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The battle for wave was short and bloody. Gato and his mercenaries were no match for ninja, even if they were Genin.

Team 7 under Tsunade's command stayed to protect Wave until the bridge had been built and they were able to hire samurai to protect their lands and the bridge which they called Hope.

Team 7 returned to Konoha where they entered the Chunin Exams a month later. Mica and Naruto subdued Gaara before he reached the tower after meeting him prior to the exam and they rushed him to Jiraiya and had him fix the seal. From Gaara they learned of the Suna/Oto invasion and the Hokage had assassination teams remove the waiting army a mile away from Konoha.

It was discovered that Orochimaru was posing as the Kazekage and he retreated before Obito, Kakashi and Rin when he tried to attack the Hokage during the third part of the exam.

Naruto along with Hinata left with Jiraiya for training leaving Mica to learn from Tsunade.

Sakura learned from Anko and Rin and the fox cubs Aya and Maya became her partners.

During the next three years saw a lot of changes in Konoha. Itachi returned with the heads of eight S-rank criminals and word that his ancestor Mandara Uchiha was alive and looking for the tailed demons.

Kakashi, Obito and the returned Itachi named Team Sharingan went on the offensive and hunted Mandara down keeping the clan founder on the run and away from his tasks of collecting the beasts.

Haku and Anko began dating much to the disappointment of many of the men around Konoha.

Kushina was named the Fifth Hokage as Sarutobi knew he needed a replacement he could trust, and his two loyal students threatened to burn Konoha to the ground for the treatment of their godchildren over the years.

Kushina's first act was the elimination of the councils power. the civilian council was disbanded and three members were kept on to do the paperwork of the Hokage. The clan council met once a month and only to advise the Hokage on matters and anything else would be dealt with.

Hinata became the proud big sister of a bouncing baby brother Hatachi who was loved by his big sisters.

Hinata and Naruto became married during the training trip much to their parents annoyance and Jiraiya paid for it dearly with a beating to end all beatings by Kushina and Hitomi gave him.

Mica and Sakura dated off and on for the next three years until Mica met Gaara's older sister Temari again during a joint mission. Sakura remained Mica's best friend after that and took the place of "best-person" at his wedding to Temari when they were eighteen.

Under-verse and the real world never crossed and Kami was happy as the crossings never happened which in turn never allowed power plays and she got time to play skee-ball.

This is the end… AN: I kept looking over what I had written and after throwing away six attempts I decided a summary ending. I hate it but its what is. Someday I might return and redo the Exiles-verse. The first one was crack. The second one was an uncertain future. I am sorry but this story just wasn't there for me in my mind any more. And as I said I will finish a story. It might not be what you want, but its done.