Here it is, my attempt at a 221B series. I only hope I do the characters justice. While on that topic, I own none of the works of Sir Doyle... sadly. Any questions or comments, please review!

I sat, wrapped in my robe, in front of the fire, I watched him smoke his pipe as he leaned on the mantle. I opened my mouth to ask him to explain, but I noticed his pose and the rhythm of the smoke swirling above his head. He was deep in thought. I closed my mouth, not wishing to disturb him.

"I sense you were about to ask me something, please, go ahead." Holmes bade me.

"Holmes, I don't understand, why didn't you run after Marcson when he fled after beating me?" I asked slowly. "You had successfully freed yourself." I had managed to hold in a cough until after I had spoken.

It hurt and I could feel the pain, slightly dimmed from a narcotic, shoot up from my left side where Marcson had kicked me twice after landing a blow to my head. Holmes was at my side in an instant, doing the best he could do to offer support.

"Are you sure you don't need a doctor?" Holmes asked, looking into my eyes sternly.

"No Holmes, it's just bruising." I replied. "Aren't you scared of Marcson coming after you again? It'll be a life of fear if he eludes Lestrade-"

"My Dear Watson, a life without you scares me more," said the bachelor.