Despite the Dangers:

The fact he was attracted to her at all should have told him something, but among all the danger and the running, he hadn't really had time to contemplate his feelings. His few crushes had been nothing like her. Ella and that chick-he-couldn't-remember-the-name-of from back when they were living with Anne were nothing like her, not really. But somehow he'd never drawn the connection.

Of course, he hadn't let himself think about it. Max was Fang's girl. End of story.

But he couldn't stop himself from caring about her. So he just forced himself not to think about it. But sometimes, when he was alone (which was fairly rare, considering their life style) or when he was just trying to get to sleep, his thoughts would drift. There was just something about her. Something he couldn't escape. He would kill to make her happy. But so would Fang. And Max loved Fang, not him.

He'd never told anyone, but he could feel it when she smiled. It didn't work on anyone else, just her. The air would light up with electricity, sparking with energy. Iggy would ever admit it, but he loved it when Max smiled.

Once they had finally settled down at Dr. M's house, things settled down too. But Max and Fang never actually got together and Iggy waited quietly in the background, dreading the inevitable.

She began to get closer to Iggy too, without either of them realizing it.

He could smell her and when the breeze hit her just right Iggy almost forgot how to flap. He really couldn't let this get to him, but he was close to giving up anyhow.

When she smiled, it really didn't help his resolve.

He avoided the L word because while he knew he lusted after her, he really didn't want to think it was more than that.

But inside, Iggy knew it had grown to be something more, a lot more.

Then he made a decision and everything changed.

The fact that he was attracted to her didn't tell him anything, he was attracted to a lot of girls. But among the dangers and running for their lives, the fact that she was kissing him back told him everything he needed to know.