Yes We Are Together

Yes We Are Together

Temperance Brennan awakened from a deep slumber. She looked around confused. She was not in her apartment. It seemed like an elaborate hotel room. She examined the ornate bed spread and curtains. Where could she be?

She decided to go freshen up, perhaps she would recall something. She stopped short seeing two suitcases sitting in the large closet. Did she come here with someone? She stormed into the bathroom and saw a man's shaving kit nestled next to her things. Who would she vacation with? Most of the men she dated wouldn't stay long enough that they would go on a vacation with her. Either she pushed them away before that point or it never came up.

She shook her head and decided to brush her teeth and then shower. Thirty minutes later she exited wearing a towel and her hair streaming wet. It was then she spotted a chain with a wedding band on the dresser. She unhooked the ring and placed it on her finger. It was a perfect fit.

"Who am I married to?" she wondered.

She looked back at the suitcases. She went over to them and started to look through them. There was no identification there. She stood puzzled, where her purse could be.

Suddenly she heard a sound of a door opening.

She turned to see someone enter. Her mouth dropped open.

"Booth?" she inquired.

He smiled slightly as he looked her up and down.

She noticed him holding her bag and some brown bag, it smelled like breakfast.

"Where did you find my bag?" she inquired.

He cleared his throat.

"How about you get dressed and I will answer your questions while we eat. You left it in the car last night," he stated.

She nodded solemnly. She turned to grab some clothes. She went inside and got changed. She emerged to see Booth setting down two cups of coffee beside their breakfast. Temperance sat down beside him.

"So tell me what the last thing you remember is," he stated.

She took a deep breath.

"It's fuzzy but I do recall tumbling and feeling sore. I do feel much better this morning," she commented.

She stretched out her arms a bit. Now she realized she must have really taken a tumble as her back seemed stiff and her head hurt too. She looked down at her legs. She was wearing capris and there were a few light bruises covering her legs.

Booth looked at her solemnly as he took a sip from his cup.

"Do you remember us?" he inquired.

"Due to the toiletries and this wedding band, I have to the conclusion that we are involved in a very fulfilling relationship," she stated firmly.

He had to smile at her way of analyzing the evidence.

"So I am correct, we are..,"

"Yes Bones we are together," he stated.

She leaned against his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her. The other questions and answers she needed could wait. For now he just wanted to hold her like there was no tomorrow.