I made a disapproving click with my tongue and shook my head as I turned the page of the paper, willing that there be something of interest and better taste on the third page. The first two had held only boring, mundane, and rather ridiculous stories. I didn't remember always being such a critic of the articles, but living with Holmes would give anyone higher expectations of entertainment then the usual rubbish that seemed to be so important to everyone else.

Sighing as my eyes skimmed the page to no avail, I tossed it aside and rested my head back on the chair, wishing that Holmes had a case to distract us both.

In the meantime Holmes had taken to perching at the window, reminding me of some sort of vulture or other bird of prey, watching the people below as though hoping something would happen on their quiet little street that would give him cause to exercise that mental prowess that had made him a man of such renown.

Mrs. Hudson knocked on the door in her polite and dainty way and then entered bearing a tea tray. She gave one admonishing look in Holmes direction, then set the tray and sent me a frosty glare, silently imparting her expectation that I somehow draw Holmes out of his dismal brooding.

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