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Chapter 1: Leaving Cynthia

"Alice! What did mom say?" Alice was my twin sister, though we looked nothing alike. She was short with spiky black hair. Our mother was forced to cut it when Alice got something sticky stuck in it.

"She said I'm scaring her. Bella, why doesn't she believe me?" Alice cried. Alice sees things that haven't happened yet. Ever since she told mother about the first one 5 months ago, our mother has been distancing herself from Alice. It's painful to watch.

"Well I believe you!" My sister was not a liar, I was sure of that. She told me every single thing she 'saw' and every single one of them came true. This last one scared us both.

She had seen herself being taken away. Just then, there was a knock on the door down the hall. As my father opened it, I looked wide eyed at Alice… Cynthia and I needed her! At that precise moment Cynthia ran into the room. "Sissy who is that?"

"He's coming to take me away," Alice said in a broken voice. Just then my vision blackened and a new scene was in front of my eyes.

"She has to go before she starts to corrupt Bella and Cynthia!" My mother whispered furiously to our father.

"Honey we can't! She's our daughter! How do you think the girls will handle it?"

"They'll get over it," my mother's voice faded out.

"No!" I yelled as I bolted to my feet. Alice and Cynthia were staring at me. "I'll be right back," I yelled as I sprinted out the door.

"Mom!" I called as I saw her in the front room. "Listen to dad! We can't get rid of Alice! She's our sister! We won't 'get over it'." I said while copying my mother's voice.

Her eyes hardened as she turned to the strange man. "That's Isabella. She'll be going with you too." My eyes widened as I turned and sprinted up the stairs. I slammed the door behind me though I knew that it would do no good.

"They're taking me away too! Hurry up Alice! We have to go… we can hide!" Alice remained where she was. "Alice come ON!" I pulled her arm, but she just looked at me with sad eyes.

"They'll find us anyways Bella. We can't hide." I sank to the ground in defeat as Cynthia sat between Alice and I on the floor, holding us tightly.

Just then the door opened, revealing our upset father, our out of control mother, and the man that was going to take us away. Cynthia held us tighter even though she was the youngest. I clutched her to me, never wanting to let go. Alice sat emotionless.

He headed towards Alice first and he yanked her not so gently off the floor. I could immediately tell that it was an act. He didn't want to take us away! He was trying to upset mother and father enough for them to realize that they were making a huge mistake.

Unfortunately, my mother didn't pay any attention. When my father made a move to object as the red eyed man reached for my arm, my mother gave him a look that kept him silent.

I could see the reluctance in the man's eyes as he pulled me away from a now screaming Cynthia. "Please mom, don't do this!" I pleaded helplessly as the man tugged us gently from the room.

Only once we were out of the house and bu the man's horse did our mother respond. Alice still hadn't said a single word.

"You are both as good as dead to me," she said as she closed the door behind us. Tears streamed relentlessly down my face as the man lifted Alice and I onto the horse.

"Do you know how to ride?" He asked me softly. I nodded mutely. My own mother despised two of her daughters. It was clear that neither Alice or I would ever return to this house, or even see our family again.

"Hold on to your sister," He warned as he placed her in front of me. He also handed me the reins as he clipped a lead line onto the horse's bridle. "I think she's too shaken up to stay on. Can you do that?"

I nodded and clutched her to me. She was all that I had now. Nothing would ever hurt my sister, or separate me from her; EVER.

The man led the horse back down the lane, away from the place that I had called home for 15 years. I looked back once as he jogged, forcing the horse into a trot. The last thing I saw was Cynthia waving from Alice's bedroom window.

I didn't get a chance to wave back before the trees that were placed around the house blocked her from my view.

That was the end of my life with my family. Little did I know that my human life would also be coming to an end soon. My life was forever changed.

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