Kyoya and Haruhi were going over expenses for the day. As usual they were sitting at a table, him on a laptop, her writing notes. Ever since her junior year the two of them had taken to working out the expenses together. The members of the Host Club had learned that if they wanted entertainment they stayed longer to watch the two of them go over money.

Kyoya tried to charge her for anything and everything and Haruhi made sure that she kept track of what went on so she didn't have to pay for anything.

Kyoya typed away, "The chair."

"That was one of the twins.

"The door handle."


Kyoya tried to stare her down. Haruhi went to write something in her notebook, but paused, "I'm not paying for the door knob."

Kyoya sighed and went back to his computer screen, "Tamaki's bear needs cleaning."

"Honey was having a tea party."

"So Honey handles it?"

"No Tamaki does. He attended the party right along with his bear."

"Another vase."

Everyone silent at the mention of a vase.

"That was Hikaru. He was the one who slid under the table to begin with."

"The wall needs paint again."

Haruhi stopped what she was doing to stare at Kyoya in amusement, "That was you."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Kyoya's face while he uttered the lie.

"You very well know what I'm talking about. You were the one who punched the wall when you found your older brother here."

"Funny, I don't remember that."

Kaoru turned to his brother and went to his ear, "What he might also have conveniently forgotten was how his older brother was hitting on Haruhi," he whispered.

Hikaru turned to his brother, "Was that before or after he gave her his number," he whispered.

The two of them whispered and Kyoya turned to the two of them and gave them a look. It was all it took for the two of them to sit back and shut up. It didn't wipe the smirks off. If Kyoya could hear them whispering across the room then he could see them smirk. They were on to him and they wanted Kyoya to know it.

Kyoya went back to the issues at hand. "The floor needs to be cleaned."

Haruhi didn't have to check her sheet to see how that had happened. "I will not be held responsible for something that a monkey did."

Kyoya lifted the glasses up, "We don't have a monkey."

"Were do the banana peels come from then?"

"Such nonsense, but none the less I don't think that it was your fault."

Haruhi turned to Kyoya to glare at him, "How kind of you."

"You're total come to…"

"Nothing." She finished for him.

Haruhi closed her notebook and went off to change out of the dress that she couldn't stand. Since everyone had found out that she was a girl and she had taken to wearing the female uniform she had also taken to getting out of it as soon as school was over because she hated it so much. The Host Club watched her every move. Including, Kyoya although you wouldn't know it from looking at him.

Honey climbed over a couch so he could join the rest of the Host Club, "They sure have a strange way of showing they like each other."

Tamaki grinned, "It's there form of flirting."

Hikaru smirked, "You should see them argue over themes."

Kaoru sighed, "I guess today's episode of The Days of Their Lives is over today."

Tamaki smiled in a gentle way, "There's always tomorrow."