Part Eight

Temperance and Cate were taken to the local hospital. Cate was fine except for a minor concussion and a few bruises. She offered to wait with Booth about Temperance's condition. He refused and insisted she go home to rest. He would wait to see what her prognosis was.

The doctor who had examined Temperance a few days before when she had fallen from the cliff arrived and assured Booth that they were doing their best to take care of his wife. About an hour later he received word that she was stirring. He rushed over to the room with glee, He wondered if she what she would recall and if there would be any memory lapses this time.

Temperance felt as if she had been asleep for ages, yet she fought to open her eyes. She started to have flashes of the past few days along with the memories she had lost when Wells had led her to fall down the cliff. She opened her eyes to see the sun was shinning. Was it a new day or had she only been out for a few hours? She didn't know. Then a thought of dread came over her, where was Booth? She needed to ask him why they had left Andy with her father. What happened to his adoptive parents? She couldn't remember those details. However most of all she wanted to know that he and Cater were alright and that Wells was gone for good.

Suddenly she heard his footsteps, and she sighed with relief.

"Temperance how are you doing now?" he inquired as his hand caressed her forehead.

"I'm fine, but how Inspector Pritchard is, is Wells really gone?" she inquired.

Booth smiled.

"He's going to prison for life, don't you worry."

She smiled slightly wondering if she should press him for details for the other things she was wondering about. However she really wanted to go home now that the case was resolved.

"When can we go home? This didn't turn out to be a very romantic getaway but maybe we can try another time," she stated.

"Well our flight leaves tomorrow if you feel you are ready to travel. I know you don't want to stay here longer than you have to but …," he trailed off.

"I don't know why Booth but I have this sense that we should leave as soon as possible," she stated.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Last time we tried to leave here we ended up having another case," he mumbled.

"Now don't jink us. We'll leave tomorrow if that was planned," she stated with a playful smile.

"Bones you know what I want to know, so why don't you tell me already?"

She had to giggle at how he was wining.

"Yeah Booth I remember mostly everything and I love you!" she declared.

She sat up a bit and he leaned over and they shared a sweet kiss.

The next day at Heathrow Airport, Temperance began nagging Booth about the missing details from her memory.

"Booth, why is Andy staying with my father? What happened to his adoptive parents?" she inquired.

"Temperance we originally left for a break. His parents are going through a tough time so he was given to us until they can sort out their issues," Booth retorted.

They were bickering about something else or the other when they arrived at the check-in counter. The clerk at the desk was shocked at how two people could not notice anything in their surroundings. He cleared his throat.

"Are you two together?" he inquired.

They looked at each other and then at him sternly.

"Yes we are together," they chimed together.

They finally checked in and headed off to their gate.

The clerk's co-worker stopped to glance at their retreating figures.

"I bet they are American. Too bad we don't get that entertainment here," she quipped before heading off to assist other travelers.

The clerk glanced her retreating figure in puzzlement. Sometimes girls could be weird.

This is the end

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