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"Kagome you know I love you, right?" Inuyasha said pushing her hair behind her ear while she was washing dishes.

"Okay, what do you want?" Kagome asked smiling at him. Four years of marriage and mating had not dulled her love for him. If truth be told, it seemed the love had grown stronger.

"What, a man can't tell his mate he loves her?" He asked his face perfectly innocent.

"Sure they can." Kagome said placing the last dish in the dishwasher. "Just not in that tone of voice."

"Why do you do the dishes anyway? We have servants who are actually paid to do that?" He asked changing the topic.

"I enjoy a household chore now and then. And don't change the subject. What do you want?"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes then grabbed her pulling her into his chest. "Have I told you lately how sexy you are?"

"Only every other hour." Kagome giggled.

"Oh, well then I'm overdue. Kagome, you have got to be the sexiest women alive."

Kagome kissed his nose then pulled away. "Not right now, lover. The family is coming." she walked away from him and Inuaysha stared at her ass.

"You know, you should be taking it easy." He yelled at her.

"I'm not sick, Inuyasha." She yelled back like she did everytime.

A little while later the doorbell rang and Kagome practicly flew downstairs to get it.

"Sango!" she yelled opening the door for her best friend.

"Damn girl!" Sango said looking her over. "I leave you for a few months and come back to this." she pointed to Kagome's swollen belly.

"Hypocrit." Kagome laughed. "What about you?"

"What about me? I am not pregnant." Sango stuck her nose in the air.

"Yet." Kagome smiled. "But tou don't exactly have a clean track record.

"Uncle Yasha! Uncle Yasha!" Sango's three boys screamed running inside to see Inuyasha.

"Hey guys!" He yelled holding open his arms and allowing himself to be tackled. "Woh, you gusy are strong! Have you been eating your green?" He asked suspiciously.

"Yup!" The oldest, who was only 4 said proudly.

"Nice" He patted their hair.

"Who would have thought he would be a good dad?" Sango asked.

"I know." Kagome smiled at him fondly.

"So what's with the second pup?"

"Well we loved our first one so much, we thought we'd have another." Kagome smiled.

Inuyasha's head emerged from the tangle of limbs on the floor.

"Baby's fussy. I got it." He left the boys and took off upstairs.

"Twice as effective as a baby monitore." Kagome said. Sango laughed as Miroku apeared behind her.

"Hello Kagome. Your looking twice as radient as usual." He smiled kissing her hand.

"Hey Miroku." Kagome said walking forward and hugging him. He gave her all the impression of hugging back but when she looked his arms were held palm up at his sides as if he was being held at gunpoint.

"Um....Miroku?" she said looking at his hands.

"Yes?" He answered as if completely unaware of her wierd tone.

"Why are your hands up like that?"

"Training." Sango said grabbing her man and kissing him hard.

Once she finished she looked at Kagome. "We're working on breaking his bad habits."

Kagome laughed and led them in.

"Sorry guys." Inuyasha said apearing beside them. "I'm going to need to barrow Kagome for a moment." He lifted her bridal style and ran upstairs.

"What?' Kagome asked as he placed her in the baby's room.

"She pooped." he said.

Kagome laughed at him. Inuyasha loved his daughter with all of his being, but he just couldn't stand the messes she made.

"I got it." Kagome said kissing his cheek. "Go downstairs and keep those boys out of trouble.

"Got it." He ran downstairs yelling something about foot ball.

Kagome shook her head ignoring the sound of something shattering followed by an awful silence then by shouts of who was to blame.

"Men." she said lifting her daughter.

Keiri started moving in discomfort as Kagome brought her to her changing station. Both of her mother's prayers had been answered for Kieri, and what they could see of their unborn son, had two tiny triangle dog ears on their head.

Keiri's hair was black though and her eyes were just a few shades darker than her father's. She had a sweet round face and hardly ever cried just fussed a little. A trait she had gotten from her mother.

Kagome kissed her head. "Alright, let's get to work."

The backyard was filled with people, friends and family from all over. After all it wasn't a good summer barabecue without all your loved ones around.

Loui was sitting on a picnic bench his nose in the air as Inuyasha and Miroku cooked meat on the grill. "Barbaric." he would mutter from time to time.

Izayoi was, unbelievably, pregnant again only she was due in just a month. Taro was hovering protectively around her bringing her everything she wanted or needed trying to keep her from straining herself. Izayoi looked like she was just barely putting up with it for her mates peace of mind. Taro liked to growl at anyone who coughed near her or anyone who even looked like they might be even a little bit sick.

Souta was just turning fifteen and was acting like a typical teenage bad ass that secretly loved his mom, though he would never admit it to his friends. "Hey sis!" he yelled running past her playing ball with the boys. It was all three of Sango's kids VS Souta who was going very easy on them.

Kirara was there watching over the little ones like she had done it all her life stepping in when she thought they were in danger of hurting themselves.

Sango was helping Kagome cook, doing most of the cooking so Kagome didn't have to strain herself too hard. They talked all about Sango's trip around the world seeing all sorts of things. Kagome loved hearing the stories but she felt so much more at home, at home. So thats where she stayed.

Midori was talking with Izayoi happily with a whole lot of new stress lines on her face that came from dealing with her half crazy daughter. But she didn't deal with it alone anymore. She had found someone pretty special to her a year ago, his name was Touya and he treated her like a queen.

Perhaps the most odd guests were Kikyo and her two 'friends' from the hospital. She had gotten a lot better lately. She had developed this twitch and she had lost alot of weight but otherwise she was back to her pre-run away self. She had gotten very close to Midori and was even able to exchange pleasentries with Kagome now as long as they were few and far in between.

Her 'friends' were two doctors from the hospital sent to watch over her on her rare days out. They were there in case she digressed and started going crazy again but they hadn't had to do anything for about a year now. Kikyo was really healing. And the doctors, a lizard half demon named Koi, she was really sweet, and a human man named Yuu, he was the silent type, had both become a sort of extended cousin in the family.

Kikyo's hand shook as she picked up her lemonade and drank a little bit. No matter how much resentment and bitterness there was inside her, she still loved her family and the doctors were working on that love to heal her.

"A great turn out, huh?" Inuyasha smiled down at her.

"I love our family." she said leaning against her mate.

"Yeah." he didn't say that he wasn't fond of Kikyo, but he didn't need to. Insane or not she had still indangered the life of his mate and therefore he couldn't forgive her as quickly as the rest of the family could. But he tolerated her presence, and that was enough.

"Ready to bring out the guest of honor?" Kagome asked him.

"I thought you would never ask." he ran back up stairs and came back down with Kieri in his hands.

"Alright, hey it's the birthday girl." he yelled.

Sango and Kagome brought out the large cake that Loui had hand made and set the single candle on top on fire.

Everyone sand her the happy birthday song, even Kikyo mumbled some of the words under her breath. And together, Kagome and Inuyasha blew out her singel candle.

It was a long party, with everyone there to laugh and have fun together. Kikyo had to leave halfway through because her twitches got worse and they only got worse when she was taking as much as she could stand. So Kikyo, Koi, and Yuu left but the party went on.

Midori and Izayoi were cooing the baby while Inuyasha and Kagome danced.

"Did you have fun today?" He asked.

"The best." Kagome layed her head on his chest. Her heart was so full of love at that moment that she could hardley breath.

"So have you dicided what we're naming our son?" He asked a little while later.

"Yash." she looked up at him. "I think we have time to think about it. We still have a few months."

"I know but I keep thinking how undicided you were with Keiri and was wondering if the same was happening with our son."

Kagome laughed. "If you haven't noticed this pregnancy is a lot easier than Keiri's. I'll think of something."

"Good." he kissed her and they fell silent again.

That night when they crawled into bed and Inuyasha was drifting of he couldn't help but think about his mate. Kikyo had once said that when a man mated with you, you belonged to him. But as he stared at the angel breathing deeply on his chest he thought it had to be the other way around.

Kagome had him wrapped around her little finger and he knew it and loved it.

She didn't belong to him. He belonged to her. He had been and would always will be, forever hers.


Well, guys. This is goodbye. I shall miss all of you. *kisses*