Konoha Exiles II

Konoha Exiles II

The Time Warp

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Konoha Exiles 1: Chapter 69

"I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!" Minato Namikaze's voice was shouted from the top of the Hokage Tower.

Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze smiled as she looked at Rin and Kakashi while Obito was jumping up and down with his sensei.

"Think I should tell him its twins?" she asked Rin. The dark haired Inuzuka chuckled. "Nah, keep it quiet, I've got a camera and I want to see his face when you give birth to two."

Kakashi shook his head at his sensei's and teams antics, but behind his mask he was smiling at the thought of someday teaching his sensei's son or daughter.

On some level of existence beings watched the reset world and many of them smiled.

And Now…

Chapter 1

"Minato…it's time." Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze said as she gripped her husbands arm.

"Now? Sweetheart, we've got a demon that's as tall as the Hokage Monument at the gate, and your going into labor now?" Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of Konoha looked at his wife in disbelief.

"YES NOW!" She snarled as a contraction hit her. Everyone in the room could hear the breaking of the bones in the Fourth Hokage's arm as his wife squeezed hard.

"RIIIIIIN!" the Hokage squealed and the dark haired girl rushed forward and healed his arm, the green glow indicating the chakra used.

"Weak sensei." She teased.

"Weak?" He whined rubbing his abused appendage. "She's super strong to begin with, and now she's like…"

Kakashi leaning against the wall shook his head. "We could send her out to deal with the Kyuubi."

Three looks promised him pain for that comment.

"GO!" Kushina hissed and Minato grabbed Kakashi and they were gone in a yellow flash.

Kushina leaned back as the contraction passed. "Men are such weaklings." She teased as Rin checked her over.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital milady?" Rin asked.

"No. With all the injured coming in, it would be chaotic. You can do this Rin, Minato and I believe in you." Kushina said with a smile at one of her husband's former students.

The Inuzuka girl nodded as she checked the supplies they'd gotten from the hospital months ago when Kushina decided she wanted to give birth at home in stead of Konoha General Hospital.

Kushina winced at another contraction. "Shhhh. It's okay little ones. Soon you'll be able to kick the big demon's butt as well." She said stroking her belly. Looking at Rin who shook her head at that Kushina laughed. "What do you expect, they'll take after me and Minato."

"Which means they'll charge in feet first be loud, obnoxious and flashy." A voice said from the doorway.

"Tsunade!" Rin and the in labor mother said seeing the blond.

"What are you doing back in Konoha?" Kushina asked wincing at another contraction.

"The pervert said you were nearly due, and…" she looked at Kushina, "I wanted to be here for you." She said. Then over her shoulder. "Shizune, get in here." She looked and smiled. "Nearly dilated. Why aren't you at the hospital?"

"She wanted to do it here." Rin said seeing her friend and sensei's wife wince at another contraction. "How did you get here?" the younger girl asked as Shizune rushed in.

"We got in just ahead of the Kyuubi." Shizune said as she got her master some scrubs.

"Jiraiya is with Minato and sensei." Tsunade said. "I don't envy them, the fox is cutting through ANBU like scissors through paper dolls."

Kushina winced at another contraction and once it passed she put a hand on her belly. "Easy boys." She muttered and looked at Shizune. "They seem eager to see the world."


"HOLD THE LINE! DAMN IT, HOLD!" Minato yelled as all the attacks by ANBU didn't seem to be nothing more than mosquito bites to the giant nine tailed fox. "Why is it attacking? What set it off?" Minato muttered. He knew the Kyuubi was to be a guardian of the land, but now it seemed enraged beyond reason.

"Gai?" he called.

The bowl hair styled Chunin knelt before the Yondaime Hokage.

"What caused this?"

The bushy browed ninja looked up. "They Kyuubi was seen coming from the east, the tenth and thirteenth patrols…"

"The Uchiha." Minato muttered.

"Well they claim that the Kyuubi attacked without warning…"

"It's bigger than the monument." Minato muttered over Gai's report.

"Sixth squad's report is that the Kyuubi was attacked by the tenth squad first which provoked it…"

"Idiots. The whole damned clan." Minato muttered. "Get me Kakashi." He said and Gai was gone. Turning he saw Sasuke Sarutobi, the former Hokage in his battle armor.

"Aren't you supposed to be, I don't know…reading porn and oogling girls?" he asked his predecessor with a grin.

"Bah. Hard to focus on the books with all the screaming, and the hot women are either here fighting, or in the shelters." The third said.

Minato laughed.

"Aren't you supposed to be with your wife?" Sarutobi asked, his old eyes weighing in the battle at the wall.

"I think fighting the Kyuubi is safer than being in the same room with Kushina while she's in labor."

Sasuke Sarutobi laughed. "Ah, this is the first time my boy, just think it gets easier the second time around."

Minato blinked. "More? She's having twins now old man."

The former Hokage laughed.

The roar of the Kyuubi told them some one had gotten a good hit in enough to piss it off more as one of its tails slammed into a building, destroying it.

"I'm glad we managed to evacuate the civilians." Minato said.

Sarutobi nodded, the thought of the death toll would have been ugly.

"Where's my student?" he asked.

Minato smirked. "He's with the third and twenty-ninth squads." Minato said gesturing to an area near the Kyuubi's back leg. "He used that swamp of his to keep it from getting any closer."

Sarutobi nodded. "If we could calm it down…"

"Tried that. Nothing works and I've ordered ANBU to stop trying to calm it down and instead bring it down." Minato said with a tired sigh. "When this is over, if there any Uchiha alive, remind me to have them hauled up on charges."

Minato explained to Sarutobi what had happened and Gai's report. When he was done, the former Hokage looked grim. "Add in that Danzo and his private forces are nowhere near here…"

"The whole thing stinks." Minato muttered.


Minato turned to see a slightly singed Kakashi and Gai land.

"Kakashi, I need you to go to the office and get the scroll." Minato said. He looked at the Kyuubi which while trapped by the swamp was still causing major damage with the tails.


"Sarutobi…I need you to remain in command here…I need…I need to get something."

Minato turned and found a hand on his shoulder. "Sensei…you can't be thinking of that jutsu."

"We might not have a choice." Minato said to Kakashi.

The silver haired Chunin looked at his former teacher, his lone eye was wide. "Let me take your place then. The cost…"

"Just get the scroll Kakashi. Meet me back here." Minato said and he was gone in a yellow flash.

Kakashi lowered his head, his lone eye was closed in pain at what his teacher and friend was thinking of doing.

We'd just talked about that stupid jutsu two weeks ago. He…he can't… Kakashi shushined away while Gai and Sarutobi were distracted by the battle.


"Come on Kushina….and PUSH!" Tsunade said and Kushina in paid did.

Rin was holding her friends hand and using a cold rag to wipe the red head's brow.

Shizune moved about getting things ready for the birth. Rin was glad that the Sannin and her apprentice was there, she wasn't so sure her meager skills were enough for this.

Kushina pushed again and Tsunade smiled.

"Congratulations…it's a boy." She said and after cutting the cord passed the baby to Shizune to clean off.

"Not done yet." The slug sannin said as Kushina was already pushing and nearly a minute later there was a second slap and Tsunade smiled. "Another boy."

Her and Shizune traded and Tsunade took the eldest and presented him to the tired Kushina. She saw the blond hair and smiled.

"Naruto." She said taking the baby. A moment later he was joined by his brother.

"Micahamaru." Kushina said holding the boys. She was exhausted, but at the same time revitalized.

"Their beautiful." Rin said.

Tsunade cleaned up and was standing on the opposite side. "Rin…Tsunade, would you both honor me and my children and be their godmothers?"

Rin blinked and Tsunade looked surprised. "Kushina?" the slug sannin asked.

"Please. I know Minato was planning on asking Kakashi and Jiraiya, I can't think of anyone better than the two of you."

"I…" Tsunade looked at the little copper haired baby and at the blond and her expression softened. It hurt to be here with the loss of Dan and Nawaki, but looking at the babies she'd just helped deliver, she felt something in her heal, her heart warmed.

"I'd be honored." She said.

Rin agreed as well. Kushina and Minato had taken her in when her clan had kicked her out when she didn't bond with any of the dogs.

The door opened and the four women looked to see Minato standing there, his eyes landed on Kushina and the babies she held in each arm against her. His motions were slow.

"Say hi daddy." Kushina said with a soft tired smile.

Minato looked stunned seeing the babies. He knew they'd be here, but still, something in his mind and heart kicked him hard seeing them for the first time. He approached the bed, Rin stepping aside allowed her former teacher to see his wife and children for the first time.

"They're beautiful." He said, his voice was barely a whisper, his eyes on the babies, and then moved up to meet his wife's eyes. "As are you." He kissed her forehead and looked down at his sons…his baby boys and he was cursing himself for what he was about to do.

"C-Can…Can I hold them?" he asked.

Kushina smiled and handed him his eldest. "This is Naruto." She said. They had agreed on the name, later Kushina bashed him for informing her the name was from one of Jiraiya's novels.

"And this is Mica short for Micahamaru." She said handing the copper haired baby to him.

"Smile." Rin said and Minato looked up in time to see the camera flash. "You look like the time Kushina told you she was pregnant sensei." The girl said with a grin.

Minato smiled as he looked at his sons. From the distance he could hear the Kyuubi roar and he wanted nothing more than to stay here, but his village needed him, and it was at times like this he hated when the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, in this case his own family.

He looked at Kushina. "I'm sorry." He said.

"Sorry? For what? Minato?" Kushina asked and watched as he vanished in a Yellow flash.


Tsunade and Shizune who were in the next room rushed in to see Kushina distraught, trying to get up, and Rin shocked, staring at where her sensei had just been.


Minato stopped atop a rooftop, he looked over his shoulder once, then at the babes in his arms. "I want you both to know, I love you more than anything, but how can I ask other to give up their very own children for what I am about to do?" his answer came from a pair of mewling sounds.

"You're mother is never going to forgive me, I just hope you can some day." He continued.


Minato turned to see a battered looking Jiraiya come up. "Hey ero-sensei." Minato said with a lopsided grin. "Say high to your godson and his brother."

Jiraiya who moments ago had been showing battle fatigue seemed reenergized as he looked at the babies his student held. "Their so tiny." Jiraiya said.

"This is your godson, Naruto." Minato said handing him the blond baby, blue eyes looked up and Minato saw his sensei looking softly at the baby. "You and Rin are his godparents while Kakashi and Tsunade are Mica's."

Jiraiya looked at the copper haired baby. "They are beautiful my boy." He said softly, then his eyes snapped up.

"Your not…"

Minato nodded his head. "I have to."

"Chose someone else's…" Jiraiya started.

"I can't. a newborn is needed. The other children are a month or too old already…"

"Then seal it in me."

"You are far too old, you would die right away and we'd be facing Kyuubi again instantly." Minato said.

Jiraiya looked around wildly as if an idea would leap out of the air at him. "Minato, this is the dumbest thing ever. Sealing it in one of your…"

"Actually I think if I split it between the two…" Minato cut him off and Jiraiya looked shocked at that.

"While it would take maybe twenty years for one to fully absorb the Kyuubi's chakra, if I split it between both, it should be fully absorbed by the time they're ten."

Jiraiya shook his head. "Kushina's going to kill you."

Minato smiled sadly. "I think this will solve that long before Kushina is able to catch up with me."

In his arms Mica fussed and he made a shushing sound and kissed the top of his copper haired sons head.

"Let me or Sensei take your place then." Jiraiya said. "Damn it Minato, Konoha will need you after this. YOUR family will need you." Jiraiya looked at Naruto in his arms and the blue eyes were looking at him.

"For Fuck's sake Minato, your sons will need you when they get older."

Minato took his blond haired son from his mentor, a sad smile on his face. "Konoha will survive without me, my sons will have you and Kakashi as well as their mother and godmothers. But I must do this." He looked to where the Kyuubi was destroying sections of evacuated buildings with wild tail swipes. Even from here the screams of ANBU were easy to pick up.

"Sometimes." Minato said softly as he held his sons. "The good of the many, outweigh the good of the few."

Jiraiya hated when his student got philosophical, and he hated it more when he was right.

"What about the one. What about Kushina?" Jiraiya said.

"She'll be…"

"Don't you fucking say she'll be fine." Jiraiya snapped. He looked at his former student. "She won't be fine after this." Jiraiya spun in place and was pacing. "I won't be fine after this. Kami's twisted knickers Minato, don't think that you don't matter. Those people." He pointed towards the shelters. "Won't give a damn that you and all these ninja have died to protect them. The council will take advantage…"

"Sarutobi sensei will be able to handle them." Minato said. "And you're wrong old man. Kushina will be fine. She's strong, and you will be too." Minato adjusted the babes in his arms.

"Summon Bunta for me please." He said after several moments of quiet.

Jiraiya looked at him, before biting his thumb and going through the motions.

A large puff of smoke and a giant toad stood next to the building they were on.

"Jiraiya? Why have you summoned me?" Gamabunta demanded.

"I asked him to boss." Minato said.


"I need a final favor from you."

Behind him Jiraiya turned away, tears were not needed, his student need him to be strong.

"What?" Gamabunta asked.

"I need you to get me and my sons close to the Kyuubi and hold him off until I finish the seals on their bellies."

Gamabunta lowered himself to look at the bundles in the Fourth Hokage's arms.

"Tiny. Are you sure this is what you want Gaki?" the head toad asked.

Jiraiya was whispering behind him under his breath, praying for him to change his mind.

"Yeah. It's the only way to stop the Kyuubi now." Minato said. Gamabunta lowered himself and Minato hopped over to the top of the Boss Toad's head.

"Coming Jiraiya?"

"N..No. I'll see if Sarutobi-sensei needs me somewhere. Good luck kid." He leapt away.

"Come on Bunta. Hold back until Kakashi gets here."

The toad took a leap, the twin boys gave gurgles of joy at the sensation.


Minato smiled sadly as the jutsu was finished. "Shinigami, a moment to say farewell to my sons." He said softly as he felt the death gods ghostly arms behind him. The pulling sensation paused, and Minato took that as confirmation.

Looking down at the baskets that now held his sons, he saw the slight glow from the seals on their stomachs. Some minor physical changes were taking place. He saw Naruto develop whisker marks on his cheeks. Mica he noticed that his eyes became golden, and his copper hair became blood red, with white and black fringing. He also noticed the slight tips to both boys ears. Different. He thought.

"My sons, you won't ever get to know me. I am Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, and I am your father. Right now, I am dying. I have left scrolls and I can bet your mother is very pissed at me." He gave a wheezing cough. "You will live here in Konoha, you both will grow and learn where your strength and power are needed most." Minato fussed with his sons hair. "Always know that I will be proud of both of you. You have a heritage…" Minato coughs and he feels weaker. "I wish I could…(cough) The people of Konoha can be great, when they wish to be. They just need the will of fire to light their way. You both will grow strong my sons. I will forever be watching you, in death you will make my strength your own. See my life through your own eyes, as your lives will be seen through mine." He coughed as he felt the shinigami growing impatient. "Be good for your mother, and know I love you both."

Minato Namikaze coughed as he felt his soul leave his body. On his knees before his sons baskets, his eyes looked to the sky, a lone star winked. "It was…fun." He coughed once more. "Oh…my." And he was dead. Kakashi landed near his mentor and tears flowed from his eyes.

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