Kuwabara and Mikey's Weirdest Halloween

I don't own anyone but Munchie and Nash

On the Night before Halloween, Munchie and his Partner Nash, a Turtle/Salamander mix, was walking in Demon World.

"Hey, Nash." Munchie calls.

"Yeah, Munchie." Nash replies to his friend.

"Do you know what tomorrow is?"

"No, I Don't, Munchie."

"Tomorrow is Halloween for the Humans."

"What's Halloween?"

"Halloween is the time that human dress up like monsters and get candy."

"So what does it have to do with anything?"

"I'm about to make this Halloween the scariest for the humans."


"Nash, have you ever heard of the Demon King."

"Yes, a thousand times."

"Well, I heard he had left something when he died 3 million years ago."

"What was it?"

"He left his staff."


"At his citadel, do you have the key?"

"Of course, Munchie, they don't call me the keykeeper for nothing."

They both laugh.

Meanwhile at Turtles lair

"Hey, guys." Mikey says excited. "We need more decorations."

"We're comin', Mike!" Kuwabara says calmly.

"Ok, do we have enough candy?"

"Yeah, Mike."

"Guys, we need more food and party stuff." Yusuke replies.

"What do we need?" Raph asks.

"We need hats, more candy, and juice." Kurama informs.

"Why do we have to celebrate this silly holiday?" Hiei asks annoyed.

"We can eat candy for one day." Mikey chirped.

"Mike, we're a little too old to go trick or treating." Kuwabara says in a calm tone.

"Aw, what do we do?"

"We get the candy."

"Yeah!" Whoo Hoo! This will be the best Halloween ever!"

Soon Kuwabara and Mikey left to the candy store while the others went to a party store.

Back to Munchie and Nash

They got to the citadel of the Demon King.

"Well, well we're here at the Demon king's Citadel where the key?" Munchie asked.

"I have it right here." Nash says as he open the door.

"Hello, it's the Demon King's Staff." Munchie says as he saw a staff with a Demon Hydra head.

"Wait, Munchie." Nash realized. "The only thing is that you need to do is pick it up."

"Duh!" Munchie says annoyed as he picked up the staff and started to transform into a tall Lizard Monster with long claws and big muscles. He laughs in a deep voice. "This is power and strength feels good. Nash you need to feel this."

Munchie zaps Nash with staff.

"Wow, Munchie I feel strong." Nash says in deep voice."

"Now it time to make Halloween scary for the Humans." Munchie says in a deep voice as he laughs.

To be continued…