WARNING FOR GRAPHIC KINKY SMUT They belong to JE, but she can't give me these kinds of fantasies unfortunately.

Dangerous Desires

By Jinnu357

Halloween in the burg was a big deal. This year they were throwing a huge bash at the liberty ballroom and I had begged Ranger to go with me. After much persuasion on my part, he reluctantly agreed. But of course, in typical Ranger fashion, he had bartered. The deal was that he got to choose the costumes and I wasn't allowed to see them until the day of the party.

I was on my way up to the 7th floor to see what was in store for me. I used my remote to enter the apartment and took in the calm and cool atmosphere. Ranger wasn't due home for another hour so I made my way to the bedroom. The garment bag hung on the bathroom door and my name was on the front in Ranger's neat handwriting. I immediately pulled the zipper down and gazed at the outfit. I smiled to myself; this was going to be fun.

An hour later I heard the front door click shut and strolled out of the bedroom. My breath caught in my throat as I took in Ranger's outfit for the night. His hair was loose around his shoulders just brushing the collar of the leather jacket he wore. Beneath his coat was a black dress shirt tucked into the most amazing pair of leather pants I'd ever seen. They hugged every inch of muscle on his body and rode low on his hips. He gave me a 200 watt smile and that's when I saw them. Two perfectly shaped fangs. The thrill that ran through my body took me by surprise. I wanted to touch them with my tongue, and see if they were sharp against my skin.

I walked up to him and slid my hands around his neck, pulling him down to me. He smelled delicious. Like Bulgari, leather and sex. I captured his lips and forced my tongue into his mouth, running it gently over the sharp points. He pulled me against his body and groaned into my mouth before backing up to take in the outfit he had selected for me.

The dress hugged every curve of my body and hit just above the knee. The black satin dipped low between my breasts and left my neck and shoulders exposed. The note he'd left with the outfit had instructed me to wear my curls up. They were up in a messy twist, fastened with a diamond encrusted barrette. His eyes roamed my body, making every inch of exposed skin break out in goose bumps. His eyes lingered on my legs; the black FMP's were peep toe and at least five inches tall.  They accentuated my long legs and made me look even taller than my already 5 feet 10 inches. When I felt his breath on the back of my neck I jumped, not even realizing he had moved in behind me.

"The real thing is even better than I had dreamt." He whispered. He wrapped his arms around me, letting his fingers wander over the smooth satin. He brought his lips to my neck and fear raced through my body, desire close on its heels as I could feel the wetness grow between my legs. My body tensed when I felt the first brush of his fangs on my neck and a moan tumbled from my lips, leaving me panting in his arms. Did I really want him to bite me?

I pressed myself back against him, feeling the heat and the hardness of his body. His hand slid up my thigh and brushed against my bare center. Nothing was between the smooth satin of the dress and my skin.   

"God Babe, you're so wet for me. I just want to bury myself inside of you."

The low hum of desire I had felt was replaced by a ferocious need. "Please Ranger." I begged. "Please, I want you inside me."

He slid the dress up around my waist and released his cock from its leather confines. The consent went unspoken as I pressed myself against him. I could feel him hot and hard against me and all I could think about was feeling him inside me, filling me. He started a slow rhythm, rocking his hips against mine. But it wasn't long before I was meeting him thrust for thrust. His hand was wrapped around my throat, pressing my body tightly against his.

I felt the sting of his teeth as they sunk into my skin and I cried out. The pain mingled with pleasure, making my knees weak. I felt him suck on my neck and without warning pleasure tore through my body. The orgasm that racked my body was relentless. I felt his cock pulsing as he cried out with his release. His tongue laved the mark he had left making my body tingle as I collapsed against him. He helped me adjust my dress and rearranged his own clothing before leading me to the bathroom to clean up.

We stepped in front of the mirror and I could clearly see the two angry marks left by his teeth, red and swollen. I met his eyes in the mirror. He had a smirk on his lips, the tips of the fangs showing.

"Mine." He growled.

Everyone we saw that night would know exactly who I belonged to, and rather than being angry, I was satisfied by that.

Ranger was mine.

The End!  Or is it?