My Little Blessing, Little Snow

My Little Blessing, Little Snow

Chapter 1: Daddy's Bedtime Story

Where am I?

Its so dark.

"You're safe with me, little Aki. I bring you no harm."

Who is that? Its not Daddy.

Aki? That's Mommy's name.

The person removed a blindfold from my eyes. In front of me was a middle-aged man with odd dark reddish hair. He had dark bronze eyes and wore a brown coat. He also had a tie.

I glanced around. We were alone in an isolated dark room with some lighting. I was sitting on one of those tables that, from what I heard, doctors use to experiment people and animals on.

"Where am I?"

"In a safe, secure place," he replied simply.

"Where's Mommy? Where's Daddy?"

"I've been entrusted to look after you while Mommy and Daddy are gone," he said with a smile.

"Why..." The man gently placed his black-gloved finger on my mouth.

"Shh. You're a curious little girl ne, little Aki?" he chuckled.

"Yuki, my name is Yuki," I corrected.

"Yuki, what a pretty name," he acknowledged. "You also do very much resemble your mother. My name is Divine."

I've heard that a lot that I resemble Mommy, especially from Mommy and Daddy's friends. I had short reddish pink hair with a blush pink bow; and sparkling blue eyes, the same color eyes as Daddy's. I wore a red dress over a white blouse and white puffy short sleeves. I also wore matching red shoes and pinkish white socks.

"Divine-san, you know Mommy and Daddy?" I know Mommy and Daddy told me not to talk to strangers; but like what Divine-san said I'm a curious little girl. Aren't kids my age curious to know things?

"Yes. Have they told you stories about when they first met or their past?" Divine-san asked.

I thought for a moment. "Hmmm...Hai!"

He sat down beside me. "Would you mind sharing those stories with your new friend?"

"New friend? Hai!" I smiled. I'm always happy when I meet a new friend. I feel I can tell him a story so I did. "Lesse...ano...Daddy told me this bedtime story before I went to sleep: Ahem!" I gathered everything in my memory of what Daddy told me after tucking me into bed.

"Once upon a time, there was a lonely, poor teenage boy who grew up in the streets.

One day, he spotted a beautiful maiden walking the streets alone in the Market Place. He thought she was beautiful even though she was covered in a dark cloak. The boy could tell she was beautiful by her eyes as he glanced at them. She had soft lips and seemed so fragile. The boy wanted to get to know her, even though he was a street rat.

The maiden continued to walk alone. She didn't notice the boy staring at her. She then spotted a little boy trying to reach for an apple at one of the stands. She walked up to the apple stand. The boy looked up at her with pleading eyes. He had long curly red/pink hair under a yellow hat. He resembled a girl by how he dressed.

The maiden felt sorry for the boy. She took the apple from the stand and handed it to the boy.

"You need to pay for that," the keeper said.

"I'm sorry, but..." she froze as the keeper grabbed her wrist and took out a dagger from his pocket.

Seeing this, the teenage boy rushed towards the maiden's side. Before the keeper killed the maiden, the boy grabbed the hand that held the dagger.

"I'm deeply sorry for my baby sister, she could be a little dense."

"But...she...stole that apple!"

"So? You have many apples here," the boy remarked. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Let's go baby sister. We'll be going now." He snatched an apple from the stand, then walked away down the streets.

"Thank you, for rescuing me."

"Sure, here." He handed her the red apple that he stole. The maiden took the apple with gratitude.

"What's your name? I must know the name of my rescuer."

"Yusei, and yours?"


Yusei took Aki's hand.

"Let's go to my favorite spot."

He ran in a fast pace, kind of like a wild, happy man. He ran in a fast pace that he lifted Aki off her feet. Aki smiled in content to be lifted off her feet by someone like Yusei. Yusei held onto her hand tight and close to him as they headed towards the outskirts of Neo Domino.

(to be continued)