Edwards's POV

I had just finished draining my last deer when I heard a child crying, but I couldn't hear any voices using my power, it was completely quiet. So I followed the crying to find a little girl no older than the age of 4. She had big brown eyes-puffy from crying-and long brown hair with pale skin almost as pale as me. She wore an ankle length blue dress and a blue ribbon in her hair. I decided that I wouldn't hurt to see what going on. So I stepped out of the trees, when the girl saw me her eyes grew wide.

"Did daddy send you?" she sniffled

No sure how to answer I just said the first thing that came to mind "What's your name?"

"B-B-Bella." she stuttered

Wait a sec did she say Bella? Isabella Swan? Chief Swan's daughter? I wonder how she got here.

"What's your name?" she asked

"Edward Cullen."

"I wanna go home!" Bella cried

Oh boy. I wasn't sure where her house was; I guess I should take her home to Carlisle so he can help.

"It's okay," I soothed "I'll take you to my house to see if we can get you home."

"Okay, but I don't see a car." Uh oh. Great mess you've gotten yourself into Edward, I mentally kicked myself. Kids keep secrets though right? And if they didn't people would think they've made it up, right?

"Bella can you keep a secret?" I asked. She just nodded, confused.

"Well, I ran all the way from my house really fast." Her face lit up, I took that as a good sign.

"Really? Jacob can run really fast too! He beat everybody at recess!" Ha, as if a preschooler could outrun me!

"It's not like that Bella I can run faster than a that, get on my back and I'll show you." By now Bella's eyes were all dry but big with wonder, she stood up from the fallen tree she was sitting on and started to climb my back. That's when I smelled the most mouthwatering sent I had ever smelled in all my life. And I almost attacked her there and then ,if I had not hunted only a few minutes before. She felt me stiffen and asked "Are you okay, Eddie?" Eddie? Where did that come from? I concentrated on that trying to distract me from the smell, "yeah, ready to go?" I half whispered

"Yups" she replied and then I started to run. The wind from running distracted me from her smell, oh free from the sent! I couldn't believe I almost attacked a 4 year old!

And then it was over, I stopped in front of the house to let her catch her breath.

"Bella, you okay?" when she didn't answer I got anxious "Bella?" I looked behind me at her she looked like she was going to faint. I grabbed her off my back worried.

"Bella!" I relaxed when her eyes came into focus, right now I had to hold my breath, and it felt so weird.

"Eddie?" she was still dizzy.

"Are you okay?" I repeated, when I looked back she had passed out, so I took her into the house.

"Carlisle!" I called out. Instead, Alice came zooming down the stairs, giving me a questioning look when she saw Bella in my arms.

What is she doing here Edward?

"She got lost in the woods." I answered

What will Charlie think? Alice fretted oh boy Edward you ran here with her on your back?

"There was no other way Alice, besides I don't think Charlie's home, he doesn't get home until late at night."

Was Bella left alone?

"I don't know; just let me take her up to my room so she can rest so we can talk better." Alice just nodded. I ran up the stairs into my room and placed her on the couch, and then a blanket over her, she looked so peaceful sleeping there, I shook head of the thought. Since when did I care about children? I ran back down to the living room, to find the whole family there with Alice.

"Oh Edward, she's so adorable!" Alice squealed "we should go shopping and buy her clothes, yes, that's right we could go today-"

"Alice!" I cut her off, she pouted till jasper came to soothe her.

"We should be her babysitters!" Rosalie suggested. I knew she would love it if we did; she's always wanted a child

"We should ask Bella what happened first before we jump to conclusions." Esme said

"I agree." Carlisle added. Then I 'heard' Alice having a vision: Bella was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes walking down our stairs.

"Well, let's just ask her now, because here she comes." Alice informed; we all turned to the stair to see her walking toward us yawning. Her tiny feet hitting against the wood floor. Before I could say anything Alice was in front of her introducing everybody.

"Hello Bella, I'm Alice and this is Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, and Edward." Alice grinned, Bella smiled shyly back at her.

"oh umm 'ello!"everybody smiled. Then we hear a sound we all knew, but hadn't hear in a long time- the sound of a stomach growling. So Esme cut in.

"You want some food, honey?" she asked, Bella nodded her head vigorously.

"How about we go into the kitchen and Esme can make you food while you tell us how you got lost in the forest?" Rosalie suggested, Bella's eyebrows furrow looking worried,

"Am I in trouble? I didn't mean to get lost and the nanny was so boring she fell asleep, and she snores so loudly that-"

"Bella!" am I feeling déjà vu or what?

"It's okay your not in trouble just tell us what happened from the very beginning." Esme started to make a grilled cheese sandwich –bleh.

"Here you can come sit in my lap if you'd like" Rosalie offered, oh she's adorable please, please come sit in my lap! Oh I've always wanted a little girl they're just so cute! She thought.

"M'kay" Bella smiled happily, Rosalie grinned.

"Well, this today mommy had to work, and daddy didn't so I could spend quantity time with him," does she mean quality time? "but then daddy had a last minute call so he got a nanny to watch over me but she was so boring and fell asleep, so I went outside to the forest 'cause I heard daddy talk 'bout it one time, then I walk for a long long long time till my legs hurts too bad and I cried –but I tried to be tough like daddy says- then Eddie found me and took me here!" upon hearing her say Eddie my siblings snickered, I shot them a death glare .Hey why don't I get to call you Eddie?! Emmett complained teasingly. Just then to save me from more embarrassment, Esme set Bella's sandwich in her lap.

"'Ank you" Bella mumbled, before eating her sandwich faster than I thought possible for a four year old.

"I should go call the nanny and tell her that Bella's okay" Jasper muttered.

"Can we go play outside now?" Bella asked eagerly, looking toward me with pleading eyes.

"Of course you can." I mumbled. Wow how did she do that? She leapt out of Rosalie's lap running outside, Rosalie and Emmett following her. Oh Edward I think she's got you wrapped around her little finger! Alice cooed, I growled,

"She's gotten all of us wrapped around her finger after one day! Including you Alice." She just stuck her tongue at me. Jasper came back with Carlisle at his side, "We called the nanny and told her she was fired and told Charlie that she's with us." He informed us "Let's all go outside before they get into any trouble." I could hear Bella laughing; it was such a joyful laugh it made you want to join- which all of us did! Emmett was swinging Bella around, his laughter booming throughout the woods. Then I heard: I think it's my turn with Bella, it's time to take her shopping! Mother Mary of all things holy save us from Alice in-wait for it…Shopping Mode!

"Beeellllaaa!" Alice sang "Do you want to come shopping with me?"

"But I don't have any money with me!" Bella protested, bringing another round of laughter

"We have all the money you'll need Bella. So do you wanna come of not?" Alice asked again

"Alright!" I had to save her from this but there was no way, so then I said,

"I'm coming too."

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