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Chapter 9: Gone…

I ran as fast as I could into Steph's room. Being a vampire, it took me just over a second to get there. What I found was not promising.

The room looked just the way it had before our trip to the Cullen household. All of her belongings were in order, the never used bed was made, and all of the surfaces had been cleaned to perfection. Only one thing was amiss in the room.

Stephanie was nowhere to be seen and the window was shattered and sprayed across the floor, the pieces twinkling in the light. Afraid, I rushed to the window, hoping for any sign of her, but she wasn't there. There was a new scent in the air, one that I faintly recognized but couldn't quite put my finger on. All I knew was that it was definitely a vampire.

Who would have taken Stephanie? She had never been in trouble with any other vampires. For all that I remembered she had barely even come across any others. In our years together, I could only remember coming across a nomad here and there but nothing became of any of the meetings. For the majority of the time we would say hello and part ways if we even said anything at all. Vampires weren't exactly well known for being friendly.

Staring blankly out at the falling rain wasn't going to get me anywhere anytime soon unfortunately. The only way to bring Steph back would be to find her…and I would need help. Frustrated, I hopped out the open window and set out at a dead run towards the Cullen's house. The feeling of the rain pelting my face helped to clear my head.

All I was sure of in that moment was that I needed to find Stephanie. Whoever had taken her could be planning anything. What his or her purposes were, I was extremely afraid of. Until I found her, all I could hope was that she was safe. If anything happened to her, I knew that I would never forgive myself. I was supposed to take care of Stephanie. I changed her, so she was my sole responsibility.

Jasper had good tracking skills, that much I remembered. All of the years in the newborn army had at least paid off in one way. Emmett's brute strength would be a huge help when we found Stephanie; not finding her was definitely not an option in this case. Edward's mind reading would help as well…he could pick up on her thoughts or scan thoughts to try to find someone that knew where she was. Alice would be able to search the future to help us rule out places as well as try to limit the area to search.

Still plotting, I ran up to the huge house, not bothering to knock on the door before sliding into the immaculate front room. Edward and Alice instantly appeared in the room, concerned looks on their faces at my wild state. "What's going on Bella?" Edward asked me as he crossed the space between us.

"Stephanie's gone," I said, as close to tears as I would ever get. "Somebody took her, and I don't know who or why. Please help me….I have to find her." I looked between the two, hoping that they would.

"Of course we'll help you Bella," Alice said quickly. "That's what family is for right?" By now, the rest of the Cullens were in the room and were looking to Carlisle to see what they should do. He looked towards Jasper.

"You're the best at tracking Jasper….just tell us what we need to do and we'll do it." Then Carlisle turned to me. "Don't worry Bella…we'll find her one way or another." I could only hope that it would be sooner rather than later.

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