Transformation: Project Legend

Chapter 38-The silver fox

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Alice turned her chair toward the long narrow marble black table in the dark room, the only light source coming from the bottom of each member's chair, giving them glaring shadows. At the very end of table, a man in a dark purple suit and piercing eyes sat, his hands crossed before his face as he watched the table. Along the sides of the long table, five other people sat, each with stoic expressions. Alice knew many of them, allies and enemies at once.

"As you can see, Alexander has dropped the ball quite considerably this time around. This is almost an inexcusable error." She said with a smile. "Seven of the eleven legendaries have escaped, the facility left in shambles, and many leaks in security that have made all this possible."

All the board members turned their eyes to Kagai. He nodded as if allowing her to continue.

"With dear Alexander in critical condition, and the island facility waiting for its occupants, I propose that leadership of the project shall be transferred to more worthy hands." Alice narrowed her eyes and curled into a smile.

"Hmph, and I suppose those hands belong to you?" Said a man, his slick brown hair turning as he averted his gaze from her as if she wasn't worth looking at.

"Why yes, my dear Mason." She cooed. Mason snorted. "If a lowly scientist like Scottsdale couldn't keep them in check, what makes you think you can?" He smirked. "Face it, project legend is finished."

Alice flared her eyes as she rose to speak but Kagai lifted a hand and she stayed put. "Mason, update us on our move into the Sinnoh region." Kagai said in a coolly.

Mason cleared his throat. "Well Sir, unlike some people, we've set our sights on acquiring real legendaries and the Sinnoh region is ripe for the picking." He smirked. "Why, team Galactic proved its possible to summon these beasts but were too short sighted. Such a mistake will not be repeated by my team."

Alice giggled. "If someone as lowly as Team Galactic couldn't control these beasts, what makes you think you can?" She turned toward the master.

"If I may, master, when I assume control of the project I will not only speed up what Alexander allowed to slow down but I will make the move into faster acquisitions and research. Also the escapees won't be free for long. Even as we speak I have in motion designs to bring them back into our grasp." She clenched her slender hand to denote her statement.

Mason shook his head. "If you're even thinking of cutting into Sinnoh, forget it. I already lay claim to all operations within that region."

Alice made a chiding sound like a mother explaining to her child that he doesn't know better. "Don't let you're rise in the ranks of Dark Gale get to your youthful head. The others on this board know very well to say the right things around me."

Mason crossed his arms. "Well I'm not afraid of a petite little witch like you."

There was silence. Then Alice giggled. "Ok very well then, I leave Sinnoh to you, sweet Mason." Her eyes took on a predatory gaze that gave even Mason a shudder.

Kagai closed his eyes. "Very well Valentine, I give the project to you. You are free to use whatever efficient methods you please, but don't fail me as Scottsdale has."

She bowed her head. "Thank you, master."

"And what is to become of Alexander?" She asked. Kagai closed his eyes. "His failure will be dealt with later. Focus on recapturing the legends. You do that and I'll see your proposal about the Sinnoh region." Mason shot a glare at Alice that the master didn't catch.

Alice smiled and bowed again. "Thank you, master."

"Meeting adjourned." Kagai said and his image flickered and dissipated, revealing the projector. The rest of the room shimmered and Alice was sitting alone in a black room that suddenly illuminated, the other members' images disappearing. Alice smirked to herself. This turned out exactly as she planned. She knew the master would grant her control of the project despite what the other heads said. But with her reputation, then knew better than to deny her that right. And about Mason…

She smiled and moved to her chessboard near by and moved a piece to knock the other one.

"Queen to Rook, Queen takes Rook."


Samantha and Felicity walked through the misty forest with the sun's light peeking through the branches. Archie soared above them under the canopy of trees, the Pidgeot resting on a branch when he was ahead of them, as if keeping a sign out for danger. It made Samantha happy to see the Pidgeot so healthy when a few nights ago she worried for his life. That made her think of Drake and she picked up the pace. Surely when this is all over and she was reunited with her family, she'd still come by and visit Drake.

Felicity noticed the little girl's dreamy face and chuckled, remembering when she was so carefree once upon a time.

"Felicity?" Samantha asked, snapping Felicity out of memory lane. "What is it Samantha?" She asked

"Do you think we have time for you to teach me how to use those spirit tags?" The little girl asked. Felicity looked to the sky. "Sure, there's really nothing to it." She leaned in to meet Samantha face to face. "You just got to believe." She added with a wink. Samantha's eyes widened. "Really?"

Felicity then looked sideways. "Well there are a few basic incantations to start the process but basically it's a way of building up your strength in the spell. She reached into her pocket and pulled out one. "Then you believe with all your might, then you smear this and make this shape." She then traced the symbol out with her thumb. "But you have to do it just right or the charm won't work." Samantha took on a worried expression. "I thought you said there's nothing to it."

Felicity chuckled. "Within time that will be true. Here." She took out a small pot of colored paint and a blank seal. She put her thumb in the pot and traced a red line into the symbol very slowly so Samantha could see the strokes. She gave a smaller pot of blue paint to her and the seal with enough space for her to paint under it. "You'll get it with practice." Samantha took the items and smiled a wide-eyed smile. "Ok, I'll practice at the next break."

Felicity nodded. "Atta girl."


Near Cerise, Officer Jenny was lying in her sidecar of her motorcycle, her hands behind her head and her legs crossed, snoring lightly, when she received a call on her radio. She jumped up, swatting away imaginary assailants when she shook her head and came too. "Officer Jenny of the CPD here." She said professionally.

"Oh officer I need your help!" Came a worried woman's voice, almost hysterical. "Now calm down miss and state your emergency."

"My daughter, my precious daughter, she's gone missing! I've searched everywhere but I can't find her!" The woman cried. Jenny's eyes widened. A missing child?

"Now what is the name of your child?"

"My poor Samantha, she's probably scared and all alone!"

Jenny's eyes widened. Samantha was the name of the girl who was with Felicity.

"Now calm down Ms, I think I may know the whereabouts of the girl. Now who's calling for her?"

There was no answer. Jenny clicked the radio again. "Hello? Ma'am? Ma'am are you there?"

There was still no response. Then it hit Jenny and she cursed herself for the rookie mistake she made. The call was on her radio, not her phone, and she should have asked the identity of the person first before revealing any information. The chill in her gut turned ice cold.


"We've triangulated the position and have troops on stand by." A dark gale technician reported. Alice smiled and put the radio aside. "Such a foolish girl, thinking she has any authority. I guess my charms were enough to slide under her radar." She leaned backing her seat and put her hand thoughtfully to her face. "Now go and send our dear officer a visit so that we can welcome her friends when they arrive."

"Yes, M'lady." The technician nodded and gave orders.

Alice looked to the folder with Samantha's information.

Now it's only a matter of time before the child is ours…


Felicity and Samantha sat down for a break near a meadow by the edge of the forest. More sun appeared and the fog was barely touching allowing for an almost enchanted view of the meadow by a small stream.

Samantha took a bite out of the dried fruit felicity had packed. "Wow, this is actually sweeter than I thought it would be." Samantha said in amazement.

Felicity nodded. "Yup, Bri taught me how to prepare them after an ancient tradition her ancestors used. They traveled a lot by the sounds of things." Felicity said, taking a bite from her dried pear slices. She heard a rustle in the bushes and smiled, tossing a slice not to far from her in the bush's general direction. She leaned into Samantha. "Watch this." She said with an expectant but cool smile.

Samantha looked and saw the bushes rustle and suddenly a Furret slinked out of the cover of the bush. It stood attentively as if sniffing about then it saw the pear and picked it up and nibbled on it. When it looked up and saw Felicity, there was no mistaking the look of joy and recognition in its face. "Furr!" It purred then slinked eagerly toward Felicity and climbed up her lap and nuzzled her. Felicity giggled at the tickle of the furret's fur and began to stroke the little pokemon. "Hi scout, nice to see you again girl." She looked to Samantha. "Say hello to my friend Samantha. Samantha? This is Scout."

Scout nodded and chirped. "Furret." Samantha giggled. "Its so cute!" She began to stroke her fur and the furret purred. She then instantly crawled up Samantha's arm and wrapped around her shoulders. Samantha tired not to laugh from the tickling she got and released a giggle. "She tickles."

Felicity held her elbow out. "Come here Scout." Scout nodded and jumped on Felicity's arm and scurried around her shoulders. Samantha looked at the furret. "So is she yours?" She asked.

Felicity fed Scout a dried apple slice from her snack pack. "Naw, she just visits me when I come here but we've come to be pretty good friends. Right Scout?"

Scout nodded. "Furret." Samantha petted Scout in between the ears. She nuzzled against Samantha's hand. "My she really likes you." Felicity said.

Samantha giggled. "I like her too."

After awhile the Furret left and the girls decided to move again.

"You're pretty good around Pokemon." Samantha told Felicity as they walked. Felicity shrugged. "I just always felt better around them for some reason. Helps me help take care of them when I assist Bri back at the center."

Samantha looked down. "You don't have that much friends do you?"

Felicity shook her head. "Found no need for them yet, and besides I was always alone to begin with. Had a brother and a family but that didn't make much difference after my mom d…." She stopped and looked to the side. "I find it hard to place my trust in other people."

She looked to Samantha with a smile. "But you sure got mine." Samantha cocked her head to the side.

"You, Briana and Jenny are probably some of the few people I will trust in the whole planet."

They cleared the forest and could see Cerise town in the distance. Felicity took a breath. "Well let's find Jenny so we could get a ride to Opal city." Samantha nodded and looked above, seeing Archie soar ahead.

Archie noticed something and began to fly back, flapping frantically. Samantha looked up. "Archie?" The Pidgeot seemed to gesture to follow him. Felicity looked up. "You spot something Archie?

Samantha grew worried. "We better follow him." Felicity nodded, feeling the rotten feeling in her gut. As they moved to follow the bird a Helicopter was flying overhead.

The girls soon saw Jenny's hat on the floor. Felicity picked it up and looked around frantically. "Jenny?" You around here?"

Samantha pointed ahead. "Look!"

Jenny was tied to a tree trunk, her mouth covered with her bandana. Her head hung limply. Felicity's fist trembled. "Jenny!" she called out.

Jenny stirred and looked up. "Stay here." Felicity said before running up. Jenny saw Felicity running and began to shake her head.

Samantha could see she was trying to warn her and then she saw something that confirmed that. "Felicity, watch out!"

A shot was fired and a snare wrapped around Felicity and wrapped up her arms and legs and made her trip. She looked back. "Run!"

Samantha watched frozen when another shot fired. She rolled out of the way.

Jenny managed to get her mouth free. "Samantha! It's a trap, get away from here!"

"No!" Samantha said with determination. "To many people have risked everything to save me, well now it's my turn to return the favor!"

The little girl's eyes burned with determination. "I'm gonna stay and help!"

She saw Archie in the sky. "Archie! Try and blow those hidden attackers out!"

The Pidgeot nodded and began to flap his wings at the bushes. Samantha ran up to Felicity and tried to help her up but she struggled. "Hey!" jenny called. Samantha looked to Jenny while Archie swooped in and out of the bushes.

"I got a pocket knife in my boot but I can't reach it!" Samantha rushed over to her and searched near the boots. She managed to find the handle.

"Ok now go cut Felicity loose." Jenny said.

"No need, I got my own help." Felicity said with a smile. Samantha turned and saw Scout had appeared and was gnawing at Felicity's bindings. "Hand me my knife then." Jenny said and Samantha nodded and gave it to Jenny's hand behind the tree. After a moment she was free. Felicity also broke free. "Great now let's git!" Jenny said as she grabbed Samantha's arm and helped Felicity up. "Archie come on!" Samantha yelled back at the bird. Archie began to soar high just as gunshots sounded. They were done playing around. Samantha could see Archie was not his but she wasn't taking any chances. "Archie fly high!" the Pidgeot nodded and flew out of range. Scout scampered to safety as well in the forest.

The shots were then whizzing by. Jenny cursed. "If I had my gun I'd return fire but they took it from me when they jumped me!"

"Whoa re they?" Felicity asked.

"I dunno! They caught me after I got a call from someone claiming to be Samantha's mommy and then you show up but let's just get to my bike and talk later!"

They began to run faster and could see it around the corner. "I see it!" Samantha breathed hard form the running. Should she dare look back?

She looked and couldn't see anyone following and the shots stopped. She looked ahead and smelled something funny in the bushes when a large man in a black trench coat and gasmask appeared, the eyes glowing orange at her.

"Samantha!" She heard both Jenny and Felicity call out. The giant man then loomed over Samantha and reached for her. He grabbed her by the shirt and lifted her high.

Samantha kicked and screamed, feeling more scared than she did in her whole life. Felicity growled and began to punch him but it was like a mosquito pecking a boulder.

"Put! Her! Down! You! Flunky! Piece! Of! Sh-" The giant just swatted her aside in a swipe that knocked her hard on her back. He leered at her and raised his boot as if to stomp her like a bug.

Jenny then leaped on his back and swatted at his mask with her nightstick, the force vibrating in her arms as it snapped in two. The impact made him finally drop Samantha and she continued to pound him with her shattered stick. She tossed her keys at Felicity. "Go! Now!" She said.

Samantha watched with worry as Felicity lifted her toward the bike. "What about Jenny?" she called. Felicity regrettably looked back as Jenny was swatting the giant and he grabbed her by the arm and tossed her hard, her shoulder clearly dislocating. Her back hit a tree and she slumped down. She spit out a tooth and some blood. "That the best you can do ya pansy…" She looked to Felicity and smiled as the giant raised his fist together, as if to bring them down with great force.

Felicity kicked the bike in reverse and the sidecar tripped the giant. She got up and picked up Jenny and put alongside Samantha. "Come on Jenny, you're tougher than that." Felicity said as she helped her sit down. Then she hit the accelerator and the bike took off. The giant only watched like a statue and pointed as other grunts in motorcycles appeared.

Felicity gunned it as fast as she could while she could hear them buzzing behind. They had no weapons so they could only hope to outrun them. No doubt the grunts were armed. A gunshot confirmed her suspicions as the rear view mirror went out. She turned a hard right and went down the mountain road. There were many curves down this path. That could help.

"Hang on!" She said over the roar of the engine. She began to turn at each curve, making it hard for a straight line of fire. One rode up behind her and held his gun at the side when Felicity slammed hard into him and made his bike scrape against the mountainside. He fell behind as he rolled off and his bike crashed. The others swerved to avoid it. She could count 2 left.

The engines reverberated as they slid past the express tunnel. This was a straight path. Felicity could hear the shots resume and ducked as she heard a bullet whiz by. She began to weave from side to side. Jenny flinched form her wounds shaking. "You're pretty good on a bike." She managed.

Felicity smiled but was reminded of their situation when she saw the tunnel end and then she saw a trail path and turned down there. If she could lose them here they can make it to Opal city without them tailing. She could hear their tires screech as they turned to follow her.

Jenny saw a sign. "This road is closed for repair!" She said. Felicity saw it too and cursed. They stopped at the big orange roadblock. The bike was not big enough to ram. They were cornered. The grunts stopped their bikes and shone their lights at them.

"Target cornered. Preparing termination." One said in a calm voice as if he was reading a shopping list. He and his partner cocked their weapons. "Sorry guys, nothing personal."

Felicity stared them with steely eyes. No way could it end here. She held Samantha close and covered her with her body.

A shot fired out and one guy screamed as he clutched his arm and another shot fired, his partner dodging out of the way. A stream of flame was in his path and his arm caught on fire. He cried out and was rolling to douse the flames. A Flareon leapt out of the bushes and chomped on his hand with the gun, knowing at it as he was forced to let go. His partner got up and aimed at the angry Flareon when an Umbreon leapt at him and bit his already injured arm. He screamed even more.

The girls stared with surprise and shock, as the Pokemon appeared to be saving them. A shadow stepped out from behind the lights, his silhouette billowing with a trench coat, but this wasn't the giant from before. He was smaller and his hair was spiky but the light glare prevented them from seeing his face. The man took out the shiny black barrel of a gun and aimed at the one rolling and fired. He cried out as it hit his shoulder. The Flareon backed off as he aimed it, this time aiming for the chest. "No, please don't! The grunt pleaded.

"This is a message for Valentine." He said in a monotonous cold voice as he brought the hammer down.

"Stop!" Felicity called out. The figure turned his head toward her. She could see a young man's face but his cold face showed no emotion. "Sure they were after us but there's no need to kill them! Not in front of this little girl!" She said, hugging Samantha tight. The man seemed to regard them, then after a moment then put his gun aside. "Umbreon, night shade." He commanded. The Umbreon fired first at the man pined down by its attack and knocked him out, then aimed at the one who was shot. They both went out unconscious, twitching.

The young man then began to walk off, his Pokemon following when Felicity called out. "Hey wait just a damn minute!" He stopped.

"Who are you? You obviously know these clowns and who sent them. You made that perfectly clear when you were going to smear them all over the place."

He didn't turn. "They are from Dark Gale, and work for a woman named Valentine. I smell the stink of her guards near them."

He continued to walk off when Samantha spoke up. "Will you help us?" he stopped again. "Jenny is hurt and needs help bad." Samantha pleaded.

He finally turned. "There is a first aid kit at my camp. Come with me."

He looked up. "There will be more. We must hurry up."

Felicity leered at him. Even though she didn't trust him she knew he was right, and Jenny needed help bad.

"What's your name?" Samantha asked.

He turned as his face reflected the moonlight.

"Call me Max."


And that's the end of that! Finally I introduce this character I've been meaning to do so for a while. Max was created by Maxsilverfox, who also created Alice. Max is a very close friend of mine and has asked for the inclusion of one of his chars in my fic and with Alice in here I thought it be appropriate that his oc max follows as well.

As you can see, he's sort of an anti-hero, who has his own motives for his vendetta against dark gale, and will go to nearly any means to achieve them. As you can see Felicity doesn't trust him, but then again she said she finds it hard to trust anyone.

I toyed with the idea of Jenny's last stand being a sacrifice but in the end decided against that as I liked her too much. The chase wasn't in the original plan but I'm glad it came out the way it did.

Who is this max and what are his motives for helping them?

We'll see in future chapters.

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