Transformation: Project legend

By JonseyCat 79

A/N: Hello, it's me, JonseyCat, and you're reading Project legend, a transformation story. I would like to dedicate this project to Bored out of my head, who insisted so adamantly that I should try my hand in a legendary transformation. Bored out of my head, this story is for you. To other readers, please enjoy.

Note: This takes place in a separate continuity from the other Transformation stories, but it still uses the same virus.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Pokemon, Nintendo does. I also do not own the transformation universe established by TurtlesandMonkeys or its virus, they belong to her. MEE-YAA!

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As much as I love the growing attention this story is receiving, I'm afraid I have to ask for the growing number of OC requests to stop. This story has already grown large as it is and to add more and have them fit in would be immensely difficult to make run coherently. So please, if you have a legendary TF request, chances are it will appear in some form or another, and if it doesn't appear in the story, it may appear in future stories. Thank you.



Darkness… there was darkness like an immense sea… I could see nothing, not even my hand in front of my face…

I still saw nothing…then something appeared…two great shining blue eyes with a mask like appendage surrounding them, heading for me…I reached out for them…then…


"Daniel, wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

I opened my eyes and groaned. "…All right mom…" I mumbled. I got up and took my covers off.

"What a weird dream." I said to myself. I looked to the clock on my wall.

8:25. A.M

Oh crap! I instantly got up from my bed and ran to my messy closet. "I'm late!" I tossed aside clothes until I found my favorite white shirt. I barely slipped it over my head when I stumbled into my jeans and tripped. "..ow…" I muttered. I hate morning like this…


I ran past the kitchen, got my backpack, and grabbed my favorite navy blue cap and was almost out the door when I heard mom. "Don't forget your lunch!" I cursed mentally and went back and took the brown bag. Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Now have a nice day, and be careful out there, my big young man!" She said and I slumped a bit. "Ok-mom-see-ya!" And I ran out the door.


I was running up the sidewalk. Why did I have to sleep in today of all days! I hate school enough, but it's my first day as a freshman and I already hate it!

I saw the bus stop and looked at my wristwatch. 8:30, the bus should be here!

I waited by the stop sign all alone and waited for the bus that wasn't there. I probably missed it already! Or, maybe the bus's late and I'll be OK, but if I'm not…this rots.

I kicked a pebble. The school was too far for me to walk to from here, and by the time I get there, it'll be lunchtime. Great…I can make it to my afternoon classes, but my first period and other classes are gonna find me flaky…what a way to make a first impression…

I sighed. What do I care, I would rather be anywhere else but here, but I thought about my mom's smile. When dad left us, I was the only thing that kept her going, and for me to mess up my high school years would be devastating. I mean, come on, it's only school, but to mothers like her, everything is riding on this education.

I leaned against the sign and looked up at the sky. I saw a cloud that looked kind of like a winged beast, not just any beast, but the legendary Lugia. I always found that legendary appealing, and I always looked up information on possible sightings of it near the Whirl islands or even ridiculous reports of it being seen over Vermillion or even as far as Slateport. I always wondered what it would be like to meet one in person, if that's even possible. Those trainers, the ones who go in journey, probably want the same thing…

Well, once summer arrives, I think I'll finally ask mom if I can have a pokemon of my own to train. We already had a family Pidgeotto named fluff beak (Mom had it when she was a trainer before she met dad and she named the thing, I personally want to call him razor beak or swift or something better than the name he already had…), but I would like to have one to call my own.

The bus still hadn't shown up, so I might as well start walking. Mom's already at work, and I still don't know anyone to call for a ride…well, at least it's good for me…

I left the safety of the bus stop and began to walk to school.


I'm tired, my feet ache, it's freaking hot, what a day this is turning out to be…

I complained internally while the merciless sun beat down upon me. I thought more about Lugia, and other legendary pokemon in general. Legendaries are pokemon who are special in their own way and are, in a way, the guardians or even creators of our world. Lugia was my favorite, because there are people who even say they saw one. They have those awesome Silver wing trinkets that they say is a feather of Lugia. I would treasure it if I came across such an item. But for right now, I have to get my butt to whatever class I can.

I sighed and looked to the sky again. What a year this is going to be…

I had this weird felling, like I was being watched or something. I looked around. There was no one but me out here. So why do I feel so weird?

I was thinking about walking faster when I felt something knock me down and ensnare me. "What the-?" I cried out. It was a net of some type. Boy, they must really have a tough policy on tardy control.

"Hey, what's going on?!" I struggled in the net. It suddenly shocked me. I was reeling. I cried out. I started to grow light headed, but before I completely passed out, I saw some shapes moving toward me.


what happened…

I remembered the net and those shapes, but everything was all fuzzy. I began to stir and tried to move my arm. I couldn't. What's going on?

I opened my eyes and saw a harsh light. I winced at first, then opened them slowly. I was staring at a large blank concrete room. I turned my sore neck and saw that my arm was bounded by some metallic bindings on a metal table. I quickly turned to my other arm and saw another binding. I tried to move my legs, but they too were bounded. I realized I was on a large metallic table. I began to grow scared.

"H-hey, what's going on here?" I asked into the empty air.

I began to sweat. What is going on here? Was it because I was late to school? Was it something I did? I began to struggle some more.

"Hey, let me out! I'm just a kid!"

"That's precisely why we chose you as a target." A cold voice said from some unknown location. I gulped and nervously looked around. I saw an intercom on the wall.

"What?" I asked. There was a chuckling sound.

"Do not worry, little brat. You'll only be in pain for a little while…if you're lucky."

If I'm lucky? What does he mean? I began to struggle some more. "Hey! Let me out of here!" I pulled and struggled.

The voice chuckled evilly again. "You should be honored. If all goes as planned, you will help us escalate to a level never known before, even beyond that of Team Rocket."

My eyes widened. Beyond Team Rocket? Team rocket was bad enough, but these creeps want me to help them outdo Team Rocket? I shook against my restraints.

"No way! I would never help you!"

The voice chuckled again. "You don't have any choice in the matter. It's almost time. Let us begin."

The intercom clicked off, and I just stared angrily at it. Those creeps, expecting me to help them in who knows what. Like I would help them. I wondered what they were planning to do.

My train of thought was interrupted when I heard a sliding noise and I saw a portion of the wall open up into a door entry. A person with a scientist coat and glasses walked up to me with a dull blank face. He carried a suitcase in his hand. He walked up to me and bent down to open the case. He pulled out a silvery substance in a vial. I stared at the silver liquid. What's that for?

He pulled out a syringe and began to extract some of the silvery liquid into it. He took the syringe and brought it to my arm.

"Hey! HEY!" I cried out at him, but he ignored me. He stuck the syringe into my arm I cried out. That hurts! I winced and opened one eye to see him push the silvery substance into me. I could feel it travel through my bloodstream. He finished injecting and took the syringe out, put it into the suitcase, and walk away.

"Hey, what was that stuff?!" I cried out at him. He just ignored me and disappeared when the wall closed again.

I looked to the hole in my arm, thinking about the stuff they injected me with. Suddenly, my skin began to chill, and I began to feel cold all over. What the-?

I suddenly felt a sharp wave of pain and began to scream. Ahhgg! The pain!

I released a loud scream as every inch of my body felt like it was on fire. The bindings on my arms and legs slid away and I fell off the table and onto the hard floor. I ignored the pain from the fall, feeling the fire in my body more. I looked to my watch.


What did-what did they do to me?! What's happening?!

I continued to scream.

I suddenly began to feel very weird when my skin felt all tingly, but that didn't make the pain go away. I opened my eyes and looked at my arms. My arm began to turn all white and looked a little rubbery. I watched as the wave of white began to spread up my arms. I lifted my shirt and began to see the wave spread everywhere except my chest and stomach. Those areas began to turn navy blue. What's happening to me? Another wave of pain began to hit me and I screamed again.

My arms began to feel very heavy and I fell to the side, holding my shuddering arm. It suddenly began to grow longer and longer, my fingers becoming flatter and thicker, making my growing arm look kind of like…a wing? I felt another wave as my other arm began to do the same. Soon, I had two broad wings sticking from my side. I was on my knees, screaming in pain.


"He's already grown the wings. Hmm, looks like the formula is working."

The scientist monitored the changing boy from behind a mirrored glass, taking notes. The head scientist looked nervously to a man in a dark purple suit sitting down with a fierce glare in his eyes. He smiled, observing the boy.



I felt another wave pain and suddenly heard a loud ripping noise and turned around to see something growing from my butt and through my pants. It grew longer and longer until it was a tail, two blue spikes grew from the tip of it. I watched it twitch and realized it was my tail. My legs cracked and I fell to the side again. My already tattered pants began to tear some more as my legs began to grow bigger. They shrunk a bit, then my shoes began to fluctuate and tear as my feet began to change. I saw my socks rip and watched as my white toes began to merge until I had only three toes. My body began to swell up until I had a round body, tearing my shirt. My legs moved a bit to the side of my new body. I realized what I was becoming. My god, I'm turning into a Lugia! I felt a prickling sensation on my back and knew I was growing the six spikes it had on its back. I gritted my teeth as I felt my neck growing longer and longer. My brown hair began to fall of in clumps as my head began to change. My ears shrunk back into my head, but I could still hear my screams. The back of my head felt weird as it began to grow pointed while my teeth sank back into my gums and four new sharp teeth began to grow. My nose and my mouth blended together until I had the snout a Lugia had. I felt the last change as two blue mask like bones began to grow near my eyes until they reached their full length and it was finished.

I was a Lugia.

I began to swoon and felt very dizzy before my world went black…


The scientists watched as the mighty pokemon that was once a boy fell to the ground, unconscious. The walls opened up and some scientist rushed to the passed out Lugia, checking if it was still alive. The man with the glare in is eyes still sat and looked to the head scientist. "Well, Dr. Scottsdale, is it still alive?" Scottsdale looked out at the window where one scientist gave him a sign. He nodded.

"What about its mental state?" he asked.

Scottsdale cleared his throat. "Well, Master Kagai, this is the first time we had ever attempted this. If its like all the other subjects who we tested the virus on, the virus should have caused him to lose his mind like everyone did with the regular virus."

The man did not look impressed.

Scottsdale continued. "If it's like the duds those two operatives from Rocket kept receiving when they used the virus, it will still allow us to bend it to our will. It's only a child."

Master Kagai got up. "I hope you are right, for your sake. I will not tolerate failure." He said coldly. Scottsdale nodded. "Yes sir."

Kagai began to head out the door, his personal guard following. "I want a full status report when it awakens. Give me an update on its mental status. I want to know if we can control it." Scottsdale cleared his throat again. "Understood. Oh, about our agreement?"

Kagai sighed. "The necessary components for your next test subject will be delivered…"

He turned and glared at the passed out Lugia, which several men were loading into a container that led to a separate room. "…if you can prove to me you can control this one."

Scottsdale stared for awhile, but soon he gave in to Kagai's sharp cold purple eyes. He nodded.

"Yes sir."

Kagai went out the door and Scottsdale looked at the monitor showing the room where the Lugia was being loaded into.

"Project legend…has begun." He said to himself.


Well, that's the end of this chap! Originally, I used Team Rocket in this story in a way very similar to the way TurtlesandMonkeys used them in her original Transformation story, but a certain someone told me that Rocket was too overused. XO! Now that I think about it, he's kinda right, so this is a new team headed by a mysterious leader, personified by Kagai. So I had to go back and change all my Team rocket references, but hey, that probably gives me more freedom to work with this new team. XD. I also thought back to my favorite author, Shadowlugia249, for the transformation sequence, only with a viral twist. This is also my first story that uses a (mostly) first-person narrative. (I hope you can all relate to those type of days that Daniel had, minus the getting kidnapped and getting transformed part. XD) Daniel's name is a bit of a nod to Bored out of my head's story, who this story is for. Well, it's begun, please review! JonseyCat, out! MEE-YAA!