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Emeralda Violeta

Chapter Thirteen: What's With All The Questions? I Never Wanted to Think About Most Of These. Thank You Very Much, Embry!

As we ran back to the Cullen Place with Nessie on my shoulders and Embry beside me, I got the low-down on Embry's life since I left the pack. His mom died two years ago but not before she wrote him a letter to tell him who his father was. Embry hadn't had the heart to read it. Guess it doesn't really matter so much since whoever's name is written in it is dead. He'd taken over running the Store and lived in his house by himself now. Embry was also one of the only wolves that haven't imprinted yet. I felt bad for the guy.

You can hang with us tonight if you want. We're still celebrating Nessie's birthday. It'll be fun. I thought to him.

Party with the vampires. Sure, it'll be a blast. He agreed, completely sincere.

When we got to Casa De Cullen, the downstairs lights blazed but no one was there but Bella and Edward. Where was everyone else? I knew that the safest place around Forks was the Cullen house, with it's steel shutters and reinforced security. They wouldn't leave if they were worried about an attack. So where did they go?

"The others are out getting ready to play another game." Edward said when we all finally came in. he probably already knew why Embry was with us.

"Nessie, why don't you take Embry upstairs and show him to a bathroom." I said casually, knowing Edward and Bella wanted to tell me something. She nodded and led Embry upstairs, his nose wrinkled in disgust at the vampire stench.

"So how did it go with Seth and Amanda?" I asked. Wondering how much her parents knew.

"Amanda invited us to a party tomorrow. I can't wait to see Angela. It's been too long since I saw her." Bella said reminiscently. Angela was the human friend Bella missed the most.

"Ben and Angela don't know we're vampires. But they know a bit about werewolves." Edward added for my benefit.

They'd have to if they're daughter is tied to one. "Are you going to tell them about yourselves." I asked, curious. Charlie hadn't taken it well but maybe these humans would. Doubt it though.

"Maybe, only if it's necessary though. I don't want to put them in danger. But they also have another daughter Amanda didn't mention until it was just us." Edward said, grabbing Bella's hand.

"Really? Huh, that's something." I said, wondering what the importance was.

"Ariana has never been around any of the wolves but Seth. She doesn't know much so it's important to be careful about what you say around her." Bella said with a conspiratorial grin I didn't understand.

"She'll have to get used to it if her sister is with a wolf. Especially if you plan on inviting them to the wedding." I said with a smile. Thinking about the happiest day of my life made me beam.

"Yes, we want to invite them to the wedding. They're practically family." Bella said with a loving smile.

I scratched my head, thinking. "Yeah, I guess they are. Nessie will be thrilled to have a big wedding."

"Speaking of that," Embry's voice came from the stairs behind me. He had a smile on his face. " I never congratulated you guys. I'm really happy for you both. Should be some event."

"Yeah. Been in the making for a while." I said as Nessie skipped to my side and I wrapped my arms around her. I'd been thinking about something awhile and now was a good a time as ever to talk about it. "Embry, I need to ask you something."

"What's up, Jake?" he asked, a good amount of curiosity in his tone.

"I want you to be my best man." I said still in a casual tone. Like we were discussing the weather or something.

"Really? But what about Quil?" he asked like I might be joking.

"Sure. I'm Quil's best man so it's only fair that you're mine. We want you in our wedding." I said and squeezed my fiancée who was smiling and nodding vigorously.

"Well, I dunno. I might be busy that day." Embry said, playing around. I recognized his tone from so many years of hearing it and played along.

"If you don't want to, I can always get someone else." I played back, rubbing my neck with my free hand. Maybe Seth or Jared. I know. Emmett would be thrilled to do it, huh Nessie."

"No way are you replacing me with a vampire. No offense. I'll take the job." Embry announced. I knew he would do that.

"Chill, dude. Just messing with you. You're like a brother to me and would never dream of replacing you." I said, laughing at his tweaked expression.

"I actually might be your brother. You never know." Embry said with a shrug.

"So when do you want to read that letter from your mom? Before or after the weddings? I asked, not wanting to pry too much.

"I guess as soon as possible." Embry shrugged again. "But I have a question for you."


"Remember how Leah thought she was a biological dead-end? I was just wondering about that with Nessie." He said uneasily. Edward growled quietly behind me.

"Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean?" I had the feeling I should be a little angry. I held Nessie to me tighter.

"I mean, can Nessie even have kids with you? What's the point of imprinting if you do it with someone who cant pass on the wolf gene?" Embry reasoned and I wanted to bite his head off for thinking about my Nessie like that.

"You think Nessie won't be able to have kids? Ugh, why would you even be thinking about that, Embry?" I said, disgusted. That is my fiancée he's thinking that about. What's wrong with him?

"Easy guys. She is half vampire. There's a chance she wont be able to. I just think you should be prepared if it turns out the vampire is in that part of he biology." Embry said logically, raising his hands defensively. I hadn't noticed until now that Nessie was making a very angry face and Bella and Edward were outraged. Until they heard Embry's explanation, that is.

"It is a possibility but I think it's unlikely that my daughter is infertile. Her mother wasn't and apparently neither am I." Edward almost joked. Then squeezed Bella, who giggled.

"It doesn't matter to me if we never have a single kid. So long as I have my Nessie, I'm happy." I said fervently.

"Aww, Jake. That's so sweet." Nessie said and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back, caressing her mouth.

"Does that count toward my total, honey?" I asked teasingly when we ended the kiss. I had promised her twenty kisses today.

"No. You still owe me eight kisses by the way." She answered playfully.

I took her perfect face in my hands and rubbed her smooth cheek with my thumb. My skin looked so dark against the creamy pink of hers. Those eyes she stared at me with were so very familiar to me since I'd stared at them before she was born, from two other faces. I'd stared into them when Bella had them and I thought I loved her. And in Charlie's when he was talking serious to me. Nessie was the face I loved them in best.

My lips pressed softly to hers. I was gentle as my lips caressed hers. They were so sweet, sweeter than any other; not that I had kissed any other girls. Then Nessie wound her fingers in my hair and pulled my face closer, like she couldn't get enough of me. I didn't mind.

What I minded was the fake retching coming from Embry. I pulled away and growled at him a little. Do you mind? Trying to kiss my fiancée here." I snapped at him.

"Not something I need to see dude. Seriously." Embry sounded extremely uncomfortable.

"I agree. Why don't we go find the others?" Edward suggested uneasily. I guess he didn't like seeing his daughter molded to me the way she was. Oh well.

Nessie grimaced, about to protest but I whispered in her ear, "later, honey." Then I said to the rest of them, "ok, let's go play some games."