All for a Coconut

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Just a nice, little, peaceful one-shot that really has no true plotline, but hey, that's why these are one-shots, after all. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Mario, Toad, and Yoshi all belong to Nintendo. Oh, and did I mention that you should NEVER be around a Chain Chomp when they get angry...?

As the moon shined brightly down on the blue salty ocean, the clouds that were forming started to go over where the moon shined. Three figures were noticing this as they watched the moon be outdone by the clouds.

"it sure is nice for such a peaceful evening, eh?" Mario asked, adjusting his famed red cap.

Toad and Yoshi, the two guys who accompanied Mario to the shore, both nodded in agreement as they, too, gazed out to the ocean, the beautiful blue waves coming onto the sandy beach. As a pair of red crabs scuttled nearby, Yoshi got up, and ran towards a nearby palm tree, to get a deliciously fruity coconut to eat.

Toad, stretching his arms, asked Mario with a smile, "Hey mario, when you do you think me and Yoshi will be able to go off on an adventure together?"

Mario laughed, trying to catch his breath as he stood up, to turn around and face Toad. "Oh, Toad, you don't have to ask such a silly thing. I mean, surely you and Yoshi have gone off on plenty of adventures by yourself, no?"

Toad rubbed the back of his head. "Well... now that you mention it..." He stammered, gulping as he could not think of a good way to make a remark back.

As Mario and Toad were discussing the fact that Toad has gone off on adventures with Yoshi, Yoshi himself was off chasing after the green coconut that fell off from the palm tree. The plucky green Yoshisaurus carefully approached it as he then noticed a chained Chomp guarding it, snarling its sharp, white fangs. Yoshi yelped as he took a few steps back, not wanting to get bitten. He then got an idea and started chucking some eggs at the Chomp, but it did not prove to be of use as the Chomp was still in its place. Getting an idea, Yoshi ran back to Mario and Toad, grabbing the humanoid mushroom boy and running back to the Chomp to get the coconut.

Mario scratched his head in confusion as he followed closely, to make sure that neither Toad or Yoshi would get hurt. Stopping right by the pair of bushes, Mario hid in them, to see that Yoshi chucked Toad at the Chomp. Snarling, the Chomp began chasing Toad, its chain broken as Toad ran for his life, screaming. Yoshi grinned as he used his long, red tongue to grab the coconut, but he was caught in the act, and he, too, started running for his life as the Chomp can towards him. Yoshi passed the the bushes, causing Mario to pop his head out. Unfortunately for him, the Chomp spotted him and started mauling him, ripping his red and blue overalls to pieces as the red-capped Italian plumber started calling for help. A dazed Toad, who was to some degree pounded to the ground by the Chomp, barely notice this, as he was knocked out cold from the attack earlier.

As Mario failed to get the ferocious Chomp off him, and as Toad was left unconscious, Yoshi snickered with delight as he thoroughly enjoyed his little coconut, which he ate with pride and comfort, watching the moon reappear from the darkness behind the clouds.