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Bella's POV

I half wanted to scream and half didn't. I knew that if I screamed my pain would practically be Edward's pain, and I never wanted him to know just how terrible this was for me. The other half wanted to yell so hard! To scream the whole time I was in pain, let out ear-shattering screams that would echo throughout the entire hall. Scream for help, yell for them to make it stop but all I could do whimper. I felt Edwards cool hands slip under me and rush me to the room I stayed in before.

"Edward make it stop." I cried tears that I knew I wouldn't have for much longer. I heard Edward's teeth grind together, but I didn't want to look up because then I'd see my pain reflected on his face.

"I'm so, sorry Bella, it'll be gone soon." His voice trembled, and for as long as I knew Edward he was always in control, and always knew what to do. This was new, and I frightened me.

"Oh, Bella!" I heard Alice's bell-voice cry out.

Edward's POV

I couldn't believe I let Aro get to her! I held her close to my body and rushed to her room as she begged me too make it stop. I couldn't handle this seeing her in so much pain.

"I'm so, sorry Bella, it'll be gone soon." My voice shook, which it never did ever since I've become a monster. Now Bella would be condemned to this life and loose her old one in the process. Alice ran over to us and cradled Bella's face in her small hands.

"Oh, Bella!" Alice cried, her face almost as worried as mine. If I was still human I probably would be crying with Bella right now. But then again if I were human I would've died a long time ago and never would've met Bella and caused her so much pain. Alice and I ran Bella into her room and placed her one the bed there we sat for three straight days hearing her whimpers of pain and I felt like I was in just as much pain as she was.

----------------------------------------------Three days later------------------------------------------

Bella's POV

Finally it seemed like the pain was disappearing, the pain fizzled out of my fingers and right when I thought it was over it came back twice as hard in my heart. As much as I didn't want Edward to hear me scream I could hold back this one. It was a blood-curdling scream of pure agony. I gripped the sheets of the bed so hard the ripped in my hands, I heard Alice gasp.

"Edward she's in her last seconds!" Alice whispered frantically to Edward.

"Bella, I'm sorry." He apologized again. Hearing his voice in so much pain made me stop moving and just bare the pain silently. He's hand managed to slip into mine and gasp it. The fire and my heart were battling for dominance over my body. The fire consumed my entire heart and then…it stopped beating. Then fire slowly died down then moved to my throat but it wasn't nearly as bad as before. I opened my eyes to find Edward, Alice and the werewolves all in my room.

"Oh, Edward!" I cried as I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into a deep kiss. But this time he didn't pull away after three seconds like he used to, this time he pulled me even closer to him. I moaned, this was entirely new but I loved it. Someone cleared his throat in the background so we broke apart.

"Well, what now?" I asked, my new eyes could see everyone's face like they were standing right next to me instead of at the far end of the room.

"Bella you're beautiful, Emily cried running to give me a hug. I hugged her back until someone tugged her away from me.

"Emily! She's a vampire!" Sam pulled her to the other end of the room.

"What did I do wrong?" I asked confused. Edward's face looked as puzzled as mine, but for a different reason.

"Aren't you thirsty?" He inquired. I pressed my hand against my throat, so that's what it was.

"Well, now that you mention it, but I wasn't gonna hurt Emily she's my friend!" Alice looked at Edward.

"She's got amazing control I don't see her attacking any humans at all!" Alice said just as surprised as Edward and I.

"Wait a sec," Jacob cut in "Does that mean she'll never hurt a human?"

"We don't think so." Edward said

"You hear that Bells? You're a freak among freaks!" Jacob laughed

"Hey! Your one to talk!" I teased; Jacob pressed his hand against his heart in mock-hurt.

"I heard someone turned into one of us!" The door banged open as Emmett's booming voice reached us.

"Emmett!" I laughed, running over to give him a hug,

"I feel so unwanted!" Rosalie walked in beside him.

"Rosalie!" I let go of Emmett and ran to her.

"Our little Bella has grown up!" Esme cried walking in with Carlisle and Jasper by her side.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" I asked excited.

"They brought you a surprise." Alice told me already knowing what it was. What in the world would they give me that I didn't already have? I had no idea.

"Hello Bella." I gasped, this wasn't the old man I knew, the one who'd play with me in the sprinkler or went to my father-daughter dances when I was in girl scouts.

"Charlie!" I raced into his arms and buried my head in his shirt, and dry sobbed. Thinking Jasper had lost his control or that someone from the Volturi came back for him.

"Oh, Charlie! What happened?" I asked looking into his now light-red eyes. He was a vampire too.

"One day I over heard the Cullen's talk about the whole situation and I knew if I didn't become one I'd never see you again." He smiled the smile that won my mother over years ago.

"But nothing will be the same." I told him. He just smiled knowingly at me,

"You're my little girl, Bella. I love you." Charlie kissed me on the forehead and I hugged him even tighter.

"I love you too." I whispered, I heard a chorus of "aww's" in the background. I pulled away from Charlie and looked at the rest of them.

"What happened to the Volturi?" I asked. Edward came toward me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"They promised to judge fairly from now one and consult with us every once in awhile. They won't hurt us either, Carlisle talked to them and it's all sorted out. You have nothing to worry about, love." Edward kissed me gently, but it was short considering Charlie next to us and all.

"And Tanya?" I asked. Tanya. The source of all our problems. Edward looked at Seth who opened my door there in the corner sat Tanya, hugging her knees close to her rocking back and forth.

"All those people…dead…werewolves…love...Edward…Bella…ouch." I could hear her frantically speaking to herself. Oh, boy. I hope the Volturi knew what they were gonna do with her; she was out of our hands now. Seth closed the door in her face seeing my expression.

"Wow!" Was all I could say. Edward wrapped both arm's around my waist this time and pulled me into a deeper kiss. The others filed out of the room seeing that we were have one of those special moments, I saw Charlie give Edward a 'look' before filing out too, shutting the door behind him.

"Your father doesn't really want to leave us in this room together." He said, trailing his lips against my neck.

"Too bad." I whispered back, bringing his lips back up to mine. He gave me one of those kisses that he never dared to do when I was human. I loved every second of it and never wanted to let him go.

"Edward I love you." I murmured against his lips. Edward broke away and looked deep into my eyes. I looked back at his dark-gold ones; he hadn't hunted in a long time.

"And I love you, and I always will. Forever and always." He said with not a trace of doubt in his voice.

"Forever and always." I agreed, pulling his lips back against mine.

The End

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