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Chapter 1: I Have a Date Tonight

"Kagome, you know I love you, right?" Inuyasha asked a slight smile on his face.

"Oh, I know." Kagome replied smiling widely.

"You are honestly the most wonderful person in the entire galaxy." he continued. Kagome giggled happily. "I have no idea where I would be without you."

"It's just a lab report." Kagome said resetting the goggles on her face and pushing all the stray strands of hair that had slipped out of her hair tie behind her ear.

"Yes, but it's a test grade." Inuyasha pressed on, his hair pulled back with goggles on his face too.

They were standing next to a unlit Bunsen burner that was still too hot to touch after the experiment. Kagome's lab report had been filled out in neat, precise hand writing, while Inuyasha's had been doodled all over, crumpled slightly, wet in one spot, and completely devoid of answers. He had asked, more like begged, to borrow her paper to get the answers that he had missed while absorbed in the assignment.

Kagome laughed while she reached up and stole his goggles off his face being mind full of his sensitive silver ears. He barely noticed. Not just because he was so buried in his current, as he called it, "sharing of correct knowledge", but also because he trusted Kagome with his life. They had been best friends for years compliments of close parents. Inuyasha's dad was an owner of two major companies, Tetsiaga and Tensaiga, and made contributions to the shrine Kagome's family lived at that supported them in their non-profit business. The two had met at the tender age of 5 and 6 and, boom, instant friendship. They had been inseparable since.

She was the only one, beside his mother, whom Inuyasha trusted without exception. Likewise, Kagome knew if she told Inuyasha a secret he would keep it under closer guard than treasure at Fort Knox.

They had lived their lives together and were bound tighter and by deeper bonds than even the closest siblings. They had been with each other through everything and both knew they were fortunate for finding such a friend.

Unfortunately, for Kagome, she had developed a crush on his around middle school. And who wouldn't? Inuyasha was the single most handsome man at school. His long silver locks, his deep golden eyes that could burn with rage or passion, that tall, strong, hard body that could make a sculptor weep, his very presence which followed him every where that made girls drool and men jealous.

But it got worse, for not long after the crush developed, young love started blossoming. Kagome tried for years to pass it off as her raging teenage hormones reacting to him. After all what healthy females wouldn't? But after a while even she couldn't deny that deep love that stirred in her. The pain when he was gone, the joy when he was near, and the sickening reality that he could never be hers.

Inuyasha had gone through a series of girlfriends while he grew and Kagome had been with him through every one. The joy when he got them and the indifference or sadness when he lost them. Usually indifference. Not many girls would want to break up with him.

Kagome had never had one.

He lost his virginity a while back. She was there when he bragged with his best guy friend, Miroku. How the girl in question had been so great and her kisses so sweet. How he would eventually tire of them and leave them.

Kagome had never kissed anyone besides family.

Yes, she was helplessly in love and there was nothing she could do about it.

She could have a boyfriend if she tried. She was just vain enough to admit that she looked pretty cute. Any number of guys would love to go out with her. She even tried once to get a guy to replace her feelings for him. But not one of them measured up to the proud, arrogant, strong, perfect man she loved.

She put the goggles up and when she got back Inuyasha had taken off his apron and had copied her work.

He took her apron and went to put it up while the teacher collected their papers.

He returned a second later and sat next to her.

"So, guess what?" he turned to her and asked.

"I give up. What?" Kagome said putting her things up and getting ready to leave.

"I have..."

"Okay class we have that test tomorrow. Don't forget!" the teacher interrupted. To everyone in school the old bald teacher reminded them of an ugly old vulture that wore plaid, brown suites and thick heavy rimmed glasses.

Just then the bell rang and every scrambled to get their things and leave. "Test over chapters 6 and 7,study everything!"

"Anyway," Inuyasha continued as they left the class. He was once again interrupted by someone shouting their names at the end of the hall.

"Sango! Miroku!" Kagome called back seeing her other friends.

"What's up?" Sango asked catching up. Sango was the poster child for tomboys. She hardly ever didn't wear jeans and some kind of T-shirt. Sometimes with insulting or funny sayings on them. Today's said "Your only guilty if you get caught" with a pair of handcuffs. Her hair, long and silky brown, was always pulled back and her body was great for all the workouts and fighting she did.

"Hello beautiful." Miroku complemented from beside her. He was second in looks only to Inuyasha with the smile of an angel. "How was science?"

"Kagome saved my ass." Inuyasha said.

"Again." Sango inserted.

He smiled innocently.

"Well let's get..." her face suddenly went wide with shock. She glared at her smiling companion before reaching over and slapping him yelling, "Pervert!"

"Anyway," She continued her cheeks red. Which were nothing compared to the bright hand print shaped mark on Miroku's. "Shall we get to lunch?"

"Definitely I'm starved." Kagome said.

The four friends turned and walked down the hall toward the cafeteria.

As seniors in high school, they could leave campus to get lunch but the only good thing around was too far to get there and back in time. Besides they didn't want to.

"Oh yeah, what I was saying." Inuyasha continued. "I have a date tonight."

Kagome's blood froze as it always did when he said something like this. The roaring in her ears almost blocked out his next words. "She's really pretty, and very smart. I swear I think she's the one."

Kagome nodded and smiled at him fighting to keep her tears from showing and pushing the knot in her throat down. Inuyasha was always on the look for his mate, or the one. As a young dog-demon male this was not only common but expected and, more than anything, instinct. He would always search for his ideal mate until he found her. And when he did he would be so loyal that looking over the fence was not only impossible, but unwanted. Dog-demons, once they found their mates never cheated on them or even thought about it, so deep was the bond.

They mated once.

They mated for life.

And Inuyasha never knew, the one who wanted to be his mate, and would give up anything to be so, was standing right next to him. Day in and day out.

The one who wanted to be the one he loved more than any, felt another scar appear on her heart at his words. So she did what she always did in such times. She smiled and acted happy for him. She would give anything to make him happy, even if it ment hiding her own misery and pretending that his loving another was not only okay with her, but that she was just as ecstatic as he was.

Even if it broke her.

Even if it killed her.

"I have a date tonight."


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