Hey! I'm not dead! This is the first of many poems by one of my friends. I find them all to be in some way Gaara-related, but if you have another idea about one of them, feel free to tell me. No nasty comments, please, people, because I will be delivering all the comments to my friend. And no flames. Other than those little warnings, enjoy these wonderful poems.


Drip drops

Silent pain entering my body

And no way to regain the happiness that

Once was, a long time ago, lost and never found

So why do people leave you

And go to a place

That's better

Than where they were

Leaving the people

That loved them

And the people

They loved

So why were people so happy

Back then and now are not

It's because of the people

That were lost

And the tears that have fallen

Upon the warmth of your cheeks

That give people

A sudden sadness

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Gaara: -reading through other poems- Wow, I really like this last one of hers. It sounds so like me. Don't you think? I mean, it's so—

Me: Hey! No revealing, Gaara-kun! Just read them and give your feedback to me, not to the readers who haven't read the other ones yet. And now, Gaara and I say…

Both: Ja ne! (means "See you later" in Japanese)

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