jareth put his smug smile over his face 'Now Mr Williams that I hope was not intended for Sarah if she was standing in my shoes, you do have a nasty temper on you don't you?' Jareth didn't expect an answer so he continued. 'Taking your anger out on your child is not a wise move sir.'

'And who are you to tell me how and what I do to my daughter! Where is she?!' Anger was rising in his voice; Jareth knew he would lash out very soon. Jareth smiled with his pointed teeth showing; at a quick glance anyone would think he was a vampire out of a scary movie. 'Yes I do, she is safe and away from you, and that is where she will stay away from YOU!!'

'WHAT?!' Mr Williams strode in heavy anger up towards this stranger claiming he knew where Sarah was. He clenched his fist as he strode up to the tall gentleman in tights and cloak. He pulled his arm back and went to punch him however Jareth caught his fist in his hand. Jareth squeezed the fist between his grasp feeling the bones grind together. Mr Williams let out a cry of pain and coward to his knees in front of Jareth. Jareth bent down to meet the eye level of Williams, he grabbed his neck holding tight enough just to allow Mr Williams to slightly breathe. Mr Williams gasping for air struggled beneath the Goblin King's grasp. Jareth took great pleasure in causing him anguish, he would love to really lay into him but he decided to be the better person. 'Now listen Mr Williams I have been generous, I can be cruel I am willing to let you live, if I had my own way however I would not be held responsible for my actions. You have cause the girl I love a lot of grief and I cannot accept that not just physical but emotional. You disgust me! I am leaving with Sarah today. You will never see her again and if you contact the police of alert anyone I will return and you will feel the full wrath of my vengeance. Do you understand?'

Mr Williams nodded vigorously, he clearly was afraid of the man holding him by his throat. Jareth let go of his neck and slowly stood, Mr Williams followed he opened his mouth to speak but before a word could escape his lips Jareth punched him slap bang in the nose causing Mr Williams to keel over in main clutching his face. Jareth smiled a wicked smile. 'Good day Mr Williams, maybe think about clearing up your house is a mess.' With that Jareth walked out of the house and didn't look back. He made a hand gesture and a small crystal appeared in his hands. 'Hoggle!' Jareth called into the crystal; slowly an image of a very ugly goblin with a big nose but kind heart appeared. 'Yes your majesty?'

'Make preparations, Sarah is coming home to us.' Jareth said these words with authority but a smile on his face too. Hoggle gave a cheer, nodded and disappeared from the crystal. Jareth twirled the crystal again around his fingers and threw it through the sky. He disappeared into his puff of glitter.

Sarah awoke from her morning snooze she was so tired when she awoke earlier she thought a quick nap wouldn't hurt. She heard something odd in the kitchen. She got up cautiously to what was awaiting her, with each step the suspense was building in her chest and her breathing became heavier. She peered into the kitchen, no one was there. Odd she thought she was sure she had heard something. She walked in looking around until her gaze fell to the table. Lying on the table was a deep red rose; small dew drops attached to the petals this reminded her of Jareth's crystals he used for his magic. She bought the flower to her nose and smelt the scent. It filled her nose the sweet scent bought a small smile to her lips. Just as she lowered the rose to her side she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her waist. She lent back on to the chest behind her, a new scent filled her nose; magic, spices and something she couldn't quite put her finger on. Jareth had returned to her. 'Did u like my present?' he purred into her neck. She turned round to face him, putting her arms around his neck, fingers playing with his silky soft hair and looked into the eyes of the man she had fallen in love with. 'I didn't realise you were the over romantic type.' She replied with a cheeky grin. He made a mock hurt look, then nuzzling himself once more into her neck. 'I'm not…I'm whatever you want me to be, darling.' He emphasised the last word gently biting her neck. 'What do you want me to be?'

'The wicked Goblin King,' she replied with her seductive smile. He gave in he pulled her closer not as gently as before. Pressed down on her lips with aggression, lust and she responded matching his aggression. Lips locked, tongues meeting causing them both to moan, time stood still briefly for that moment. Jareth pulled away and looked into her eyes that drank him in. Sarah smiled and leant forward to his ear 'I wish the Goblin King would come and take me away right now.'

'With pleasure.'

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