Okay, don't be mad, but I looooove Heather. I always try to portray her either in a sympathetic light, or not at all.

So, here I go. Heather centric, various pairings.


Three years after the end of TDI, Heather's hair had grown back. It wasn't to her waist that it had been, but instead it reached her upper back, cut in a shaggy layer cut that honestly suited her face better than her previous style. A year of college had mellowed her out, keeping her domineering ways in check as she attempted to live normally.

This all changed when she got the letter.

"Dear Heather Nakumura," It started, like all the pieces of junk mail she received.

"You have been selected to join the All-Star cast of Total Drama Island." She raised a brow. All-Star? She supposed that was right-- this would be the fourth season the show, which meant there would be people from all three seasons. It was probably a ratings ploy, wanting a season beyond this one, so they deployed the old fan-favorites.

"It will start over the summer, hopefully avoiding any scheduling conflicts with your schooling." She held in a smirk. Sure, she hadn't planned on taking any summer classes, but they referred to it as 'schooling.' Like she was still in high school.

Running a hand through her hair, she sighed. She knew that if she didn't take this, Chris would personally contact her-- even after two new seasons, she still reigned as 'bitchiest camper.'

She checked the 'Yes' on the postcard and shoved it in the mailbox, a little too forcefully.


Weeks came and went, the nineteen year old enjoying her new found freedom when it came to drinking and cigarettes-- (She lived in Manitoba, where she could have been drinking for a year, but she had spent the year prior around the US and in some European countries.) After the last few weeks of classes, she took her final exams and received another letter in the mail.

"Heather Nakumura," She read, noting the lack of 'Dear' as the last letter had included.

"You will be arriving at Camp Muskoka, Ontario, in roughly one week. Bring enough clothes for at least two weeks, as before, we will provide a laundry facility." She rolled her eyes. The 'Laundry facility" was three tubs and washboards.

"Great." She said to herself, taking her mail back to her apartment where she lived with her two roommates, a redheaded girl named Lisa and a rather effeminate boy named Micah, who she wasn't entirely sure of his sexual orientation, (though she assumed he was gay.)

Grabbing her bags, stifling a smile at the fact that they were the same bags she had used during her first trip to the island-- large, cumbersome red bags that you could hide entire families in.

She started shoving in clothes that would be easy to wear, wash, and cram in a suitcase. Shorts, t-shirts, tanktops and pairs of jeans were all added, as well as her flipflops, tennis shoes, and her swim suit, a red and white striped bikini with board shorts.

Finishing with the clothes, she stuck her toiletries in her makeup bag-- she wouldn't rely on the lamp for a tube of toothpaste again, not after what happened last time.


The end of the week came, and she was picked up by a 'Reali-Teen' company car, who made polite small talk as she was drove to the airport, which currently housed the company's private plane, conveniently located near Winnipeg, where she was living. She assumed that other people are on the plane, or would be picked up, like the last time.

Going through security (they took her hairspray,) she boarded the plane. There was two other campers on the plane, though she didn't know either of them-- she recognized them from the season three posters, but she didn't know their names.

They started muttering as soon as she got on the plane.

"Hello," She said, tiredly allowing the flight attendant to seat her in the third row, across from the two chattering contestants.

"Hi," said a brunette, petite with big teeth and bigger hair. She had dark green eyes and a fair complexion, paired with freckles, and she looked to be seventeen or so. She was dressed down, in cut off sweatpant shorts and a plain red tshirt, and she was barefoot, her sandals laying discarded on the floor. "You're Heather, right? You're the reason I auditioned for the show in the first place."

She smiled, warily. "Yeah. What's your name?"

The brunette seemed dismay that she was unknown in the eyes of the other contestant. "I'm Riley, from season three."

"Oh." She said, fumbling through her pockets for her iPod when the boy next to Riley also started talking.

"I'm Ethan." He said, smiling winningly at her. He was tall, hunched in the small window seat, with tan skin, dark blonde hair and also a laid back style, a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans and he, too, was barefoot, flipflops on the floor next to Riley's strappy sandals.

"Well, where are you two from?" She found herself asking, grabbing some gum from her carry on to keep her ears from popping.

"Toronto." Riley said, smiling proudly, showing her massive front teeth.

"Hull, Quebec." Ethan said, leaning back into his seat.

"I have a friend who lives there." She said, simply, sticking the earbud headphones in her ears, switching it to her 'Land of Talk' playlist. Popping the cinnamon flavored gum in her mouth, she chewed as the plane took off, trying to keep the vomit down.


The plane stopped, refueled and picked up three more people, (Jacob, season two, an eighteen year old Asian boy who filled that season's nerd quota. Talula, season two, a ghostly pale blonde girl with an affinity for cutesy clothes with pictures of cats on them, and Aimee, season three, a flat chested girl who loved sports more than a girl should.)

At the next stop, they picked up Courtney. Her hair had grown out, and it was slightly wavy, pulled from her face with red barrettes. She was dressed in a Queens College sweatshirt, the collar cut off to hang over her shoulder much like a student from the eighties might have done. Her denim shorts stopped right above the knee, and she could see a bright orange tank top under the cut up sweatshirt. She looked stricken to see her, and was seated in the seat in front of her.

At the same stop was a pair of friends from season three, Jamie and Alexa, tall, modelesque dark haired girls with matching children-of-the-corn gazes.

As the plane took off, she leaned back, turning back on her music until she felt the seat in front of her own touching her knees.

Sitting up, she leaned forward and tapped Courtney on the forehead, as it was basically in her lap. "Hey. You mind lifting your seat a little?" She asked.

Courtney quickly complied, raising it all the way, though she swore she heard her mutter something.

She leaned back, still chewing the now flavorless gum, and listened to the same playlist over and over again, waiting for the final stop.


After what seemed like hours (and really was-- fuck being one of the first stops), they had picked up all 22 contestants. Eleven were from season one, six from season two and seven were from season three.

The line up was as follows:

From season one:












Season Two:






Season Three:







Heather had caught a bit of season two, and she remembered that Richard was a playboy, who ultimately failed in his every conquest. Jamie and Alexa were the Katie and Sadie of that season, although they didn't have the weight dynamic-- both were waif thin with giant doe eyes, Alexa's brown, Jamie's blue.

From what she had seen of promotional information for season three, Riley was the 'her' of that year, though she didn't do it half as well. Ethan was laid back, all muscle and sinews from skateboarding-- it would be safe to say that he and Geoff would get along.

Aimee was obsessed with all things cute, while Seth was timid and wore dark clothes. Thomas and Quinn sucked each other's faces during most of the challenges, which may accounted for the fact that they were both voted off in the first five rounds.

Looking over her former teammates, she wasn't surprised to see that most of them had changed. Duncan had toned down the juvie look-- probably because if he fucked up now, it would mean real jail. He wore a dark, long sleeved shirt and jeans, and his hair was just black-- though it still retained it's mohawk.

Owen had lost at least a third of his body weight, and his hair was longer, though not by much. Despite the weight loss, he seemed pretty much the same-- his clothing was a variation of what he wore three years ago, just smaller.

DJ had retained the muscle mass, the cheerful demeanor, the overall good will. His clothing, like Owen, wasn't that different-- he wore a green t-shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes, but he had lost the cap in favor of showing his hair off.

Geoff had cut his hair into a "respectable length," as well as ditched the bright pink button down in favorite of a solid blue t-shirt with the word 'Ironic' printed accross the front in large, block letters. He wore blue jeans instead of shorts, and his feet were clad in what seemed to be the same brown sandals as before.

Gwen had let her hair revert back to it's natural bright blonde and it was pulled back with a dark headband. Her lips were stained with dark red lipstick, and she wore a black tanktop and skirt, along with knee high black boots. Talk about overkill.

Bridgette had cut her hair into a chin length bob, though at the present it had been pulled into a tiny ponytail at the nape of her neck. Her outfit was essentially the same, excuse the fact that the hoodie was now green and a zip up over a pale yellow t-shirt.

Cody was taller than he had been, though still as scrawny as he was. It was uncanny how much he looked like Harold from the back, despite the different hair color. He dressed similar to before, and he seemed the same-- he was attempting to romance the taller of the two models-- Alexa, who eyed him warily.

Izzy looked equally as crazy as before. Her hair curled out as usual, and she seemed to wear even less clothes than before, though she couldn't really talk. In the first season, she paraded around in a crop top, or even just a towel more than one should.

Trent had barely changed. He didn't grow up, he didn't grow out. He still had that guitar with him-- hopefully he had improved. His clothing was different, a grey athletic shirt reading 'COLLEGE' in block letters, and a pair of blue jeans.

Honestly, it made her head hurt to look at all of them. Especially Gwen, who's hair was even brighter than Lindsay's had ever been.


They started piling into boats, awaiting for their time to arrive.

Last, but not least, Heather arrived.

Chris smiled broadly at her, giving her the one over now that she was legal in the eyes of the twenty six year old host. "Heather! Great to see you back."

She smiled warily. "Thanks, Chris."


He spilt them into teams. The Raging Ferrets were consisted of Jacob, Talula, Trent, Geoff, Izzy, Duncan, Riley, Aimee, Cody, Quinn, and Alexa, who seemed rather uneasy at not sharing a cabin with Jamie.

The remaining campers formed The Charging Lions, which sounded completely more formidable. Herself, DJ, Gwen, Bridgette, Courtney, Owen, Seth, Richard, Ethan, Jamie and Thomas.

She cringed at the selection, but only inwardly.


They started off the procedings like every season-- cliff dive. The rest of the challenges were always different but they always kicked off with the dive into the still fridgid water, lingering from the cool warmth of May.

"First up!" Chris announced, eying the contestants that were dressed in their swimsuits. "The Charging Lions!"

She eyed the contestants. Courtney and DJ had chickened out three years ago, and so had Jamie and Seth years prior.

She ran a hand through her hair. She supposed that being on her high school's diving team senior year helped out here.

"I'll go." She volunteered, much to the incredulous looks of her teammates. Running, she launched herself in a swan dive, arching perfectly into the anchored buoys.

She could hear her teammates cheering, quiet from the top of the cliff, which had seemed to grown, extended and curved.

She also heard Chris, clearly through the microphone he possessed, congratulating her and she was then put on the boat to be taken back to shore.

Next up was DJ, who was promptly pushed off the edge by Thomas. He landed in the ring, and was boated to the shore.

Sitting down next to Heather, he toweled off.

"That was... impressive." He said, motioning towards the cliff. "Your dive, I mean."

She smiled. "Thanks, DJ."

Wrapping the thin towel around her, tighter, she watched the remaining divers.

Richard had grabbed Jamie's hand, sleezy, maybe, but they both landed in the drop zone.

Seth had did a running jump, yelling loudly as the wind flapped through his dark hair, and jumped. He landed in the jump zone, and she yelled a cheer.

Gwen, Bridgette and Owen all jumped without incident-- Bridgette had dived much like she had, Gwen did a running jump, and Owen's was very much like his first season fall, although not as much splash.

Ethan and Thomas pulled a caveman, running into battle with battle cries streaming, beating on their chests as they launched themselves into the open air.

DJ cringed for them.

Courtney stayed firmly grounded at the top of the cliff, her long, waving hair blowing slightly in the breeze.

"I... I'm coming down now!" She shouted down to them, and they all groaned.

Fuck Courtney. You've fucked us all.


Talula refused to jump. When she was approached to be picked up, she flailed, and scratched at her captors. They would set her down to nurse their wounds, and she would retreat, as far back as possible.

Jacob jumped, but he missed the target, because he "fucked up the physics," as he would later explain in confession cam.

They had already lost the challenge, and only one person had jumped.


At the campfire that night, they voted off Talula, who, honestly, did not see it coming.


In the cabins, Heather was staring at the top of the bunk above her, dressed in a pair of loose cotton shorts and a red tanktop, her hair splayed around her.

Gwen eyed her warily from across the bunk. "I don't keep a journal anymore." She said, with an edge of a malicious tone.

"I'm happy for you." She stated dully, and rolled over.


All the girls in the Lion's cabin, (formerly the Bass/Cougar/Peacock cabins) were awoken rudely by the sound of knocking.

It was Duncan, and Courtney, unbeknownst to her teammates state of sleep, snuck out to talk to the former boyfriend.

Heather would get the details tomorrow, but for now she was focused on getting her sleep.


End chapter one.