Freedom's Desire

Chapter 1

Sick of Taking Orders

The wind was calm as it wrapped itself around me, gently brushing against my skin like a caress before it began to howl off into the battlefield. I gritted my teeth together in frustration and anger.

Damn that Naraku, leaving whenever he sensed a battle coming and damn him for leaving Kanna and myself behind to guard the castle with orders not to leave the stone prison! It was because of that bastard that I couldn't leave, couldn't defend myself in any way or do a single thing about the constant quivering of the stones. The scent of blood was on the wind, the scent of an enemy drawing closer to killing or, as rumor had it, kidnapping, me.

It had begun a few weeks ago, when Naraku, my cousin and, perhaps fiancée, had received news that the Lord of the Western lands and his half-demon brother were coming to attack and kill him. I had rejoiced at the news that the bastard who controlled every aspect of my life and ripped any illusions of freedom away from me, was about to be killed, especially since that meant he would not be marrying my sister or me.

But the coward had fled.

This would have meant the end of my suffering since he was no longer here, however he left direct orders that we were not to leave, under any circumstance. And Kanna, being the annoying willful puppet had joyfully agreed to his orders, trapping me there by pain of death.

Now, all I could do was sit there as the dog demons drew closer with their army, smashing any resistance from our tiny force of troops, wishing I could at least go help our pathetic force. Anything was better than just sitting in the dining hall with the rest of the nobles, flicking my fan open and shut in anger, causing faint wisps of wind to come hurtling down the corridor at its call.

A particularly strong attack rattled the stones of the castle, knocking loose particles of the already breaking rock to rain onto the floor and everything on top of it. I grimaced and stood up. Kanna watched me expressionlessly.

"That's it!" I spat. "Damn Naraku's orders, I'm not going to just sit here and give myself up!"

"We must wait, Kagura. We must not disobey Naraku." Kanna whispered in a monotone. I snarled and opened my fan.

"Screw Naraku, he's not even here. If you want to be his little puppet, be my guest. I'm not his servant that he can order around whenever he feels like it!" I stalked out of the dining hall and ran up the steps that lead to the roof, ignoring any protests the puppet might have. I was the wind and would do whatever I wished.

As I reached the top, the battlefield spread out in front of me. It was disastrous, especially for our side. The two brothers were simply cutting through our lines like melting butter. Already the battle had carried on for an hour and the enemy was almost at our walls.

A bright flash of yellow cut through the front lines and almost to the end line, on the far right side of the battlefield. Seconds afterwards, a blue flash disintegrated the entire left flank before slamming into the walls, shaking them to their cores. It was a wonder that the pressure hadn't crumbled all our defenses within minutes.

I glared at the battlefield. How the hell could Naraku leave his loyal servants to fight in such a hopeless cause? I steadied the fan in my hands as I walked to the edge of the walls, testing the wind around me. Another blue flash hit the wall, this time cutting the left side of the wall into pieces that collapsed upon each other, leaving a large pile of ruins. I snarled and pointed my attention to that area. Whoever was shooting off those annoying attacks would be far within my wind's range.

I smiled before calling out "Dance of Blades!". Thick, sharp ribbons of whitish wind flew from my fan's tip, flying true to the area the source of the attack. I watched in pleasure as blood erupted from the area's the wind hit and as I felt almost every blade strike something solid before slicing it into chunks. That should be sufficient to kill the annoyance. I turned my back to the bloody ruins and waited for the yellow light to appear again.

The walls rattled beneath me and to, my horror, I felt the stones beneath me begin to collapse. My eyes widened in shock as I recognized the blue light's demonic aura. The damn pest had survived!

I leaped backwards onto steady ground, seconds before the area I had been previously standing on fell with a defining crash. That had been close, almost too close. My fan closed in my hand and I began to move it in a circular motion. "Dance of the Dragons," I called out calmly, but still in anger. My wind would flush out the one who had survived my blades.

I let the wind swirl in the circular motion for a few seconds before I pointed the fan out to the battlefield. Tornado's erupted from my fan's path, touching down on the field and causing disaster for the enemy's ranks. Take that, I smiled to myself.

An instant later, I found myself face to face with amber eyes glaring down on me, silver hair blowing in my wind. A sword pointed itself at my throat. I stepped back with a gasp. Shit! It looked like I was cornered. But I wasn't about to die so easily, or for that matter, right that moment.

My hand yanked my trusty feather out of my hair, letting furious wind blast my opponent away as I fled up into the sky. I rose quickly and didn't stop until I was miles up in the air, clouds masking my position. Everyone looked like ants from the distance, the castle a toy block.

I looked for my attacker, expecting to see a white dot on the toy block. But no one was there. I smirked. It looked like he couldn't even handle a little bit of wind.

Something whipped through the air behind me. I had just time to see a green line before instinct took over and I leaped off my feather, only to watch it snap in half as the green line whipped through it. It shrunk to its original size as I felt gravity take over my body and I began to plunge towards the earth. With a sickly horror, I realized I was about to die.

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