Do You Love Me?

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"I-I-I-" she stuttered.

Could she possibly lo-? I stopped that train of thought quickly. I have messed this up too many times. I had my chance and I blew it. There was no way that Isabella Swan could-

"-love you. I love you Edward," she smiled nervously, biting her plump lower lip.

And then, I passed out.


"I-I-I-" I mumbled incoherently keeping my gaze locked on Edward.

As I stared into his eyes, I saw this longing, this hope that I have never seen. He needed me. I needed him.

I took a cleansing breath and finally unveiled the truth that I had been withholding for too long.

"I love you Edward," I grinned apprehensively. I know that I was nibbling on my lip because Edward's silence was getting to me.

And then he did something that was awfully characteristic of one Bella Swan.

Edward started to sway back and forth, his bright green eyes softly fluttering as his equilibrium was challenged. And then it looked as if his body went limp as he fell forward: directly at me.

He passed out.

"Edward!" I shrieked throwing my arms forward in an attempt to catch him before he became acquainted with the ground. His sheer mass falling against my significantly smaller frame caused us to tumble to the ground in a heap of limbs.

I let out a small "humpf" as his head hit my chest, successfully knocking the wind out of me. Edward was still out, oblivious to the newly acquired location of his head.

I resituated my body so he wasn't crushing me anymore. Now, I was kneeling, his head cradled against my chest and his gangly legs sprawled across the grass.

His eyes were closed and his long eyelashes were casting shadows on those perfect cheekbones. His mouth was hanging open in the slightest and I could hear his soft breath as I watched the slight rise and fall of his chest.

Without any reason, I began to run my fingers through his mane of hair. The bronze locks were softer than anything I had I felt. Silk must feel like sandpaper compared to this. Slowly, I began to massage his head, soothing him so he would awake from his "slumber" momentarily.

Sure enough, he began to stir, his nose brushing against my breast. I chuckled a bit at that. Even when he's knocked out, Edward still feels up the ladies.

I ran my fingers along the stubble on his jaw line. Even with the prickes, his skin was abnormally smooth. I kept the trail of my finger across his strong cheekbones, perfect nose, and up to the expanse of his forehead. Even in sleep, his eyebrows were burrowed together. I placed my finger on the crease to smooth it out, and it looked like a small smile appeared on his lips.

I held myself back from running my lips along his forehead; he didn't need that shock after he just passed out.

"Edward," I whispered quietly. "Please wake up, you're scaring me."

The grin on his faced increase tenfold.

The little shit.

"Edward, I know you're awake," I chuckled with false anger.

He began to snuggle further into my chest, as if to hide from my wrath.

"Edward! People who have passed out don't generally cuddle. I would know. That's my thing," I laughed.

He pulled his head away, and I missed the warmth of his cheek.

"You caught me," he grinned crookedly, his eyes gleaming with unabashed happiness.

Edward slowly reached forward and cupped my cheek. "I guess I was a little shocked. Do you really?" he questioned gently.

I knew exactly what he was asking. Did I love him? Or was I just a sick bitch who was toying with his emotions.

I nodded. "I'm so sorry about what I did Edward. I know it was stupid and-"

He cut me off with his finger covering my lips.

"Hey, let's just forget about all of that. We can't change the past. All we have is now, so let's make it worthwhile," he said, linking our fingers together.


We finally have now.

I grinned.

"How long have you been awake?" I asked, legitimately curious.

"When my head hit your chest. I really did pass out for a second though, I mean I learned from the best," he chided.

I scowled and playfully punched his shoulder. "Silly boy!" I joked. He feigned injury and then began to chuckle.

Suddenly, our chuckles subsided and we just stared at each other.

At our future.

"Bella, I love you so much," he sighed, leaning forward.

Now, both of his hands were cradling my face, softly stroking it. He closed his eyes and began to close the distance.

This was it.

This was it.

I took a deep breath and leaned forward, turning my head slightly to the side. His lips were so close.

I leaned forward as well so our lips were literally a centimeter away. I could feel his hot breath caress my face. Finally, I closed this distance, our lips brushing ever so softly together. I gasped at the extreme softness that was evident throughout his glorious face.

Slowly and strangely, our lips began to move together. He would hesitantly press his lips against mine for just a second. We were being careful, sweet. I wanted the raw Edward. The Edward full of emotion. So I took charge.

I wrapped my lips around his lower one and sucked, pulling it toward me. Edward gasped, and brought his hand to my neck. His fingers were dancing along my skin, causing goosebumps to erupt along it.

I began to nibble on his lip and Edward moan, opening his mouth wider. I took this golden opportunity to taste the essence of Edward. When my tongue me his, I almost died. It was heaven. This was where I was meant to be. I brought my hands to his hair and tugged softly, egging him on a bit. Our kiss grew more passionate as Edward's hand traveled down my spin until he reached my lower back. His hand was hot and the steam seared through the fabric of my clothes on to my skin. I couldn't get enough.

I pulled my self closer to Edward, so nothing was between us. I could feel every muscle of his rock hard body and one that was exponentially harder than the others. As exciting as that was, realizing Edward was turned on by me, I knew that I wasn't ready for that yet.

We continued our lip-locking session, too caught up in the outside world to realize the approaching people.

"Well, shit guys, free porn," a low-voice beckoned.

I reluctantly pulled away from Edward's lips, Edward's sexy plump lips, knowing exactly who this was.

"Always the charmer," I laughed at our visitor's bluntness.

"Emmett, couldn't that comment have waited a few…hours?" Edward groaned.

Everyone chuckled at Edward's anger.

"I just got her; can't you give me a break?" Edward begged. I blushed, burying my face in his chest.

"Finally!" Rose giggled, one of her hands on her stomach and the other on the back of Emmett's neck, playing with his curles.

This time I sniggered. It sure was a long time coming, wasn't it?

Edward brought his nose to my neck and slithered it along my vein. "People," he murmured into my neck, causing me to shiver. "Can you just let us be?"

"As if!" Emmett shouted, causing everyone to turn in his direction with raised eyebrows. "There's new meat for me to throw all my sexual innuendos at. There's no way I'm giving you guys a break. Sorry," he grinned cheekily.

I rolled my eyes. Typical Emmett.

"Well, love, it looks like we will have to finish this later," Edward whispered.

Apparently it wasn't really a whisper because Emmett starting hooting and a couple of guys let out a few cat calls.

I didn't even blush. I just thought about the low IQ's of the gorillas I call teammates.

Obviously, they were all very mature.

It seemed that everyone was rather pleased with Edward and I pairing up at last. Except, well, Alice. She stood aloof from the rest of the team, attempting to burn holes into my forehead with her glare. Every few seconds, Jasper would rub her shoulders in an attempt to cool her down. I felt bad for Jasper. I mean, he was obviously torn. He wanted to support his best friend's blooming relationship, but at the same time, he needed to balance his love for Alice.

That's rough.

But I guessed that was what Alice was doing too.

"Okay, children, let's get on to practice. We have some work to do. Offense, you're with me today. Defense, we have Coach Clapp to lend a hand. Let's get to work," Varner said, taking the spotlight off of Edward and I and our new relationship.

At least we would be together for practice today. Thank goodness for small favors.

I cringed. Small. Alice would be practicing with us too. I just wish that she knew. I don't Edward to be hurting, but I hate not seeing Alice.

We separated into our groups and sure enough, Alice was not happy about the revelation of knowing we were going to be together.

Edward obviously sensed the tension. "Is everything okay with you and Alice?" he questioned innocently.

"Yeah, we're fine. It's nothing," I lied through my teeth.

"Bella, don't take this the wrong way… but you're a horrible liar," he whispered.

I almost laughed.


"Please tell me," he pleaded.

I just shook my head. I didn't need Alice and Edward in a fight too.

"Bella," a high voice said. It was not Edward, so I was a little shocked.

I immediately turned and was met with the stone-cold face of four foot eleven Alice Cullen.

"Jasper thinks I should stop being a bitch and be happy for you," she spoke sternly.

Wow, that was blunt.

And right in front of Edward.


"I knew something was going on!" Edward shouted, pleased that he had 'figured' it out.

"Of course something is going on! How can you be with her, knowing what she did?" Alice screamed, allowing acid to seep into her voice. It was awfully menacing.

"She didn't do anything, Alice. She was going to, yes, but she didn't. That's better than me," he whispered.

"What do you mean?" Alice snapped.

Oh, no. Please no.

"That's not important," I interrupted.

Edward looked at me with a confused expression on his face. I shrugged it off.

"It's the past. We can't change it, okay?" I said.

Alice almost nodded in detente, but Edward spoke up.

"I made a bet with Tanya. About getting Bella to sleep with me. It was so fucking stupid and I messed up," Edward spilled.

Alice's jaw dropped.

"You what? Why would you do that?" she yelled.

See, this is exactly why I didn't want to tell Alice. I don't need the guilt of these two being in a fight with each other.

Edward dropped his head in shame. "I would take it back if I could," he cried.

"Edward, we talked about this earlier. We can't change the past. We have now," I said reassuringly.

"God, I'm a bitch," Alice laughed without humor. "I guess I should have gotten the whole story before I went all Blair Witch on your ass, Bella. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I know I don't have a brother, but if something happened like this to someone I love, I would have been, well, unreasonable too."

She nodded and then leaped forward, wrapping me in an Alice-hug, practically cutting of the circulation of every limb in my body.

"Alice, I think Bella would like to breathe," Edward laughed.

"Oops, sorry, Bella. I forget how strong I am sometimes. Even with Jasper," she chuckled.

"Mary Alice, I do not need to hear about your life with Jasper. For the love of Volvo, please never mention anything about Jasper and you and your shenanigans," Edward cringed.

Alice and I starting cracking up, but Edward was still a little ticked.

That probably wasn't a great mental picture for him.

"Hey, do I need to call Dr. Phil, or can we start practice?" Varner snapped.

"Oh my gee! 'D' Phil is my homeboy!" Emmett yelled across the field.

At least everything was back to normal.


For now.

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