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Emeralda Violeta

Chapter One: Memories and Plans

I was sitting outside the cabin I shared with my beautiful Nessie and her parents, just thinking. Nessie's mom is my best friend, Bella Cullen. Her father is Edward Cullen; they are both vampires, now.

Looking back on the days before Bella married her vampire husband, got pregnant with Nessie, and became a vampire herself, I still cant believe it. Bella's dad and mine were best friends so we hung out a lot. I was actually the first one to tell her that she was in love with a vampire but I didn't believe it was true yet. Bella and I got really close when that idiot vampire Edward left her, he claims for her own safety. I fell in love with her and tried everything to win her but she couldn't live without Edward. I was crushed because she had chosen my enemy over me. I, as a werewolf, hated Edward. At first. Now, I'm glad that Edward won because if he hadn't, Renesmee wouldn't exist

After Bella and Edward got married, Bella got pregnant. I was mad. I thought that Edward's demon spawn was going to kill Bella. I watched as the thing I hated nearly destroyed the body I loved. It nearly did but Edward turned his wife into a vampire. I couldn't watch as he took my best friend, the girl I loved, away from me. Couldn't watch as he worked over her corpse. I went downstairs to where the blond psychopath, also know as Rosalie, had taken the little monster. I was fully intent on killing the creature that had killed Bella, its own mother. Until I saw her. I felt the pull toward her but I thought it was my desire for revenge that pulled me to her. Blondie held up the bundle and I was staring into Bella's eyes again. Immediately, the strings that held me to earth disappeared and I was held there now by that baby girl. Nothing else mattered to me anymore. Not my pack or my family or even the dead girl I loved upstairs. She was the only thing in my world.

Upstairs, when Edward finally had the kid out, he murmured, 'Renesmee' and now the name filled my head. I had imprinted on my best friend's half human- half vampire daughter.

I had always loved Bella's warm, chocolate brown eyes. I was really happy that Nessie had them. Nessie really was the most beautiful creature on the planet. She inherited the best traits from her parents. She got Bella's eye color, skin tone, blush, and heartbeat. Bella's eyes are no longer brown. She has no color in her skin. Her heart no longer beats. She no longer cries. All of these changes were made during her transformation to a vamp. Like the rest of her vampire family, her eyes are now a yellow color. She can't blush or cry anymore either. I miss all those things Bella isn't or can't do anymore.

I can't miss them too much because Renesmee does them or has them. She turned red as a cherry the first time I stole a kiss from her lips when she was fifteen. Bella still isn't thrilled about Nessie having a soul mate from the minute she was born. But she says she would rather have it me than anyone else. I think it's more that she doesn't want to have me claim her baby. She feels like I have more of a claim on her daughter than she does sometimes, I think. She knows she can trust me with her because of my love for Nessie.

The features she got from Edward are profound. The hard skin, perfect facial features, and graceful way a vampire moves are all hers. She is as beautiful and perfect as a vampire. But without the sharp, too sweet stink. I've actually gotten used to the stink; its part of my everyday life. Nessie has Edward's exact hair color but her grandfather's texture.

Bella's dad, Charlie, had thick, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Bella and I are both glad that a piece of Charlie still lives through Nessie. Knowing about the supernatural did not sit well with Charlie. He lasted for ten years, though. The man was tough. About two months before Nessie's tenth birthday, he died of a heart attack. That was also the day Charlie came to see the family and me play baseball for the first time.

Vampire baseball is one hell of a thing to witness. We have to play during thunderstorms because of the crash vampires make as they collide into each other. Like a huge boulder smacking into bedrock. For this particular game, it was guys vs. girls with Carlisle and Esme as refs. Bella was up at bat and she hits hard. None of us were paying attention to Charlie as we watching Bella slam that suck way out. Edward and I sped out to catch the ball but he was faster.

When we got back to the clearing, Edward froze. His face twisted in pain and I knew something was wrong. At first, I thought he was concerned for Bella because she ran into Emmett and was knocked off her feet with an earsplitting crash. He only had to say one word for me to understand, "Charlie".

Everyone in the clearing rushed over as Carlisle started shouting orders. It was too late to do much of anything and Bella refused to turn her father into a vampire. Said it wasn't what he wanted. She was on the ground holding Charlie's upper body to hers. Nessie had hold of one of his hands and I had the other. We had a small funeral for Charlie.

I'm not allowed to think any of these things while Edward is around. He gets upset over what happened that day and then Bella and Nessie get upset. He tries not to read my mind but sometimes he slips. Right now, it's safe to let my mind wander. Edward, Bella, and Nessie are on a hunting trip. I usually go with them. It's too painful to be away from nessie for too long. But today, I have to have time for private thoughts.

Tomorrow is Nessie's twentieth birthday and I need time to plan. We'll be headed back to Forks and the big, white house Nessie was born in. no matter where we go or how far we are from the family, all ten of us meet there every year to celebrate Nessie's birthday. Sort of a family tradition.

Tomorrow I will ask Nessie to marry me in front of the eight remaining members of her family. Eight vampires. I've kept these thoughts a secret because I want it to be a surprise. I'm nervous enough without Edward freaking out on me. I love Nessie and now she is finally old enough for me to have.

Among other things, I inherited the engagement ring that has been in my family since Ephraim Black married his wife. He had it made out of silver and the diamond is shaped like a heart. The words 'for my love' are engraved into the band. It would look very pretty on Nessie's pale finger.

I'm sure Alice will insist on planning our wedding. I kind of like Alice so it probably wont be so bad. Bella and Edward's wedding was pretty nice. Even though I was only there at the reception for about twenty minutes. I wonder what Alice would do for us. My plan is coming together nicely.

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