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Edward was sitting on the couch with Liebe's head in his lap. They were watching TV, seeing if anything was good on, waiting for one of the wolves to come get them for the bonfire. Lavell and Darren were out shopping with Alice and Jasper for the day. Edward was hoping that she didn't tell Darren about the bonfire, Lavell was fine to tell. He just didn't want Darren to go after the shit he started with Emmett. God knows what he would start with the werewolves.

" Darren wouldn't start anything cause I would be there. He knows I would kick his ass if he stepped out of line," Liebe said being dead serious.

" Wow a threat out of you, shocking," Edward grinned running his fingers through Liebe's hair finding that it was as soft as it looked.

" I'm still upset with him for being rude to Emmett," Liebe said, he was only a little upset. He couldn't stay mad at Darren for long.

After a minute of silence he let out a long deep sigh.

" I have a feeling that something is going to stop us from going to the bonfire tonight."

" Why do you say that, wolfie?" Edward asked. Liebe would have blushed at the new nickname if he wasn't so damned worried.

" Just a feeling I have. It has something to do with what Lavell was talking about the other night," Liebe said, hating to think about it. It would impact the family badly, as well as Lavell. He was scared to think of how he would react.

" Think it's his time to go?" Edward looked into the wolf's green eyes.

" Lavell would have acted different if it wasn't so soon. He knew what Darren was going to die. He knew, but not how," Liebe sighed. " I haven't seen him cry like that in a long time."

" What has you two looking grim," Rosalie asked looking over the back of the couch at them. She frowned at Liebe's head in Edward's lap, but kept her mouth shut about it.

" Darren's going to die," Liebe said flat out.

" Oh?" She raised an eye brow. " That's…I don't know. Isn't that fox's fiancé?"

" Yes, Lavell is," Edward answered this time looking over his shoulder at her.

She frowned at that and walked away. She didn't' like that thought of someone losing the love of their life.

" Edward," Esme said standing beside the arm of the couch, holding out a phone to him. " Phone."

Edward took it. " Hello?" There was a pause. Edward's face grew grim. Liebe looked at him waiting for him to say something, like Esme was. " Right…I'll be there…Just me if me a minute."

" What's going on?" Esme asked as her son handed her the phone back.

" Car crash. Darren was impaled with a steel bar and is being rushed into the OR," Edward said, his voice broke. Liebe had been right though he and Liebe both wished he hadn't been.

" Oh my!" Esme gasped. " How about everyone else?"

" They're fine, freaked out. Dad is working on Darren. Lie----" He stopped seeing that the wolf was already up and gone. " If the pack comes by tell them it's a family emergency." He said taking off.

Liebe rushed into the waiting room, pointing Alice, Jasper, and Lavell out easily. Alice and Jasper looked like they had when they left, but their eyes were on Lavell, whose face was hidden in his hands. He was covered in blood a lot of it, but it was all Darren's, which scared him.

" Lavell?" Liebe said softly.

Lavell looked up at him with a bloody tear stained face. He whimpered miserably.

" Why can't it be me instead?" Lavell choked on his words. " Why!?"

" If I told you, you wouldn't believe me," Liebe said. " Really you wouldn't."

Edward walked up and looked at Lavell in horror thinking that it was his blood.

" It's all Darren's blood," Lavell said. " I just have a small cut on my arm…"

Even if Jasper was sending out calming waves Lavell wasn't calming down at all. His emotions were getting the best of him, some of his worst ones. He whimpered as pain shot through his chest and down his right arm. He tried not to show it, but Alice noticed.

" Lavell, what's wrong?" She asked.

" Nothing is wrong," Lavell said, not wanting anyone to worry about him. In his mind he just wanted to die, but then again he didn't. He wanted to be with Darren forever, but he couldn't leave his father or Alice for some reason. With that conclusion he took a green pill bottle out of his pocket, pulled out one of the white pills and put it under his tongue.

Liebe sighed knowing what had just happened to Lavell, and if he didn't calm down it was going to get worse. Edward realized what happened when Lavell first felt the pain, though he didn't open his mouth. He didn't want Alice to worry over something she couldn't stop. Jasper had no clue that anything major had just happened, but Alice did. Alice wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

" Why did you tell me you were sick?" She asked him looking at his face. " Why not get in fixed?"

" I have and it came back, " Lavell groaned, not daring to look at her face. " I've live with it all my life, all 288 years of my life."

" What if it kills you?" Edward said, thinking that he had no regard for his sister's feelings, but that's not what Lavell was doing. He was just really depressed at the moment and everything to him right now was going to be negative, no matter if there was anything positive about it.

" It's killed me many times before and I'm still here," Lavell said resting his head in his hand. Jasper was starting to be able to calm him down.

" What if the ne----"

" This is the first heart attack I've had in months, I'm fine. I'm not going anywhere!" He growled, a little annoyed. " Why do you care so much?"

Edward sighed and looked down. He couldn't say why because Jasper was standing right there, and he shouldn't even want Lavell to get with Alice because of Jasper. Though something told him that it was best if they did, something deep down told him that.

" Look, let's stop all the bickering, alright," Liebe said calmly. " It's not helping anything."

Edward nodded in agreement. Lavell just looked down at the floor. Though he felt calm and collected he looked miserable and headed for an emotional breakdown.

Lavell's cell phone started to ring, making him and Liebe jump. Lavell wasn't going to answer, didn't feel like it. It was more than likely someone in the family being stupid.

" It's your father answer it," Alice said.

Lavell didn't want too, but he still pulled the phone out of his pocket. The caller ID read ' Dad'. He flipped it open.

" Hello?" He asked. Then he paused. " Yeah, he's in the OR….No, he's not…I-I guess. It would be best. An hour, okay," He nodded then closed the phone. " My dad is going to bring down Darren's father."

" Oh boy," Liebe said. Gabri was not going to take this well.

" He made it through the OR," Alice smiled. " That's a good thing. Maybe he'll be alright."

Lavell didn't think so, and by the look on Carlisle's face he was sure of it. Lavell was the first to see him then the others. Alice and Edward frowned. Liebe stayed quiet and very still. Jasper just tried to keep everything calm.

Carlisle took a deep breath, and looked at Lavell straight in the eyes.

" Darren has been out of the OR for three hours. He should have waken by know and is unresponsive to anything we do to him."

" He's in a coma," Lavell said emotionless, looking at him.

" I'm afraid so. I'm sorry," Carlisle said. " He might co----"

" He's not going to come out of it," Lavell said getting up. " Once his father and mine get here let them say their good-byes then pull the plug."

" Aren't you going to see if he'll come out of it?" Jasper asked.

" Why when his soul is no longer in his body," Lavell said walking to go see Darren.

" How do you know that for sure?" Carlisle asked. He didn't like to see someone give up on a loved one.

" From right where I stand I'm not sure. That's why I'm going to see him," Lavell said and kept walking until he came to Darren's room and walked in. His ears fell back at what he saw.

Darren was hooked up to life support, a machine breathing for him, million's of IV's and blood transfusions in his arm, and hooked up an annoying beeping heart monitor. He looked so small in that bed, so…lifeless that Lavell barely knew who he was.

Tears burned into Lavell's eyes as he walked to the bedside. He gently moved hair out of Darren's face, not that it really matter. Though Darren's soul was still there, strong. Maybe Alice was right and there was hope, but it felt so wrong to keep Darren like this, cruel. If his soul was still there might as well try and see if he would come out of it.

There was a small gasp behind Lavell, at the door way. He turned to see Gabri, Darren's father standing there. His perfect face was paler than normal, his blue eyes wide in shock. He looked nineteen, standing at 6'2 with black hair that matched Darren's. Gabri walked over and barely touched Darren's cheek.

" Is his soul----"

" Yeah, it's still there," Lavell looked at him. " I'm so sorry, Gabri, I never meant for this to happen."

Gabri pulled Lavell into a tight loving hug, which made Lavell feel loved and sad at the same time, to the point he couldn't hold his tears back anymore.

" It's not your fault," Gabri sniffled. " We knew this was going to happen sooner or later."

" I….I know, but it hurts," Lavell said through sobs.

Alice walked in. She frowned and whimpered seeing Darren, and his father and Lavell crying. Lavell looked at her with sad lavender eyes. He left the safety of Gabri's arms to hers.

" Alice," He whimpered and cried as he hugged her and she hugged him.

" Shhh Lavell shhh," She smoothed his hair, comforting him. The sight surprised Gabri, but touched him so much. If only he had a camera.

" Never seen you hug a girl, Lavell," Gabri teased lightly mostly for his own sanity.

Lavell looked at Gabri blushing. He sniffled a little, and whimpered. Gabri could see that Lavell was miserable, but there was another emotion in his eyes. Was it love? If it was who was the love for? The love for Darren was still there, but he was starting to love someone else.

Lavell could see the question in Gabri's blue eyes, and he didn't like it. He knew that he was falling for Alice even though he tried to deny it over the past day and a half, but now he couldn't. He went back to hugging Alice, arms around her waist bring her close, maybe a little too close. He could feel her crotch against his own, plus there wasn't much of a height difference between them, but the feel of her got thoughts running in his head; making his cock stand at full attention. This never happened around a girl unless he was thinking about a guy, this time he wasn't thinking about at guy at all.

Alice let out a little gasp that only Lavell could hear and pushed her hips closer to that wonderful heat. It was so different from when Jasper got hard around her, that heat wasn't missing now, and somehow Lavell felt bigger in length and thickness. Not that Jasper wasn't, Lavell just had him beat by a little.

" Alice…." He whispered low enough for Gabri not to hear. As far as he was concerned Gabri was clueless to what was going on. " Here is not a good place…and…and you have Jasper."

" I'll talk to him," Alice looked at him, giving him a smile that held wicked, but pleasurable things behind it. " You're lusting after Jasper too."

" I….." Lavell started but trail off. He pulled away from her. " Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom," With that he walked out of the room feeling like he disrespected Darren when he knew that Darren would want him to move on if he ever died, but this fast seemed so wrong.

" Is he alright?" Gabri asked Alice stepping beside her.

" He will be," Alice smiled at him reassuring, then frowned. " I'm really sorry for what happened….It must be hard for you…to see your son like that."

Gabri looked over at Darren. He whimpered a little, then looked and back at Alice.

" It hurts to know that he won't get to meet his little brother or sister," He sighed deeply, also thinking that he wouldn't be able to be his best man at the wedding him and Evra were planning.

" You're going to have another child?" Alice beamed at the idea. She loved babies, but the poor thing was going to be without his or her big brother, or one of his or her big brothers.

" Yes, Evra just told me today," Gabri smiled a little, then chuckled at the confused look on Alice's face.

" Evra, Lavell's father?"

" Yes, that's him," Gabri beamed brightly.

" He can't have a baby. He's a he!" Alice exclaimed, like anyone else who was new to Lavell or Liebe's side of the family, their thought of logic would be totally ruined.

" Well vampires, demons, or whatever you want to call us tend to lean more towards the same gender, well in our family anyways, so we can turn into the opposite to have a child," He explained as best he could. " Evra wanted another child so he turned into a girl. Lavell is not going to really be happy about that."

" So he has to stay a girl for nine months?" Alice asked trying to get everything straight.

" No, only nine weeks,"

" Why?"

" Because he's a Kitsune,"

" Oh….." Alice nodded seeing the logic in that kinda. " Can Liebe do that?"

" No one thought that…well we all thought he was impotent, but he's not. He's not."

" Why did you think he was?" Alice looked at him curiously.

" Cecil had a thing for threesomes and Liebe had to screw a lot of girls because of it. Plus Liebe has a thing with cumming more than just once, but none of the women ever got knocked up," Gabri said. " But when Liebe did Cecil as a girl he got knocked up. Liebe doesn't know that he has a son….for one Cecil and hi broke up and two we didn't know how Liebe would react. After Cecil's passing he doesn't have any parents."

" Oh boy….wait I thought Cecil was still alive. That's what Darren told Liebe and Edward!" She was starting to get upset if they were lying to him that much.

" He passed away last night, no one's had a chance to tell him…I'm hoping that he and Edward wouldn't mind a little addition. Liebe needs to know."

" Well I know now," Liebe said leaning against the door way, Jasper behind him keeping him calm.

' Edward told him,' Jasper mouthed to Alice so that she wouldn't think they were spying.

Alice sighed and shook her head. Nice going Edward piss off the werewolf why don't you. She thought.

" I just didn't want you to hurt the child," Gabri said.

" I wouldn't have cause the child is mine too…or do you not trust me that much?" Liebe said so hurt.

" It's not that I don't trust you…it's just I don't know if you are ready for a child yet," Gabri said knowing that it's hard work, and with Cecil having taken care of him for so long without him knowing, god knows what would be wrong with the child. " That child is not going to be the way you think he is Liebe. That little boy has more issues than the New York Times."

" That's a wonderful way of putting it," Emmett said leaning against the door. There was a small boy at his side, half way hiding behind his leg. He looked no older than four, and looked like Liebe. " I found him wondering around, didn't want him getting into trouble."

Liebe walked over and kneeled down to the boy's size. The boy looked at him with scared green eyes, and started to shake and backed away from him.

" I'm not going to hurt you," Liebe smiled kindly at the child holding out his hand.

The boy leaned forward a little, sniffing Liebe's hand like a dog would sniff something that it's never had before. He knew that scent, having heard Cecil, his 'mother', talk about the man before him and let him sleep in his over sized shirts. Even if his 'mother' had spoke well of him he was scared that the two would be one and the same. He tested the water as he gave a cute babyish smile back. He went up to his father and wrapped his small arms around his too big chest, giving a small whimper as if trying to say that he wanted to be picked up.

Liebe picked him up and held him, and kissed his forehead. The boy clung to him, looking around at everyone in the room. He whimpered and buried his face into Liebe's shoulder not liking so many people looking at him.

Edward was in and stopped seeing the child. The child looked back at Edward his green eyes filled with tears that threatened to spill over any second. Edward could hear the fear in the little boy's thoughts, seeing it in his eyes and face. His face softened as he went over to Liebe, watching the child seeing that he clung to Liebe more now. There was so much tension in the room from Gabri and Alice. What did they think he was going to do? Disown Liebe and the poor child, no. He could see that Cecil had hurt the child in some way, which was why he was so scared of everyone right now. He would never let anyone hurt that child again or they would be nothing more that mangled bits and pieces of once was a body. He would protect Liebe too.

" It's okay," Edward spoke softly, gently rubbing his cold fingers on his cheek, and smiled. " You're safe now."

The little boy looked at him and Liebe in awe. He's never had people be so nice to him. He took hold of Edward's finger, holding it tight.

" Daddies no leave?" His small voice sounded scared, because Cecil always left him alone in the dark. He was so scared of the dark.

Liebe kissed the top of the boy's head as Edwards kissed his forehead.

" We will never leave you," They said meaning it.

The boy smiled brightly. " Danke you.." He said.

Alice sniffled so touched by the sight and the fact that her brother was a daddy. Emmett hadn't really paid attention to it as he looked at Darren's motionless badly. He felt so bad for being so mean to him, yet he was happy for his brother and Liebe and would do his best to have a good relationship with their child, be a good uncle. Gabri was surprised that they boy warmed up to them so fast.

" What's his name?" Alice asked.

Edward and Liebe looked at each other not knowing, then looked at Gabri.

" He wouldn't tell me his name," Gabri said. " Those are the first words I've ever heard him say."

" Adrian," The little boy said. " I Adrian."

" What a cute name!" Alice giggled. " And it fits him so well."

" I'm just surprised he's talking," Gabri said. " Or that he is able to talk…."

Carlisle walked in. " I need everyone out. I'm going to run a few tests on Darren," He looked at Gabri with a look of sadness. " If you don't mind."

" By all means go ahead," Gabri smiled weakly, ready to go into tears.

Carlisle nodded his head. If he wasn't so concerned about getting Darren better, if he could, he would have noticed the little boy in Liebe's arms, but didn't.

Gabri and Emmett got out of the room as fast as they could, without having to be told twice. They didn't like seeing Darren like that knowing that he was more than likely not going to come out of it. Liebe took Edward's and, and held Adrian on his hip with the other as he walked out of the room with them. Alice followed slowly, then stopped at the opening as images of blood and tears filled her head. She turned away from the decoration of the waiting room and headed to the nearest boy's bathroom, having this sudden urge to find Lavell. Her vision having something to do with him.

After five minutes in the waiting room Adrian got tired of being in Liebe's lap, so he crawled over into the next seat into Edward's. Edward looked at Adrian curiously, and Adrian looked back at him curiously as well. Edward adored the boy's green eyes and red hair. He could have passed for the boy's father if he was human again.

Adrian looked at Edward cutely with puppy dog eyes.

" I gots to go potty…." He needed someone to take him. He didn't know where the bathroom was for one and he didn't like being alone.

" Okay," Edward got up, picking up Adrian and started towards the nearest bathroom. " I'll be right back, Liebe."

" Alright," Liebe smiled brightly seeing they were getting along so well so fast.

Alice opened the door to the boy's bathroom that she thought Lavell might be in, she hoped he was in. She walked into the boy's bathroom, asking like she was going in on accident. She could smell blood coming from one of the stalls and heard the drip..drip as it hit the floor.

She walked down looking under all the stalls for the one that had blood on the floor. She came to the very last one, blood pooled on the floor.

" Lavell?"

" Go away?" He answered which meant that he wasn't dead or bleeding out and unconscious, but that still didn't mean that he wasn't slowly bleeding to death.

" Lavell, please come out," Alice said her hands on the stall door. " Hurting yourself isn't going to make things better."

" Hurt myself?" His tone carried that one of shock, like how could she think that. " I'm not cutting Alice. I have pieces of glass in me and I'm trying to get them out."

" Do you know how much you're bleeding!"

Lavell looked at the floor, then looked at the four empty bottles of water that he used to clean the wounds out.

" It's mostly water," He chuckled and pushed the water bottles under the stall door. " I was using them to clean out my wounds before I sewed them up. I don't bleed much actually."

" But shouldn't you let a doctor do that?"

" Nah, I could be a doctor if I wanted to, but I saw what my kinda stepmom and brother go through, and I don't wanna go through that."

" Oh," Alice said throwing the bottles away still wondering if he was doing this just to hurt himself.

" I'm not, stop worrying…I'm almost done," Lavell said then chuckled. " Don't worry until I say oops."

" That's not funny," Alice whimpered a little.

" Most of them time people laugh at that one. My brother always did when I was cooking or sewing," Lavell said, then sighed missing his brother. He finished up and walked out shirtless, most of the wounds had healed before he could sew them so he didn't looked like she thought he would. " See everything is good." He smiled.

" Okay, I thought you were…" She trailed off.

" Cutting. You and a lot of others would have thought the same," Lavell gave her a reassuring smiled and hug. " Truth is I'm too stubborn to let a doctor help me sometimes."

Alice nodded her head feeling like he was telling the truth. Then she thought of something.

" Hey Lavell?"

" Hm?"

" Have you ever tried to have a kid? Gabri was telling me about the changing genders," She was going to say more but the sudden sad look on Lavell's face stopped her.

" I-I have," Lavell said. " But I lost it, because I got hurt."

" I'm so sorry," Alice gasped hugging onto his arm. " D-do you know…the gender."

" It was a little girl," Lavell said remembering how she looked. Lavell had almost made it to full term. She took a lot after Darren. " She looked just like her daddy…."

" There was nothing you could do?" Alice asked, feeling his pain.

Lavell shook his head. " The bullet hit her heart. I almost died from internal bleeding…didn't stop the family from trying to save her though."

" You could always try again," Alice said trying to give him a little hope.

" You're type can't make babies, and you can't bare them," Lavell said.

" That's not true. Edward had gotten Bella pregnant, though…it slowly killed her, but she lived through it," Alice said.

" How did Bella die?" He asked out of curiously if it wasn't from the baby. " What happened to the child?"

" The higher ups took him, and the venom had an…" She sighed, trying to think of a good way to put it. " It was like silver to a werewolf to her."

" I see," Lavell nodded. " I don't think Jasper likes me." He said changing the subject.

" Why do you say that?"

" He's never said a word to me," Lavell sighed deeply. " I just feel like I----" He stopped as a shiver ran through his body. " Darren…" He took off out the bathroom.

" Lavell!" She called and raced after him. " What's wrong?"

Alice was at Lavell's heels in seconds; they were almost to Darren's room, close enough to hear the dull buzz of the flat line tone and soft curses of Carlisle that fought to get Darren back. Lavell looked on in horror. He hadn't thought that Darren would have gone this fast.

" Darren!" He called out, tears streaming down his face. H went to run in the room, but Alice held him back. " Darren…." He whimpered.

" I love you, Lavell," Darren's voice whispered in Lavell's ear and he looked to his right to see Darren's ghost.

" Don't leave me! Darren, please don't leave me!" Lavell pleaded to him, crying his eyes out. No matter what Alice did to comfort him it didn't work. Lavell was losing the most important person in his life other than his father, there was no comforting him.

" Lavell, I'm not totally leaving," Darren smiled at him, then kissed him. " You know where to find me if you need me." Then he vanished.

" Call it," Carlisle sighed deeply.

Alice looked at Lavell, worrying about him. He was breathing hard, and had a scared look in his eyes. She feared that his heart was giving him problems like before.

That wasn't it at all. Lavell, in some sense, was in shock. He suddenly felt alone, lost, and trapped, like he's just lost everyone in one moment. He just couldn't stay there right now to see his family hurt, to know that Darren was truly gone. He jerked away from Alice, turned into a small fox and took off; racing to get out of the hospital and to the safety of the woods.

" Lavell!!" Alice went to catch him, but he was too fast, almost Edward fast.

Carlisle touched Alice's shoulder. She looked at him seeing the sorrow in his eyes.

" He'll be alright," He told her. " He just needs some time alone, to think."

Alice frowned not wanting to leave him alone. To her he seemed like the type of person you didn't want to leave alone when they were upset, but she would listen to Carlisle and leave him alone for the moment.

" Do you wish to be alone, because I need to go deliver the bad news as much as I would hate too,"

" No, I don't want to be alone. Someone's going to need a woman's comfort and we all know Rose isn't going to do a thing."

Carlisle smiled a little at her remark, it was true.

" Thank you, Alice," he said starting to walk to the waiting room with Alice right behind him. He admired her for being such a trooper.

Adrian was sleeping in Liebe's arms, sucking his thumb. Edward watched him adoringly, holding Liebe's hand tightly. Liebe was tense and if Edward wasn't a vampire his hand would be nothing more than a mess of broken bits of bone. Jasper and Emmett sat next to each other, faces unreadable. Rosalie nowhere in sight. Though there were two new people, one had to be Evra, who was in his woman form looking five months along. Gabri had his head in Evra's lap as he tried to comfort Gabri; slowly smoothing his hair, humming. Then there was another woman that stood on the other side of the room glaring at Gabri and Evra.

" You must be Evra," Carlisle said.

" Yes, I am," Evra said kindly, feeling add in a woman's body. He didn't really like people seeing him like this.

Carlisle nodded and looked at the other. He didn't like the looks of her, no one seemed too.

" Who are you?" He asked gently.

" I'm Darren's mother, May-lin," She said. " How is my boy because it's obvious that his idiot of a father can't ta-----" May-lin stopped, catching Edward's glare. She knew that she had no right to talk about him not taking care of their son.

Gabri's body tightened and he whimpered. It didn't matter if she was right or not, if Darren died he would forever blame himself, thinking that he failed somehow, somewhere. Evra felt and saw what Gabri was thinking and frowned.

" About that," Carlisle sighed, and Gabri already knew what was coming. " Gabri, May-lin I'm deeply sorry, but Darren didn't make it."

" What?!" May-lin growled then glared at Gabri. " This is all your and that fox's homo son's fault!"

" It's not his fa----" Evra started, but May-lin smacked him.

" Stay out of it you slut!"

Carlisle went to pull her out of the room, but Gabri stood and looked at May-lin with a look that could kill.

" I'm only going to tell you this once and once only. You don't listen I will not hesitate to kill you," He said firmly, his eyes aflame with hate and anger. " I want you to leave, get out of my life. I don't want to see you at the funeral, or anywhere near my family or the Cullen'. So help me God if I do I will rip out your heart, then that pretty little head of yours right off your shoulders. Now get out." He pointed to the door. He watched as she hesitated at first, then rusted for the door.

Gabri took a deep breath calming down just as fast as he'd gotten angry. He looked at everyone's stunned face, expect for Adrian, who slept through the whole thing. He felt ashamed.

" Sorry.." Gabri looked down, ready for a break down.

" Don't be," Evra hugged him, kissing his cheek.

" She crossed the wrong line," Edward said. " At least you beat me or Carlisle to her."

Emmett looked at Gabri with that sort of admiration like Gabri was his hero.

" You showed her!" He cheered.

Even though he had people telling him that he had every right to do that he felt ashamed and awful. One he'd threatened to kill a woman, two he told her that she couldn't say good-bye to her son. If someone did that to him he would have been devastated. So he couldn't help but feel like a total ass.

Jasper sent out to calm everyone down. Gabri looked at him, feeling calmer in seconds.

" Thank you," He smiled at him.

" Welcome," Jasper returned the smiled.

Edward felt Liebe's hand trembling in his hand and looked at him. He looked heartbroken and angry, he was shaking so badly that Adrian got up and went to Edward's lap.

" Liebe?" He whispered, worried.

" I want to kill that woman," He said and looked at Gabri. " Can I?"

" No, Liebe," Gabri said softly, still beating himself up inside. " It's not your place to harm her."

" Fine," He pouted, and didn't stop shaking.

Adrian whimpered. He didn't like the thought of killing or death. It was a horrible scary thing to him, and it hurt people. Not just the victim, but their family and friends.

" Daddy isn't going to hurt the lady, Adrian," Edward cooed, trying to comfort the boy, holding him close.

Carlisle noticed the boy now that Edward was talking too. Adrian looked back at Carlisle curiously, Carlisle was new to him as well. He'd been sleeping when Carlisle had entered the waiting room.

" Hi," Adrian said giving a cute child's wave.

" Hi," Carlisle smiled at him. " Where'd you come from, little one?"

Adrian pointed to Liebe and said. " Daddy."

" Awwws!" Evra giggled along with Alice.

Carlisle understood a little bit. He understood the boy was Liebe's but how.

" His ex, Cecil, passed away and he had nowhere else to go," Edward said then smiled. " So you're a grandpa now!"

Carlisle got a serious doctor look on his face. There was something in the boy that caught his interest. He wanted to do a check up on him.

" Don't try it," Evra told him.

" Why?"

" He won't let you, we're tried and the doctor got hurt," Evra explained a little more. " He freaked about taking his clothing off."

" Alright," Carlisle nodded, then looked at the boy. He was sleeping again. " Maybe you two should take him to the house."

" Yeah," Liebe said, wanting to get out the hospital so badly.

Edward picked up Adrian, then looked at Liebe asked he stood up as well still having a bit of that heartbroken look on his face, but who could blame him. He'd just lost a member of his 'pack'. He was mourning, as well as Gabri, he was just glad that Liebe left Darren's body; unlike Jacob, who had a hard time leaving even though they both still had a piece of Bella with which brought up the issue of telling Liebe that.

" I have my car waiting outside," Edward said as they walked to the exit. " You want to drive."

" Can you," Liebe looked at him with pleading eyes. " I'm scared I'll go to fast and crash."

" Alright," Edward nodded handing Adrian off to him once he'd gotten into the passenger side. " When we get home get some sleep. You haven't slept since yesterday."

Liebe just nodded his head, even though the last thing he wanted to do was go to sleep.