This is my very first Twilight Fanfic. Liebe is my werewolf character, and he is different from what Meyer's mind viewed werewolves as, which makes a very interesting opening. Liebe is my OC, and there are others OC that might be in this story like him. It is a EdwardXOC fanfic so if you don't like Yaoi don't read it. Please review could I would like to know everyones opinion!!

Liebe was running through a forest that he didn't. None of the smells were familiar to him, and it scared him. Everything smelled of rain, but where he was used too always smelled of blood mixed with roses. He didn't know how long he had been running, but the muscles in all four legs were starting to hurt. The only thing he remembered was a fight with his boyfriend, and that's all he remembered. Everything else was blank.

He came to a clearing just as it started to rain. The droplets clung to his redish brown fur, and his bright green eyes scanned the area, his ears listening to the smallest how, nose aware of every smell. He did a totally circled until he came to a smell that was familiar to him, but he felt that the person there didn't like him being there. He was on that person's area. He whimpered ears laid back, tail between his legs. He'd never met someone with that scent that would have wanted to hurt him.

Edward had been heading to the clearing and was just about to enter when he saw the redish brown werewolf enter it. He had stopped just on the edge of the trees to watch what the wolf was going to do. He viewed the wolf as a threat as he watched it circle the area. He was so much bigger than the werewolves here. A lot bigger.

Though the threat that he thought was there faded. When the werewolf saw him, and felt that he was there and didn't like it and started cowering. This surprised Edward. He had never seen a werewolf do that to a vampire before, even if they were scared of him or his family. If his wolf was cowering in fear the he couldn't be a threat.

Edward stepped out from the trees, calming himself. It was obvious that the wolf could read his emotions like he could read minds, something that he wasn't' used to either.

" I'm not going to hurt you," Edward said softly seeing that the wolf backed up from him.

Liebe looked at him, not trusting him with the feeling he came off a few seconds ago. He would keep his distance from him, vampire or not. He looked at Edward taking in what he looked like. He could feel a blush coming into his cheeks, under his fur, as he looked at Edward's thin, yet muscular body. Looking into his golden eyes that were so intense, yet so beautiful and watching as he moved gracefully. Edward was unlike any vampire that he had ever seen. He didn't really look human, cause he seemed to beautiful to be human, and he was so pale. Edward made him feel weird.

Edward kept his distance hearing some of the wolf's thoughts.

" I'm not going to hurt you," He said again.

" I don't trust you," Liebe said in return. Edward looked a little stunned when he didn't have to make a mind connection to talk to him. He talked as if he was human. " You're different."

" As you are," Edward said looking at him. His nose sniffed at him a little. " You smell different too. Why is that?" He asked as he started to circle him, which Liebe didn't like.

" How do I smell different?" Liebe asked.

" Well…normally werewolves smell…disgusting," Edward said trying not to offend as he stopped and started at the wolf. " You smell somewhat like us."

" You smell normal to me," Liebe said sitting on his back legs, calming down a little. If Edward was going to hurt him he would have already done it.

" Really? Odd," Edward said looking Liebe over, reading his thoughts still. " Ahhh so you grew up around vampires did you?"

" Yes," Liebe nodded his head. " They were my pack you could say."

" I see, very odd indeed," Edward smiled a little, it was a gently curve of his lips.

" I take it that werewolves and vampires don't get along here?" Liebe asked.

" Yes, well better than we used too," Edward said looking down a little. There was a certain look on his face that he knew all too well.

" Hurts to lose someone I know," He said making Edward flinch.

" Don't tell me you can read minds,"

" Sorry," Liebe said looking down as he had done something wrong. " I can, but you have been reading mine. Unlike you I can turn it off."

" Lucky you," Edward said, noticing his accent. " German?"

" Yeah," Liebe's tail wagged a little.

Edward nodded then asked. " Why are you here?"

" I can't remember," Liebe said honestly, and Edward could read that. " Just remember getting into a fight with my now ex and then I started running and here I am. Where am I?"

" Forks, Washington,"

" That far!" Liebe said visibly shocked by how far he had run. " My that was a long run."

Edward looked at the wolf. For some odd reason that wolf had caught his interest, even though he was still getting over Bella's passing there was something about the wolf that just made him feel so odd.

" Do you need a place to stay?" Edward asked Liebe, who looked at him curiously.

" Yeah, but if you don't get along with werewolves its better that I just stay out here," Liebe said. He didn't want to cause a fight in his family if he had one.

" No, you're not saying out here," Edward said in a stern tone. " Come, um…you can turn back if you want."

Liebe nodded and turned back fully clothed. Edward looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

" What?" Liebe asked him walking to his side.

" Nothing, it's just…how'd you do that?"

" I'm always clothed," Liebe smiled. " I don't really like being naked. Why do other werewolves here turn and have to be naked?"

" Their clothing rips otherwise,"

" Oh, now that is odd," Liebe said and started to walk with Edward.

" Do you mind running?"

" Nope, fine with me,"

" Just keep up," Edward smirked as he started to run at full speed. Liebe chuckled and shook his head.

" Show-off," He mumbled under his breath as he ran after Edward catching up with him in seconds. Edward looked at him shock. No one had ever caught up with him before, even one of the fastest werewolves in the La Push pack. " I can keep up."

Edward looked at him. What is he? He thought to himself. He was unlike any werewolf to the point that he thought he was something other than a werewolf.

Liebe let out a sigh of contentment as they finally got the Edwards out, which kinda reminded him of Gabri's house. Gabri was a vampire that Liebe had been staying with.

" It's beautiful," Liebe smiled at Edward following him as they walked up to the door.

" Thank you," Edward opened to see everyone was there staring at them.

" What the hell is this?" Emmett said walked up to Edward. He looked at Liebe getting a good look at him. Liebe had a lot of muscle even though he didn't look like he did, and he stood at 6'5, two inches taller than Emmett.

Alice bounced up to Liebe and hugged him. " So warm! You smell funny too."

" That's what Edward said," Liebe smiled down at Alice, liking her. She was so bubbling that she just made him cheerful.

" He is no threat," Edward said.

Emmett was about to start going off on Edward for bring a werewolf to their home when Carlisle stepped up and touched Emmett's shoulder gently.

" Not in front of our guest," He said softly. " Like Alice said he smells different."

" He smells kinda like us," Rosalie said as she slowly walked up.

Liebe looked at her and started to back up a little. She was like Edward. You didn't want to get on her bad side. Rosalie saw this and looked at him funny.

" A werewolf who stands down to a vampire," She looked at Edward. " Why is that?"

" Because of the feeling you give off," Edward said. " Your thoughts."

Alice looked up at Liebe. " You can read minds and feel emotions!"

" M-more or less," Liebe said looking down he didn't like all this attention.

Esme stepped up. " Leave him alone you guys. I'm sorry about them."

" It's alright," Liebe smiled at her. " I am different after all. I'm Liebe Kazte by the way." He extended his hand.

" I'm Esme," She smiled and shook his head. " The girl hugging you is Alice, you know Edward, that's Emmett, and this is my husband Carlisle." She said pointing to everyone, and took Carlisle. " Jasper is up in his room at the moment."

Liebe nodded his head. " Nice to meet you. Guessing that he doesn't like me either?" He said giving Emmett a quick look.

Emmett puffed himself up to make himself look bigger.

" Sorry to burst your little bubble, but I've lived with vampires my whole life. I turned when I was 5. I know how to fight so don't try it."

" Is that a threat?" Emmett growled.

" No, it is a warning," Liebe said his eyes starting to glow.

Alice whimpered and let go of him, starting to see images in her head. Liebe calmed down seeing that scared all on her face.

" Alice…" He reached out to touch her shoulder.

" Don't touch me," She said, and he backed off. He looked at Edward.

" Visions," Edward said. " You didn't do anything wrong."

" What'd you do to her?" Emmett growled.

" I-I…I didn't do…" Liebe shook his head.

Alice looked at Liebe with tears in her eyes, she touched his arms.

" I'm so sorry…." Alice said. " To not remember them hurt doesn't it?"

" My parents…yes," I nodded my head knowing what she saw.

" So young yet so old," She touched his cheek, and for some reason Edward felt a pang of jealousy. " You're 64 years old right?"

" Yes, but look 22," Liebe said impressed. " Normally I have to tell people that." He looked at her face knowing that she was hiding something. " What did I do to him?"

Alice sighed. " No, I will not tell you."

Esme and Carlisle looked at her just as curiously as everyone else did. Though Edward could see what she was thinking. In his mind she told him not to tell Liebe. It would destroy him. Edward understood that and would keep his mouth shut until the time was right.

Liebe looked down. " Great…."

Edward? Alice said in his mind.


Liebe imprinted you. She looked at him giving Edward a sweet smile.

Edward looked at her in shock and somewhat horror.

" It's not that bad," Alice said.

" Not that bad!?" Edward growled at her.

Rosalie looked at them like they were nuts. " What's not that bad?" She asked.

" Nothing!" Edward and Alice said. Only Edward yelled it and Alice smiled and said it calmly.

Liebe looked at them curiously, then looked at Carlisle. " Did I do something wrong? I can leave if I did."

" No, no, I just think that they are having one of their bouts," Carlisle smiled at him reassuringly. " They are the only two who have major powers. Edward is a mind reader, and Alice sees things."

Liebe nodded his head. " Alright, just wonder what she saw that's got him all upset."

" Maybe you killed someone you fucking wolf!" Emmett growled at him.

Liebe looked at him with a blank face. " I have killed people but only to protect my family, so back off alright. I have no reason you hurt any of you. Edward was kind enough to take me in and after the life I've had I'm lucky."

" Right, right, all werewolves are all the same," Emmett said. " Once the snap they will kill anything."

" Stop it!" Jasper said coming down the stairs. " Just stop it Emmett!" Everyone in the Cullen's family stared at Jasper in a bit of shock. He had never really shouted before. He was always so quiet.

" Don't tell me what t--"

Edward growled. " Stop talking about Liebe or I'll beat the fucking shit out of you!"

Emmett looked at Edward, pissed off. " I'd like to see you try. Why are you defeating him? Huh?"

Edward didn't what to admit that he had somewhat feelings for the wolf, and felt all warm and fuzzy inside that Liebe had imprinted him." Because, he is a good person, even if a werewolf," Edward said a little calmer now. " All his life he's only tried to help, and that help was thrown in his face. He's lost so much that you have no clue. Leave him be. He is welcome here as long as he likes, I don't care what you or anyone else says, Emmett."

Liebe as well as Edwards family was starting to see him acting different. His family had see him act like that when Bella was alive and around. What if Liebe was like his new Bella?

" Whatever," Emmett said walking off, done. He didn't like that his brother blew up in his face like that and he didn't expect it either. Rosalie quickly followed him.

Esme looked at Liebe. " Would you mind telling us a little of what is going on?"

" Cecil, my ex boyfriend," He started, not like new people knowing that he was gay, but he wanted to be honest. " Took care of me ever since I was ten years old. Soon we had a relationship which just recently went to heck because I caught him cheating on me. We had a fight and I ran. That's all I remember."

" Oh," Esme said and Liebe could see that look in her eyes.

" Don't feel sorry for me," Liebe said. " I got enough of that from his cousin and brother."

Esme just nodded her head. " As Edward said you are welcome here."

" Thank you very much," Liebe gave a weak smiled. He looked at Carlisle. " Though, if you don't mind me asking, you don't mind if I run around in my small wolf form some of the time do you?"

" You have a smaller form," Edward looked at him with that look of ' he gets smaller?!'

" Yeah!" Liebe smiled and turned into a little wolf pup.

" So cute!" Alice picked him up and cuddled him.

Carlisle and Esme laughed. Edward just shook his head at his sister.

" Sure, that is fine with us, no chew things though,"

" Of course not," Liebe said, tail wagging. " I'll go outside and chew sticks."

" Alright," Carlisle nodded his head, smiling. " You wouldn't mind sharing a room with someone so we can get a room ready for you would you?"

" Not at all," Liebe said, jumping down from Alice's arms and turned back. " I mean I'm fine with sleeping on the couch."

" No," Edward growled a little. " You'll share my room."

" Um…alright," Liebe said looking at him a little funny. Liebe didn't know that he had imprinted him, even though he felt a strong bond with him. He didn't know what imprinting was so he didn't know what it felt like when it happened. And he sure as hell didn't know that Edward was starting to imprint him back in his own way.

Edward gestured with his hand for Liebe to follow him as he started up the stairs, going to show Liebe to his room. Liebe followed like the good wolf he was. Edward looked back at him over his shoulder and smiled a little. Liebe was adorable in his own way.

" What's the smile for?" Liebe asked cutely, blinking.

" No reason," Edward said as he continued to smile as he turned his head away. He opened his bedroom door, and stepped aside for Liebe to go in first.

" Thank you," Liebe said as he walked into the room taking a quick look around. " Wow….this is the most interesting room I've seen in a while."

Edward smiled proudly, and walked to his side. " You can have the bed. I don't sleep. No one in our family does, or any vampire for that matter."

" The vampires from my family slept," Liebe said.

" You just keep surprising me," Edward chuckled shaking his head as he went to sit on the couch. " So tell me about the vampires you lived with Liebe."

" They aren't like you, well not like in the way you act, but look," Liebe said still standing. Edward patted the spot next to him on the couch for Liebe to sit there. Liebe sat down.

" What do they look like?" Edward asked, looking at Liebe.

" Well…they aren't so pale, the look human, though just as beautiful, human," Liebe said, thinking. " You have golden eyes, everyone here does, and my family didn't. Gabri had blue eyes, bright blue, the same with Evra. Now when they turned red that was a bad thing."

" Hm?" Edward said thinking of all this. " Odd, I thought all vampires were like us. Where are they from?"

" Gabri is Romanian and a bit of Japanese, Evra I don't know," Liebe said. " They are nice though. Stubborn as hell the both of them. They'll go three months without drinking blood. Evra's son, Lavell gets on him all the time about it."

" Son?" Edward looked at him curiously. " Like me and Carlisle?"

Liebe titled at his head at him like he didn't understand.

" Carlisle turned me and took me in as his son," Edward explained.

" Oh!," Liebe nodded his head understand now. " But no, not like that. Evra did a girl and had a kid."

" My family and I can't have kids, and a lot of others that have come here," Edward said, interested in what the wolf was telling. He'd never heard of a vampire going so long without blood and not going into a rage, or a vampire having kids. " That's interesting."

" Very," Liebe nodded his head. " Thought that all vampires were the same." He smiled a little.

" So did me, along with werewolves," Edward chuckled. " It would be funny if Sam and his pack were scared of you."

Liebe didn't see why. He was no threat to anyone. " So there is a pack here?"

" Yes," Edward nodded his head.

" How many are in it?" He asked curiously.

" There are 10, one being a girl," Edward told him like a girl werewolf was rare, it kinda was but where Liebe was from it was common.

" A girl, that's not too odd,"

" For here it is," He smiled. " Most are all boys."

Liebe nodded his head. " I don't think that they will like me. I'm scared to see how they would react. I didn't like Emmett's reaction to me. I just hope that he doesn't put silver in my drink or something."

" I wouldn't let him, and that really works?"

" Yeah," Liebe nodded a little grimly. " I've had silver in my system many times before and nearly died each time. It's not fun."

" Kinda sounds like turning a human into a vampire," Edward said. Liebe could feel the pain from Edward's memories, but their turning was different from the one he knew.

" That's so different," Liebe chuckled a little. " You are so different from the fangs I know. All your teeth are your fangs, when mine only have the canines that are fangs. You're cold and stone skinned, then are warm and soft. Their hearts beat, yours is silent. We can have kids, you can't. Even the turnings are different."

Edward raised an eyebrow. " How are they different?"

" Yours is done with venom. The vampires I lived with they would have to drain all the blood from the person, or just enough for the heart to stop then give the person their blood and get their hearts to start again." Liebe said explaining, not thinking that it would be that important. " Gabri saved me once by giving me some of his blood. I don't remember all of it. I think I blacked out."

Edward leaned over a little, his hand slowly reaching out and touching Liebe's neck. Liebe flinched at the cold fingers. They were so cold.

" That's why you smell so different," Edward said looking deeply into Liebe's green eyes getting lost in them. He started to think of Bella and how different she was, how she loved him even if he was a vampire. Now here was Liebe doing that same thing, only it hadn't hit him yet.

Liebe blushed a little and looked away from his eyes hoping that Edward wouldn't get inside of his head to hear his thoughts. He blushed even more when his cock started to harden. No one had had that effect on him since Cecil cheated on him. He didn't understand, and it kinda scared him.

Even if Liebe had looked away from him he could still here his thoughts. He pulled his hand away from Liebe's neck knowing what it had done, and when it happened Liebe's scent changed. It was sweeter now. This was different from the effect he had had on Bella.

" Sorry," Edward said.

" Don't be," Liebe looked at him and smiled. " It's a werewolf thing…well for my type of werewolf."

Edward nodded his head. " I-I didn't think someone's scent would change because of that."

" Depends on the person," Liebe shrugged. He and Edward scooted away from each other. They knew that was going was happening was wrong. Even though Liebe was used to loving a vampire, but Edward and his family were different. They didn't like werewolves, but Edward seemed to like him anyways. " Sooo…how am I different?" He asked trying to change the subject.

" It seems that the Gabri guy you were talking about turned you," Edward said, then smiled a little. " Not really a bad thing. If you had smelled like a total werewolf I think that Emmett would have hurt you. So you're the first half breed. Well here anyways."

" I don't think that's going to settle well either group," Liebe sighed, resting his head in his hands. He was in a new place and it seemed that either group got along well, and he was in between. Which side to pick? He was used to vampire, yet he was more werewolf. What to do? " Doesn't seem to bother you at all."

" I guess not," Edward shrugged his shoulders. " I really don't know what to think." He really didn't. All he knew was that Liebe had imprinted him, and that made his feelings change. He thought he was cute at first sight, now it changed.

" I didn't know that I was a vampire," Liebe sighed. " Now I feel like I don't belong at all."

" You didn't know?" Edward raised an eyebrow. " Haven't you ever drank blood."

" Not like you, no," Liebe said.

" You've never had a urge,"

" Nope," Liebe said as he yawned. Edward could see that he was tried. Dark circles had formed under his eyes.

" Tired?"

" Very," Liebe nodded.

" Then go to sleep, I can get you something to sleep in," Edward said getting up, starting to think. " You look like you're Emmett's size…maybe smaller. You're too tall to fit into anything that I have."

" I can stay up with you," Liebe whimpered a little.

Edward touched his cheek gently. " You need sleep, Liebe, for one you have a big day tomorrow. Alice had told me that you had run a long way to get here as well."

" I guess you're right," Liebe said looking down then looking back up at Edward. " Will you be alright?"

Edward smiled, almost lovingly at him, removing his hand from his cheek. " Yes, I'll be alright. I'll stay here. If I need to go out I'll wake you and tell you so."

Liebe nodded. " Just…I can sleep in what I'm in. I don't want to take anything from Emmett. He seems to not like me all that much."

" True," Edward nodded walking over to his bed and was for him and Bella until her passing. He pulled down the cover. " Come on."

Liebe blushed slightly as he walked over to the bed. He saw Edward in the dreamy haze like he was the most perfect thing in the world. He watched Edward as he crawled under the covers, and Edward pulled the covers.

" Sleep well," Edward said softly as he saw the wolf's eyes slowly close. He smiled at him watching him as he slept. He thought of Bella once more. She looked so cute when she was asleep just like Liebe looked now. He sighed a little. She had been gone almost four years now and he still missed her so much, yet he was falling for another.

Edward lay down on top of the covers and stared at Liebe, getting into his head seeing his peaceful dreams. He was such a kind person. He seemed innocent but he wasn't. No one was totally innocent. Even if the wolf had flaws, so did he, and falling for him was the biggest one. Then again he didn't care. He was falling for him, he needed him.