After months of typing and preparing this, it's finally finished! I'm sorry for the delay, I had the orginal story plot in my head ever since I completed the first story, but didn't have anytime to write it. Also I added new material, so it too longer. I had hoped to finish it in a week after "The Arrow" was finish but that didn't happen. Then I aimed for Apirl Fools because of pranks but still it was far from finish. Summer was busy and I've only found a little time during college, but now I proudly say it is finshed! I hope it was worth the wait for readers who encouraged this sequal.

Disclaimer: I don't own Blitzwing, Blackarachnia, Starscream, Megatron, or Lugnut.

Blitzwing sat on his recharge berth contemplating. In his fingers he twiddled the heart blade arrow. Yesterday had been a mess after Lugnut had accidentally pricked his finger on the arrow and had gotten it wedged under some armor plating. Blitzwing and Starscream went into hiding the whole day until midnight when the affects finally wore off. He growled, such a small trinket caused so much trouble, Blackarachnia would pay. But she hadn't been present in the base since she left to interrogate the winged squishy.

"Zhat half-breed, her punishment will come swift," snarled Cold.

In his mind Anger and Random shouted their opinions.

"Ve should blast her into a pile of slag vhen she returns!"

"Oh, nein nein, vhat ve should do iz dump a pile of tree zap on her, then a bunch of birdzeed, and bring in a flock of pigeonz and let zhem go after her," Random giggled.

"Megatron vould kill us if ve brought birdz into zhe baze," stated Cold.

Blitzwing shivered at the thought.

Anger remarked in more quiet tone, "Don't bring Megatron's wrath upon uz."

All agreed, the triple charger resumed fiddling with the arrow and gave another low growl. When Blackarachnia returned, she'd find a cannon barrel in her face.

"You can't stop zhinking about her," came Random's voice.

Cold's glare increased at the small print on the arrow. The words stung his processors. 'Warning, some side affects may remain in the targeted even after Valentine's Day.'

In frustration he threw it at the dart board that hung on the other side of his quarters. On the board was a collage of pictures of various Autobots and Decipticons he despized. Blackarachnia's photo happened to be on the bull's eye. The heart blade nailed it.

"Nice shot, cupid," replied the crazy voice in his head.

Blitzwing hissed through his teeth and klonked his head repeatedly with his fist. After the ruckus from yesterday settled he and Starscream had searched the web about the little archer and the holiday. Once knowing the purpose on these love arrows, Blitzwing felt really sick. What a disgusting holiday over a stupid and useless emotion. Human customs sickened him.

The door to his room opened, revealing Starscream. The seeker smirked at the other mech's mental struggle. His grin increased upon gazing at the heart arrow embedded in Blackarachnia's photo. Oh the irony of the scene.

"I hope Lugnut isn't having the same side effects," chuckled Starscream. Anger was now glaring at the second in command. The officer brushed it off and plucked the trinket from the wall and returned to the peeved meche. "Still debating on how to get back at her?"

Blitzwing's response came in a jabble of angry, incoherent fragments. He was beginning to consider adding the air commander's picture to his stress relieving dart board. The seeker chuckled and handed the arrow back to its first victim.

Anger snarled at it, "I don't vant it; it'z brought me nozhing vat trouble."

Starscream only smirked, "But it is also the key to your revenge."

Silence passed, slowly cold clicked back, "Explain."

"Oh of course. Blackarachnia hasn't returned yet and so she doesn't know that we removed the arrow and you aren't acting like a love struck sparkling anymore. So what you should do is act like nothing has changed, chase her around until she's at wits end and have her regret shooting you. Believe me; she will be scarred from embarrassment."

Anger snorted back, "Nein, acting in zuch a redicuoz vay for payback iz not vorth it, I'd razher blast her."

The seeker balked before replying. "Anyone can blast someone for revenge, but paying them back with their own coin is much sweeter," he sneered.

Blitzwing sat motionless on his berth, eyeing the wooden weapon. It started low in his chassis but grew into a dark chuckle as random took control. The seeker smirked and joined the sadistic laughter as both left the room.