"Hey, Naruto!" someone yelled out before a teenager with bright blond hair and sparkling blue eyes turned around, scratching at one of his whiskered cheeks when he saw who it was. "I've been looking all over for you all day!"

"Sorry, Kiba," Naruto said with a nervous laugh. Kiba stopped right in front of him with an annoyed look on his face. His brown hair was spiked up, almost as wild as Naruto's, and his dog-like dark brown eyes were twitching slightly at the brow before a snarl pulled back at his lips, scrunching up his cheeks that held large red upside-down triangles.

"Did you at least bring it?" Kiba impatiently asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yeah, of course!" Naruto replied in a sharp tone, snapping his arm to his side before sliding his backpack off of his other arm. "I got it in here," he sated, digging through the pack. Kiba leaned over him, looking into the disaster area known as Naruto's Backpack. Naruto gave a victorious cry before pulling out a cassette and handing it to the brunet, who quickly grabbed it before ruffling up Naruto's already messy hair. "Hey!" the blond protested.

"Thanks for remembering," Kiba sighed. "For once," he added with a laugh before Naruto tackled him to the ground. "I was playing around!" Kiba laughed out as they rolled on the ground. Some of the students, used to the two having playful fights, simply moved out of the way. Naruto could have sworn he heard someone yelling about how 'youthful' their playfulness was. When they crashed into a tree, Naruto was suddenly yanked away from the brunet, who was pulled away by someone else wearing a large white overcoat that had a collar large enough to cover half his face and sunglasses over his eyes.

Naruto looked over his own shoulder to see a raven-haired male with pale skin holding him back with arms around his waist. The raven looked down at him with dark coal eyes before soft lips brushed against Naruto's. "Hey," he greeted. "Starting fights with Kiba already, dobe?"

"Shove off, teme," Naruto growled out with a smile before tackling the raven to the ground, straddling his waist.

"As much as I love having you in this position, Naruto, I don't think this is the appropriate time and place for it," the brunet said before Naruto was knocked off by Kiba.

"Damn you, Sasuke!" Naruto cursed. "You distracted me from Kiba!"

"I did no such thing," Sasuke scoffed, getting to his feet before brushing off some dirt that clung to his pants. "Shino let him go," he added, looking over to the teenager wearing the overcoat. Shino sighed slightly before grabbing Kiba by the back of his jacket and dragging the brunet away. Sasuke chuckled slightly before holding out his hand, which Naruto took, before pulling the blond to his feet. "What were you two fighting about this time, dobe?"

"He called me forgetful," Naruto replied with a shrug.

"That was the most youthful battle I have seen in such a long time, Naruto!" someone shouted before the pair turned to look at a teen with bowl-cut black hair, thick eyebrows, round eyes, and wearing a green outfit. Next to him was a red-head with dark rings around his calm teal eyes and a red tattoo for 'Ai' on his right temple.

"Thanks, Lee," Naruto unsurely replied before looking over to the red-head. "Why do you like him when he yells things about that, Gaara?" Gaara shrugged.

"Come on before we're late," Sasuke sighed. "Itachi said if we're late one more time, we both get a detention."

"You know, I would think that having an older brother as one of your teachers, you could get away with anything," Gaara commented, walking next to Naruto's other side with Lee next to him.

"Itachi isn't a pushover and won't do anything for you unless you do something for him first," Sasuke stated with a slow shake of his head. "And it pisses me off that we have him right after lunch. Not to mention he can smell a lie a hundred miles away." He sighed again. "The only thing I can ask him for is to get Orochimaru-sensei to leave me alone."

"Molesting you again?" Naruto asked, tucking his binder and books under his arm.

"He has Kabuto!" Sasuke pointed out. "Why is he messing around with me?"

"He just thinks it's funny," the blond replied with a small shrug.

"He only leaves you alone, Naruto, because you're so smart at Chemistry and get A's all the time," Gaara said, pointing his index finger towards the blushing blond. "I bet if you were as bad and as easily manipulated as the rest of the campus, he would get you, too."

"Sasuke's not manipulative," Naruto argued with a small glare as they entered through the doors.

"How about a random change in subject?" Sasuke asked, looking back and forth between his boyfriend and the red-head. "Anyone hear any good rumors going around lately?"

"Oh! I have!" Lee shouted. "I've heard that Neji's dating Hinata!"

"His own cousin?" Gaara asked, raising a thin eyebrow.

"Wouldn't that be called incest or something?" Naruto said with an unsure look on his face.

"Well his father hasn't said anything about it, as far as I know," Lee continued. "But I believe this rumor is true because I saw them both making out after school!"

"Don't shout it to the entire school," Sasuke muttered under his breath before they heard the warning bell ring. "We better hurry up or we'll never hear the end of it from Itachi."

"It's weird calling your brother 'sensei', you know that, right?" Gaara asked before all four broke into a sprint down the hall. They wouldn't have had to if Itachi's classroom was closer, but unfortunately, Itachi's classroom and the Cafeteria (especially where the gang usually eats) are on opposite sides of the school. They barely made it into the room before the tardy bell rang.

"You should call yourselves lucky you were in before the bell," a monotone voice spoke before Sasuke glared over at his older brother. Itachi had long black hair he always tied into a low ponytail. His skin was probably paler then Sasuke's by a shade, but unlike his younger brother, Itachi had lines going from his strange red eyes to his cheeks. "And here I thought I would have to stay after again," Itachi sighed before looking over to the four. "Take your seats." Sasuke scoffed, snapping his head to a random direction before he and Naruto went to their seats in the back. "And no touching, Sasuke."

Some of the class laughed as Sasuke turned slightly red, glaring at the older Uchiha. "I wonder why that sounds so familiar," Sasuke said out loud, wanting to embarrass Itachi, who just looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Oh yeah. Isn't that what I say back home when you bring Kisame over?" Some of the class was too nervous to laugh. Other chuckled. The rest were just surprised that Sasuke talked back to the teacher.

"No," Itachi calmly said. "That's what you say when Tobi and Deidara are over and spending the night in the guest room. Or was it Hidan and Kakuzu you say that to?" He smirked up at Sasuke victoriously, seeing the glare his brother was giving him growing heavier. "Enough of this, Sasuke. Sit down and allow me to start the lesson for today."

Sasuke gave a dignified snort before dropping himself into his seat. Naruto, fortunately, sat right next to him, so he didn't think of the class as the worst. Lee, Gaara, and Shikamaru were the only other ones of the gang that were in the same class. Sasuke was glad it was that way or he would go insane for multiple reasons.

One: His older brother and only family left was his teacher. And both had ways to annoy the other or attempt to embarrass him. Sasuke remembered the first day of school and found out his older brother was one of his teachers. He thought he could get away with anything, but Itachi proved him wrong. As soon as Sasuke messed up on something, Itachi made sure the entire class knew what. If Sasuke got a detention, Itachi made it known.

Two: there were a couple of people he deeply loathed with a passion. Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino both have had a crush on him since elementary school. And not to mention they were practically presidents of his Fan Club that they started themselves. They were always competing for him and trying to flirt with him. He had to suppress a laugh when he remembered the looks on their faces when they found out he was gay and dating Uzumaki Naruto.

Three: Itachi brought in his friends every now and again or they invite themselves. The scariest one to visit was Kisame, who enjoyed freaking everyone out with his smiles that showed off his sharp teeth. He earned the title 'Shark Man' from his appearance of blue skin and gill-like tattoos under his eyes.

Naruto kept glancing around all over the room, looking from face to face and not even listening to the lecture. He went to Sasuke and Itachi's house often so if he ever needed help in this class, he could just go ask Itachi. He wasn't as bad as Sasuke made him seen. Itachi was actually fairly kind to the blond and helped him when he needed it. That often made Sasuke overprotective and jealous, like he knew Itachi was trying something but wasn't going to say it. Still, he would catch a word with Itachi every now and then and the older brunet would help him with work he found confusing.

There were a lot of reasons why he liked this class and rarely understood why Sasuke hated it. They had a few friends in here. The raven's older brother was the teacher. Naruto always thought it was better that Sasuke's older brother was the teacher and not his own. If his older brother was the teacher, they would never get anything done since all he cared about was goofing off.

He sighed, lowering his head into his arms and finally deciding to watch and listen to the teacher. Sasuke was just leaning back in his chair, staring out one of the windows, but a pink-haired teenage girl with jade eyes sat near the windows, so she thought Sasuke was looking at her. She gave a small squeal before looking towards another teenage girl with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail and dull blue eyes. She just gave a huff before snapping her head another direction.

"Haruno-san," Itachi said. "I would appreciate it if you didn't make noises every time you believe Sasuke is looking towards you. And Sasuke, pay attention because I'm not helping you later."

Sasuke blinked a couple times before glaring at his older brother. Sakura blushed a bright red, lowering her head in embarrassment. Naruto glanced towards her before she turned around and glared at him. 'Bitch,' he thought. 'What did I ever do to her? I've always tried to be nice to her and she just shoves me to the side.'

'What does my Sasuke-kun see in that blond idiot?!' Sakura screeched in her mind. 'He's not even that cute! He's not cute at all!'

Itachi continued on with his lesson, ignoring the glare his brother was giving him. After passing out the assignment, he went over and sat at his desk, pulling out a small book from one of the drawers in his desk as the students worked on the worksheet. Naruto scanned over the picture and groaned slightly. Word problems. Out of everything that involves mathematics, he despised word problems with a passion. He heard Sasuke chuckling next to him as he worked through the problems. Naruto just sent a slight playful sideway kick to the brunet, who glared at him with a smirk.

"Later," he mouthed, making Naruto smirk with a small blush on his cheeks.

Then the blond felt a heavy cramp around his abdomen. He gave a small gasp, making Sasuke look at him with concerned eyes. "Sensei," Naruto called, raising his hand a little bit.

"Yes, Uzumaki-san?" Itachi replied, looking over the top of his book.

"May I please go to the bathroom?" he asked before Itachi stared at him for a moment and nodded his head. Naruto rose from his seat and calmly walked out of the room, both Uchiha brothers watching him to make sure he didn't collapse. He looked like he was about to. Once out in the hallway, Naruto leaned against one of the walls, trying to make sure he kept steady and well balanced. He sighed slightly before gulping and continuing his way down the hallway to the restroom.

Once in the bathroom, he made his way over to the sinks and gripped them with his hands in a tight told. His breathing was hard and ragged. He took deep breaths to calm himself, but the cramps in his abdomen didn't subside. He lowered to his knees, pressing the top of his head to the underside of the sink with his hands still on the edge. He stayed like that for what felt like hours, waiting for the cramps to leave. Eventually, they stopped and he took a final deep breath. He still stayed motionless, wanting to make sure that the cramps wouldn't start again. When he started to get to his feet, he did so slowly so the cramps wouldn't be triggered.

With a final sigh, he turned on the faucet, cupping his hands underneath the water before splashing his face with the amount he caught. Some of the water landed in his hair, but thankfully, none on his clothing. He pushed back his bangs before looking into the mirror in front of him. Shaking his head slightly, Naruto grabbed a couple of paper towels to dry off his face and as much of his hair as he could.

"Are you alright, Naruto?" an even voice asked before the blond turned to see who else was around. At the doorway was a brunet about a year older then Naruto with long brown hair that was tied into a small ponytail at the end and pupiless bright lavender eyes. A lot would think he was blind, but in truth, he saw more then anyone else ever could.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Neji," Naruto replied. "Probably something I ate at lunch," he said with a small laugh. Neji didn't buy it. "I better get back to class. See you seventh period." And he left the bathroom before Neji could say anything to stop him. He leaned against the wall next to the classroom door before letting out a small sigh, placing a hand on his stomach unknowingly. With a deep inhale, he lowered his hand and walked into the classroom. Some people looked up at him, especially Sasuke.

"You okay?" the brunet asked when Naruto sat down next to him.

"Yeah," the blond said. "Don't worry about it." Sasuke looked at him uncertainly before sighing silently and going back to his assignment.


"You sure you're alright, Naruto?" Sasuke asked for the hundredth time.

"Yeah," Naruto replied, stuffing his binder into his locker before pulling out a thinner one. "Relax, Sasuke. It's not like I'm going to die."

"You looked like you were about to," someone said behind the couple before they turned to see Neji with a girl next to him. Her shot black hair only reached her shoulders and her bright lavender eyes were looking at the three with confusion. "Or pass out. One or the other."

Sasuke glanced over at his boyfriend. "Neji came in while I was in the bathroom," the blond defended. "Quit giving me that look."

"I'm sure he's just worried why you looked the way you looked in the bathroom," Neji stated. Naruto glared at him.

"Neji, stop it," the girl meekly said, tugging on his sleeve.

"Sorry, Hinata," he softly said, brushing a strand of hair from her forehead.

"Guess the rumors are true," Sasuke spoke up. "You two are dating." Neji smirked as Hinata turned bright red.

"Well that rumor is true, but I doubt the one going around about Naruto is as well," the older teen sighed.

"What rumor?" both asked in unison.

Hinata wasn't sure whether to stop Neji from telling or just say it herself. With a sigh, she said it. "No one believes it because everyone knows the person who started it is just jealous of you, Naruto," she started. "But she started a small rumor that said you sleep with all your teachers just to pass."

Sasuke looked down at his blond, who had a look of disbelief on his face. "I would never do that!" Naruto exclaimed.

"No one believes it," Neji pointed out. "And in case you're curious, Sakura's the one who started that rumor. It was supposed to get to Sasuke and make him break up with you. Poor attempt, if you ask me."

"Well you didn't need to say that last part since just saying Sakura started it would be enough for me," Sasuke scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "I really need to do something about her."

"She also said that Naruto sleeps with your brother the most," Neji calmly said before Sasuke started to seethe. Naruto gaped.

"Neji, you can stop now," Hinata quietly spoke. "Before you make him even madder."

"Alright," Neji sighed. "Just thought you two would like to know about the rumors in case anyone acts differently towards you. But no one believes Sakura and the entire Sasuke Fan Club is trying to spread rumors about Naruto cheating on you, Sasuke. No one believes them though since Naruto's favorite teachers defend him as soon as they hear the rumors."

"Glad I have my teachers, then," Naruto laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "If I had others that didn't like me, then it would really cause a problem."

"Well we better get to class or else we're in trouble," Sasuke spoke, looking up at the clock. "Behave, Naruto," he joked before pecking the blond on the lips. "Don't give Kakashi-sensei a hard time."

"He's the one who gives everyone a hard time!" Naruto exclaimed as the raven turned and walked down the hall. He sighed as Neji followed the brunet. Hinata stayed with Naruto since they had the same class together.

Most of the class just played around or talked with one another since the sensei was late no matter what period it was. Most of the class didn't know why, but Naruto knew it was because Kakashi ran off to molest Iruka all the time.

Naruto and Hinata just stayed around their friends. One was a round boy with reddish-orange and small beady eyes that looked slanted closed most of the time, and he was always eating a bag of chips. Next to him was a teen that looked a lot like a short-haired Sasuke that enjoyed saying words like 'penis' and 'dick' or whatever kind of perverted word he could get out of his mouth. To Chouji's other side was his boyfriend, the lazy genius Shikamaru. His brown hair was tied into a ponytail that looked like a pineapple on top of his head and his brown eyes were either closed or staring at the clouds.

"So how are things with you two?" Naruto asked, placing his cheek into his open palm as he stared at Chouji and Shikamaru.

"Things are good," Chouji replied, munching on his chips.

"Couldn't be any better," Shikamaru agreed. "How about with you and Sasuke?"

"Okay," Naruto sighed.

"Uh, oh," Chouji paused from eating his chips. "Something's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong," Naruto argued, shaking his head. "Things are okay between us."

"I remember when you used to turn bright red every time someone mentioned your relationship with Sasuke," Shikamaru stated. "What's wrong, Naruto?"

"Does Sasuke want to be your uke?" Sai asked with a smile on his face. He earned a hit on the back of his head, thanks to the blond.

"No, he doesn't," Naruto growled at him, tucking his arm under his chin as he lowered his head onto the desk. "Seriously, there's nothing wrong."

"What about what happened it Itachi-sensei's class today?" the lazy genius asked. "You looked like you were going to pass out the moment you stood up. Not to mention you rarely ever excuse yourself from class."

"Just a cramp," Naruto muttered. "No one has to make a big deal out of it."

"Just a cramp?" Sai asked, still smiling.

"Sai, I am about ready to kill your ass," the blond growled back at him. "I don't care how much you like me, no. Besides, you would be a lot worse then Sasuke."

"So there is something wrong?" Hinata meekly questioned. Naruto didn't answer or make any move. In his mind, he was wishing for their sensei to come through the door and start up his excuses about why he was late. But the door never opened and the blond cursed Kakashi. "Naruto? You can tell us."

He chewed on his bottom lip before sighing. "I'm planning on breaking up with him," he admitted.

"What?!" the four simultaneously asked. "Why?!"

"I'd rather not talk about things like this, guys," the blond replied. "I don't want to bring you into our relationship problems."

"Just tell us, Naruto," Shikamaru groaned. Naruto shook his head.

Before any of them could say anything else, Naruto could have jumped for joy. A man with silver hair wearing a mask to cover the bottom half of his face and an eye patch over his right eye, only showing his left gray eye, walked into the classroom. "Sorry I'm late," Kakashi said. "You see, there was a stray cat roaming the halls and I had to escort it out."

"Liar!" most of the class yelled.

"Anyway, let's start, shall we?" Kakashi asked, pulling out his famous orange book form his pocket.


"Do you get it now?" Sasuke asked, pulling his hand away from the worksheet below Naruto's arm.

"Kind of," Naruto replied. Both were sitting in the living room, working on homework while Itachi watched the television.

"You're a horrible teacher, Sasuke," Itachi commented. Sasuke just glared at him. "Naruto, do you need real help on your assignment?"

"It's okay, Itachi," Naruto said with a small smile. Inside school, he called Itachi 'sensei', but outside, they dropped the formalities. Sometimes, Naruto would just call him by his name in school and a lot of the students were worried that Itachi would get angered at him. But nothing every happened then a 'Hello, Naruto' back at him. "If I get stuck again and Sasuke can't help me out, I'll let you know." Itachi just nodded before turning his attention back to the TV, ignoring the glare Sasuke was giving him. "So the answer is 'D', right, Sasuke?"

"Yeah," Sasuke replied, looking back at Naruto. "Think you can handle the next problem yourself?"

"I can try," the blond nervously chuckled before working through the problem. "Itachi, I hate word problems." Itachi just chuckled. Sasuke rolled his eyes, choosing to which to his Literature homework. "The answer to number six is 'A', right?" Naruto asked when he was done with the problem.

"Yes," Sasuke replied.

"No," Itachi argued. "There's one more step you need to do, Naruto. One that everyone seems to make, including Sasuke."

"And how do you know? You don't have the worksheet in front of you," Sasuke stated before Itachi lifted up his hand, waving a piece of paper around in the air.

"I have the 'Key'," Itachi blankly replied. Sasuke glared at him for the hundredth time that day. "Try again, Naruto. You're almost right, but you forgot to do a step."

Naruto blinked before looking at his paper. "Oh man! I forgot to reduce!" the blond groaned. Itachi smirked as the teen started trying to figure out how much to reduce the number by. "Is it 'C', Itachi?" Naruto asked, looking over to his math teacher. Itachi nodded, lowering the Key back into his lap.

"Why do you even have that if you're watching TV?" Sasuke asked in disbelief.

"Because some students actually finished the worksheet before the end of class instead of worrying over Naruto and refusing to work," the older Uchiha said, flipping through the papers he had stacked in his lap. "By the way, Sasuke, Kisame's coming over for a while."

"Again?!" the raven nearly yelled. "Why do you even work at the school when you're the president of an entire company?!"

"I would prefer not telling you my reasons for anything," Itachi sternly said.

"But why do you leave Kisame in charge when you're teaching a bunch of kids?" Naruto asked this time. "I mean, I bet the company keeps you busy enough will all kinds of meetings and things."

"One would think, but it doesn't," Itachi sighed. "I would rather have something to do during the day other then sit in an office, at my desk, and deal with petty matters."

"You do that anyway," both pointed out.

"Well I can't yell at anyone to tell them 'shut up' or embarrass them as much as I please at the company," Itachi added with a smirk. "I believe teaching is more entertaining then the company."

"I highly doubt that," Sasuke scoffed, packing everything into his backpack. "Come on, Naruto. Let's finish up in my room so we don't have to listen to this prick."

Naruto blinked a couple times, looking back and forth between the brothers, but Sasuke didn't notice since he was packing everything into his pack. "If you need help, Naruto, you can just come back down here and I'll help out," Itachi stated. "Whether Kisame is here or not."

"Okay," Naruto replied with a nod of his head before following Sasuke up the stairs.