A Change In The Status Quo

"Are the cops here yet?" Todd yelled as he rapidly packed as many things as he could into a suitcase.

"No, but I hear sirens," Pietro said as he looked out the door. Then rapidly began to resume packing. "Then again they could be too busy dealing with a destroyed school, a Sentinel wreckage and a volcano."

"Look on the bright side! Now this dump has a tourist attraction," Pyro said cheerfully.

"Yeah! I can see it now! The twelve o clock show of them throwing us into the volcano as a sacrifice!" Lance yelled. "Where the hell is my spare helmet?"

"I used it as a spare fruit bowl and put apples in it," Fred called out to him.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Lance snapped as he stormed downstairs to get his helmet.

"Why do you keep wearing a fruit bowl on your head?" Pyro asked.

"It's not a fruit bowl!" Lance snapped.

"Well it looks like one," Todd said. "You know I always wanted to ask you about that…"

"It's a helmet! A helmet!" Lance snapped. "It protects my head!"

"Why? There's nothing in it," Pietro snickered.

"I am sick and tired of you guys messing with my helmet!" Lance tore through the kitchen looking for it. "It's not here!"

"It's on the table! If it had teeth it would bite you!" Fred shouted.

"You know Lance, I wasn't going to say anything to you," Wanda said. "Like ever but that helmet is really not you."

"Since when are you the fashion police?" Lance snapped.

"She's been taking lessons from me," Pietro zoomed in. "She's right though. That helmet may be practical what with you always causing things to fall down but it just doesn't make you look cool. Why don't you try goggles instead?"

"Goggles? What you want me to look like Summers?" Lance found his helmet and turned it over, letting all the apples fall on the floor.

"Not exactly but you have to admit those shades do make him look cool," Todd hopped by with a back pack and threw random food in it. "Not at night maybe but they are kind of mysterious."

"Yeah but does he really need to look like Summers in order to improve his image?" Fred walked in with Pyro.

"I'm not saying that! I'm just saying he should get his own goggles," Pietro said.

"Oh you mean like the ones on TV with night vision!" Todd nodded.

"Exactly! Or heat imaging!" Pietro said. "Now that would be cool!"

"And where exactly would he get goggles like that?" Wanda asked.

"Goggles R Us?" Pyro asked.

"Brilliant idea Pyro," Lance rolled his eyes. "Aw man! It has a crack in it! I can't wear this either! What did you do to it?"

"Oh yeah we were playing Throw Stuff Against The Wall and…" Fred began.

"Never mind!" Lance threw it away.

"It made you look like a dork anyway," Pietro said. "Trust me Lance, goggles are the way to go. Maybe some orange ones?"

"Wouldn't that clash with his outfit?" Pyro asked.

"I dunno, maybe?" Pietro said. "You know I'm thinking it's time you changed your uniform. Who else is thinking makeover?"

"Ooh! Ooh! Can I get one too?" Todd asked. "You know I was thinking this uniform is kind of getting a little stale."

"Maybe if you washed your uniform more often?" Pietro held his nose.

"I can see his point," Fred told them. "You know I could see Toad in some kind of black gothic look. Like a long black trench coat and stuff."

"You know that might just work," Pietro realized.

"Oh yeah that would be really cool!" Todd nodded. "And I could have some cool weapons like a bo staff or something! Or ninja throwing stars!"

"Hey if Lance is gonna get night vision goggles why not?" Pyro asked.

"You know we could design a whole new…" Pietro began.

"WILL YOU IDIOTS KNOCK IT OFF?" Wanda shouted at them. "I don't believe this! The cops are gonna be here any minute and all you can do is talk about fashion!"

"Please! What are those rent a cops going to do? Throw donuts at Blob?" Pietro snickered. "We can handle them! Nothing can stop the Brotherhood!"


"That's not me! I swear!" Lance shouted as the house shook.

"It's coming from outside!" Wanda shouted. They all ran out and saw four giant metal spheres land on the front lawn.

"Uh oh…" Pietro gulped.

"Uh that might stop us Pietro," Fred told him.

"We are in so much trouble," Todd gulped.

"You are so right! I always knew you maniacs would wreck the school but I had no idea how bad!" Mystique fumed as she and Magneto emerged from the spheres.

"Hey! For once it wasn't our fault!" Todd protested.

"Yeah blame the Sentinel and Magma for that!" Lance agreed. "I mean even we can't make a volcano!"

"Actually…" Pyro began,

"Pyro. Shut up," Wanda glared at him.

"Take only what is necessary," Mystique spoke. "It's time for us to move."

"No problem! I'll get all our stuff!" Pietro zoomed back and forth in and out of the house until a small pile of luggage was on the lawn.

"Are there some of our stuff in there or is it all yours?" Lance asked.

"Yeah this is my comic book collection and stuff all right," Todd pointed to one crate.

"Oh and my lighter collection! Yay!" Pyro cheered.

"Start loading them up," Mystique ordered the Brotherhood. "Do we really have to bring them with us?"

"I was hoping to wait until my new base was finished and other precautions were taken but I see I have no choice," Magneto said.

"New base?" Lance asked.

"It is no longer safe for the Brotherhood to remain in Bayville any longer," Magneto said.

"What's left of it," Mystique grumbled as she folded her arms.

"Like we said before, not our fault!" Pietro bristled.

"I believe you," Magneto said with an uncharacteristic tone of gentleness. Then his voice became stern. "Assign blame where it belongs with the human race!"

"Yeah all we were doing was helping the X-Men! Like you said! Help fellow mutants in need!" Todd piped up. "We were bringing down the Sentinel and the school! Tools of mutant oppression! Fight the power!"

"Just get in the spheres!" Mystique groaned.

"Father where exactly are we going?" Pietro asked.

"To our new headquarters," Magneto spoke before they entered the metal spheres. "A charming little island I personally liberated from the humans. Our new mutant haven. A place called Genosha."

"Well this first week of school has been a complete and total disaster," Rogue groaned as most of the X-Men waited in the living room to find out what was going to happen to them. It had been several hours since the incident and they were all still trying to comprehend what had happened.

"Rogue, we've been humiliated, protested against, tormented, attacked by a Sentinel, destroyed the school as well as half the town and just set back mutant/human relations for at least twenty years!" Kitty told her. "Disaster doesn't even come close to this!"

"The Professor said we would make an impact being the first generation of outed mutants to attend public school but I don't think this is what he had in mind," Jean groaned.

"Look at the bright side," Tabitha said. "At least we got out of weekend detention."

"And I thought the Brotherhood House was crazy," Gambit groaned.

"At least that stupid ray that took away our powers wasn't permanent," Kitty said. "Wonder how exactly they did that?"

"I just hope they never find a way to make it permanent," Scott said.

"I just hope we have more mouthwash," Rogue grumbled. "Five bottles and two tubes of toothpaste was still not enough to get the taste of Quicksilver out of my mouth!"

"Remind Gambit to kill Quicksilver later..." Remy grumbled. "Very painfully..."

"Only if you let me help," Rogue said.

"Deal," Gambit nodded.

"Could have been worse," Kurt joked. "It could have been Toad!"

"Boy the media is really making a big deal out of this aren't they?" Bobby remarked as he watched coverage of the volcano's eruption. "We're on CNN and everything!"

"There goes Principal Bricklebee," Sam said.


"So how many does that make exactly?" Sam asked. "I mean how many principals have we driven off?"

"Let's see there's Mystique, Kelly, Hodge and that other guy from last semester," Ray counted off.

"Oh don't forget the Brotherhood kind of drove two temporary principals away," Rogue said. "You know when Mystique first disappeared and right before Kelly?"

"There was two of them?" Kitty asked.

"Yeah they got to that one principal before school and he never even showed up his first day of work," Scott reminded her. "Drove out of town and was never heard from again."

"So counting this guy that's seven," Kurt reasoned.

"Eight if you count my principal," Jamie grumbled.

"How did that happen again?" Rogue inquired.

"Don't ask," Jamie groaned. "Let's just say she went the way this guy did."

"Eight principals in less than four years. That has to be some kind of record," Kurt groaned.

"And we broke it," Kitty groaned. "Like we broke everything else!"

"We didn't avalanche the school into rubble," Bobby said.

"No, just buried it under a ton of lava," Tabitha said.

"Look we started the volcano, we gotta fix it!" Kitty said.

"How? Throw a chunk of ice in it?" Bobby asked. "Magma's down for the count. Even if she was up and about the cops won't let us."

"Judging by all those tanks out there, I think they've made it very clear we have to stay put or else," Tabitha sighed as she looked out the window. "They really didn't have to call in the National Guard to watch us!"

"How are Magma and Amanda?" Jean asked as Ororo and Hank walked in.

"Are they okay?" Kurt asked.

"Magma is still unconscious but she'll wake up," Hank said. "She's merely exhausted. She severely taxed her mutant powers."

"She created a volcano," Ray said. "She should be!"

"Are you all right Storm?" Scott asked.

"My powers have returned," Ororo said. "The experience left me a little shaken but otherwise I am fine."

"Yeah we're back to normal too Scott," Rogue grunted. "Unfortunately."

Amanda walked in. "Amanda! You're all right!" Kurt went to her.

"Yeah I'm fine. Still a little tired and shaken but I'm okay," Amanda nodded. "Mr. McCoy just did a blood test. Guess I'm a mutant too. Just a late bloomer."

"So, my girlfriend is a teleporter like me," Kurt said. "What are the odds?"

"About the same as a volcano appearing in a football field," Tabitha rolled her eyes.

"Well?" Scott asked as Logan and Xavier entered the room. The looks on their faces said it all. "It's not good is it?"

"What do you think?" Logan asked. "But lucky for us Fury doesn't hold us to blame. Well for most of it anyway."

"Where did that oversized tin can come from?" Rogue snapped.

"From what they figured out it was a friend of a friend of one of the fathers of those jocks Sam beat up," Logan said. "From what they could tell it was an experimental Sentinel. Brand new."

"I thought SHIELD got all of them mothballed after the Apocalypse incident?" Scott asked.

"They did. But Trask disappeared shortly after that incident and it appears someone helped him," Logan grunted.

"Which means either the government or a rogue agency is making Sentinels again," Jean realized. "More powerful ones."

"Bingo. And they decided to test their new model right here," Logan growled.

"That thing nearly killed us all but we're going to get the blame!" Rogue snapped.

"This is all my fault. I should have known someone would have tried something like this," Xavier sighed. "I knew there were dangers into letting you all go back to school exposed as mutants but I put them aside. I was so certain that we could prove that humans and mutants could coexist in a public high school…Obviously I was mistaken. It was too soon. Neither side was completely ready."

"Ya think?" Logan pointed a thumb out the window. A pillow of smoke and ash were seen emanating from the high school miles away.

"It's not all your fault Professor..." Rogue said.

"Yes it is..." Xavier said.

"Professor if we really wanted to none of us would have gone back," Ray said. "We could have run off like Evan did or gotten ourselves expelled just like that. I hated it but I was willing to stick it out because I thought we could do some good."

"For once Ray's got a point," Roberto said. "We all knew the risks, or at least we were pretty sure of them and thought we could handle it."

"We just had no clue how low those creeps would stoop to," Tabitha grumbled.

"We're expelled aren't we?" Kitty asked.

"Kitty there isn't even a school anymore where we can get expelled!" Bobby shouted. "Whatever's left of it is buried under a ton of lava and Sentinel parts!"

"Can't we just like…unmake the volcano or something?" Ray asked.

"You can't just unmake a volcano once it's been made," Hank sighed.

"It's not like a popped zit," Bobby said. "Once it's done oozing out stuff it goes away. That just doesn't happen."

"They're not gonna let us try and fix it are they?" Scott asked.

"I'm afraid not," Xavier sighed. "We're lucky no one is going to be arrested for this incident."

"Not that I'm looking forward to prison stripes but why?" Tabitha asked.

"Let's just say we kind of made a deal with SHIELD and the authorities. We all agreed maybe it's a good idea if we all left town for a while," Logan groaned.

"Leave town?" Kitty yelled.

"Define 'a while'?" Rogue asked.

"At least until the volcano becomes dormant," Hank sighed.


"Which by my calculations could be about a year or two," Hank sighed. "Maybe three."


"Five years tops," Hank said.

"We have to close the Institute aren't we?" Scott asked.

"Not close, relocate," Hank corrected. "The Professor has another mansion in a more secure and remote location. You will all simply continue your education there in a much more protective environment away from Bayville."

"How far away from Bayville are we talking about?" Rogue asked.

"San Francisco," Hank admitted.

"SAN FRANCISCO?" All the students shouted.

"Is that where you left your heart?" Tabitha asked. Everyone groaned. "Well somebody had to do that joke sooner or later!"

"What about Amanda?" Kurt held Amanda's hand. "What about her?"

"I just got off the phone with her mother and she agrees that perhaps it's not a bad idea if she accompanies us for now," Xavier said.

"But we can't just leave Bayville? What about our friends?" Kitty asked.

"What friends?" Rogue said. "Everybody hates us!"

"What about school? I mean are we gonna have to go to another public school and go through all this again?" Tabitha asked.

"No, we've learned our lesson," Logan folded his arms. "Finally!"

"You will all be taught on campus," Xavier said. "Where you'll be safe from persecution."

"What about the Brotherhood?" Kurt asked.

"What about them?" Rogue asked. "They're not coming too are they?"

"No, I believe Magneto has already taken his team to another remote location," Xavier said.

"So in other words we are all leaving Bayville behind for probably forever," Rogue counted down. "After accidentally destroying Bayville Hell High School and leaving all those jerks who tormented us behind. And we're getting away from the Brotherhood too and moving to the other side of the country? Is that the gist of it?"

"That's correct Rogue," Xavier sighed.

"I'm going to go pack," Rogue said cheerfully. "I gotta admit, this week ended up a lot better than I thought it would!"